Pathogen Uses of Cloaking Devices Disrupted

Pathogen CloakingIn the much-watched Star Trek program, the dastardly Klingons would cloak their ships so that they were invisible to the USS Enterprise. In the human body, pathogens also cloak themselves to be invisible, seem like sugar or a food, by using sialic acids. Sialic acids are common on the cells of vertebrates and are the highest concentration in the brain. The immune system will not attack pathogens with sialic acid attached because they appear as a natural part of the human system. Dr. P. R. Raghavan has found that Metadichol, by expressing the CD33 gene, allows binding of these acids so that the immune system can disrupt the pathogen.
There have been many papers published on human healing by Dr. Raghavan that include increase in stem cells, reduction of diabetes, and general well being realized with the use of Metadichol. The finding of the binding of sialic acid with the expression of CD33 and the increase in stem cells explains the healing of wounds quickly when using Metadichol.
Below is a recently published paper by Dr. Raghavan on this topic. Metadichol acts to up regulate or down regulate CD33 depending on signaling mechanisms in human physiology.

Metadichol® and CD33 Expression in Umbilical Cord Cells

CD33 also known as Siglec-3 is endogenously expressed in stem cells and is a marker for the myeloid lineage of cells. Increased expression of CD33 thus allows it to bind to any Sialic Acids (SIAs). These acids are binding sites for pathogens and toxins. By binding to these acids, CD33 can prevent invasion of hosts by these pathogens. Down-regulation of CD33, increase the release of the pro-inflammatory cytokine TNF-α by monocytes that increases reactive oxygen species that are involved in diseases like diabetes mellitus, Alzheimer’s, cardiovascular diseases asthma, and in various cancers.
     The up-regulation of CD33 using Metadichol® was studied using Wharton’s Jelly Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSCs) isolated from human umbilical cord and were grown in p-35 dishes until confluent and treatment was carried out with different concentrations. One dish was untreated and considered as control. The treated and untreated cells were analyzed using Flow Cytometry. The cells treated at 100 pg of Metadichol® has shown the highest increase (>400 fold) in CD33++ expression (48.77%) compared to untreated control (0.11%).
Link to paper: CD33-paper
This paper may be difficult to digest. However, that should not stop you from using Metadichol for whatever ails you. This is a link for the 29 articles with links to Dr. Raghavan’s papers that I have published on Metadichol.  –Mark Pegram


Metadichol as Mediator of Inflammatory Response

Note to readers: This article is to notify researchers to the possibilities of Metadichol as a mediator of the AHR-Nrf2 pathway for inflammatory response. Metadichol’s action on nuclear receptors is hugely significant. The importance of Metadichol’s effect is in regulating inflammatory response to outside agents. Outside agents may include drugs, manmade toxins, or even response to light (think sunburn and/or retinal protection). In this paper, it is shown how Metadichol may be significant in treating chemo resistant cancer.

Metadichol ®. A Novel Inverse Agonist of Aryl Hydrocarbon Receptor (AHR) and NRF2 Inhibitor
Journal of Cancer Science and Therapy 

Raghavan, P R
Nanorx Inc., Chappaqua, New York, USA,  

Metadichol ® a novel nano-emulsion of lipid alcohols is an Inverse agonist of Vitamin D Receptor (VDR). In this communication, we show that Metadichol is an inverse agonist of the nuclear receptor AHR (Aryl Hydrocarbon receptor) and an inhibitor of NRF2 (Nuclear factor (erythroid-derived 2)-like 2)) and is a transcription factor that is ubiquitously expressed at low levels in all human organs and regulates a primary cellular defense mechanism, tight regulation to maintain cellular homeostasis. AHR is highly expressed in a broad panel of tumors, AHR is induced by 2,3,7,8-tetrachloride-benzo-p-dioxin (TCDD) Metadichol® as a inverse agonist against AHR could be potentially useful in the treatment of such diseases. Strong in vivo evidence suggests that TCDD can stimulate cross-talk between AHR and Nrf2. The constitutive up regulation of Nrf2 signaling appears to drive the cellular proliferation and resistance to chemotherapy in various cancers. Therefore, pharmacological inhibition of Nrf2 by Metadichol ® holds promise as a therapeutic strategy in chemo resistant forms of cancer. 

Here is a link to the PDF: metadichol-AHR-Paper

Experience of Using Metadichol for Years

Given that we have become somewhat leery of peered reviewed research papers, especially in the length of time it takes to get the information public, the experience of users may be our best source. Dr. P.R. Raghavan, the discoverer of Metadichol, a patented nutraceutical, gave me introduction to his friend, Dr. Joe Marasco, that has been using Metadichol the longest other than Dr. Raghavan. This first article is about the experience with his family. The next will be about his experience with his pets. The comments are in his words with only few editorial changes. The healing outcomes of Metadichol are amazing. Through word of mouth, this product has the potential to change the health of the world. Be sure to read my other articles on Metadichol by selecting that category. – Pandemic Survivor

Here is a brief Bio: Joseph Marasco, Ph.D.

Joe largeDr. Marasco, CEO of Diffinity Geonomics, is responsible for business development and company operations. Prior to joining Diffinity, he served from 2007-2012 as CEO and board member of Chiral Quest Corp., a US headquartered fine chemical and active pharmaceutical ingredient manufacturing firm. Dr. Marasco has served in several other leadership roles in both early stage and publicly traded firms including Dow Chemical and Beckman. He led the launch of Coenzyme Q-10 as a nutritional supplement in the US during the 1990’s while serving as Director of Kaneka’s pharmaceutical division (the original manufacturer of Q-10). He earned his Ph.D. in organic chemistry from University of Virginia, and was awarded a postdoctoral fellowship in Biochemistry at the Walter Reed Medical Center. 

From Dr. Joe Marasco:

Dr. Raghavan kindly sent me a prototype sample of Metadichol.  I ingested the sample around 6:00 pm that evening, and then commenced to write a report for work, which I expected to have completed in about an hour.  Well, I did finish that report, and went on to another report.  When I looked up from the keyboard, it was morning.  I had worked through the night without realizing it, and actually felt absolutely fine.  I showered, dressed, and headed back to the office for a full day of work again.  It was a feeling of increased baseline energy, not a nervous caffeine or sugar induced temporary rush.  I called Raghu that morning and asked what the heck he had put in that sample!  From that day, I have been hooked on the potential of Metadichol. As a biochemist, although understanding its mechanism of action, I had underestimated its actual effects.

About eight years ago, my father underwent a drastic 14-hour surgery in an attempt to remove as many tumors as possible after being diagnosed with metastatic bladder cancer.  Multiple tumors were removed from several areas of his body, however I was told by the surgeon after the grueling operation that dad had about another three months to live, but with chemo it could be stretched to an unpleasant six months.   He refused chemo, and was basically chair-bound with two ostomy tubes protruding from his back.  However, he lived several more years.  During that time, Dr. Raghavan very kindly sent him some Metadichol.  I would visit my father every other month, as I was living in China at the time.   After a couple of weeks using it, my mother who had been constantly caring for dad called me in China and mentioned that she could not believe the change in his mood and energy level.  From being chair-bound most of his waking hours, he was now outside raking leaves around the yard daily, and actually going for walks at the mall.  When I visited him next, I also could not believe the positive change in his mood.  This alone is a huge benefit to a cancer victim.  Once sullen with chronic pain and discomfort, he was now smiling and laughing easily, and one would have a hard time believing that he was at death’s door not long before.  My mother related to me a stunning comment from his primary physician at the time: they “cannot understand why his several tumors have not progressed.”

Dad continued to take Metadichol daily, until a nurse (who was a relative) found out about it, and ordered him–more like frightened him–into stopping treatment.  Dad died of kidney failure several months afterwards.  (This makes me sad because of the lack of understanding of medical professionals. I have had similar experiences with friends and family in health care facilities -P.S.)


“IT WORKS!!!” screamed my wife….

My wife woke up and shouted for me when I was in the kitchen having coffee and she was up in the bedroom. I thought something was wrong, so I ran up. She had an intense tone to her voice, and she said, “my face is ‘different.’”   She had been using your Metadichol gel for two consecutive nights. “The small bumps on my skin …are just gone! I don’t know what happened, but tell Raghu I want him to stay in business for a lifetime.”


Some recent observations regarding the use of Metadichol gel:

  1. Used on my 18-month old rotator cuff shoulder injury. Normal state was a steady-state of chronic pain, worsening to the point where it was challenging to pick up a coffee cup (this coming from a prior background of >30 years of routine daily exercise including weight training, which I had to cease after the injury). Pain seemed to decrease perhaps 10-20% after three weeks of nightly application on affected area of shoulder, and application continued. Several months later, the pain is now minimal.
  2. My wife, an active woman of 57, developed plantar fasciitis, where the heel of her right foot was very painful to walk on, and she had to cancel attending her normal bi-weekly Jazzercize® class after 25 years due to the pain. Nightly application of the gel on her heel has given noticeable relief from the pain, and the difference after the first night’s application was striking.  She resumed the class after 3 weeks of Metadichol gel treatment.
  3. Also now treating my own severe plantar faciitis daily in both feet with Metadichol gel with very good effect. In my own experience, the initial reduction of pain was not as striking as my wife’s, but now after two weeks the pain has subsided noticeably (estimate 50% decrease in discomfort and continues to improve).
  4. My wife has been using the gel on her face for over 2 weeks, and has noticed a rapid definite improvement in skin tone and smoothness, and is now applying the gel to other areas of her body such as neckline and arms.

So, as you might suspect, Dr. Marasco is a huge proponent of Metadichol.  Thank you for reading through his comments. I will post his comments on his experiences with his pets later. He dearly loves his dogs and treats them as member of his family. His comments of his human experience are truly amazing! – Pandemic Survivor

Breast Cancer Survivor Takes on the Issues

Carole Baggerly had her own experience with breast cancer. She then started to research the reason why. Her discovery; scientists have expressed the understanding that breast cancer is a deficiency disease. That is over her life time, her intake of vitamin D was not adequate. She was so upset and concerned about the issues that she started GrassrootsHealth. This is a consortium of more than forty scientists and doctors that are experts in vitamin D and nutrition. She discovered that it was not only breast cancer, but a host of chronic illness related to deficiencies. Take the time and watch her explain the issues in the first thirty minutes of this video presentation.  Carole Baggerly and Dr. Heaney, September, 2012  Presentation to Direct-MS Canada.

If you are concerned about the health of your children, yourself, your parents, the next hour is Dr. Heaney who has contributed significantly to the understanding of vitamin D. He talks about the longevity issues and decline with chronic disease because of nutritional deficiencies. There are many diseases that have now been linked to deficiencies that number into the hundreds. This is particularly pointed to vitamin D deficiency.

This discussion is fairly non-technical and is understandable by the average person. Dr. Heaney expresses the understanding that “things go better with vitamin D”. That is that vitamin D deficiency may not be the cause of a disease like TB, but not having enough vitamin D will prevent your body from properly healing. However, this understanding falls into the logic of the chicken versus the egg. In other words, if you had enough vitamin D would you have gotten TB in the first place? Dr. Heaney discusses everything from diabetes, heart disease, MS, pregnancy, and cancer to infectious diseases like TB. I give the video presentation six stars out of a five star rating system for understanding of chronic disease and the effect of vitamin DPresentation to Direct-MS Canada.

Your take away from this, is you, your friends, and your family should not suffer from vitamin D deficiency.   Standards within the medical industry have long been 20 ng/ml to 100 ng/ml.   There have not been any cases of toxicity below 200 ng/ml or 500 nmol/l.  There does not appear to be any downside at this level of vitamin D.  Some laboratories have decreased the upper number, 100 ng/ml, to whatever they are measuring the population. Best health for you can be reached with a vitamin D serum level, 25(OH)D between 40 ng/ml to 80 ng/ml; note this is still within the normal range as defined by medicine. It is not how much you take; it is where you maintain your serum level. Everyone responds differently to their intake from all sources of vitamin D. The only way to know is to test.  Dr. Heaney says to maintain a level above 40ng/ml will require an intake from all sources of 5000 IU or more of vitamin D3 per day.

Please note this presentation is in Canada. The measurements used are in nanamoles per liter or nmol/l. To convert ng/ml to nmol/l multiply ng/ml by 2.5. So the normal range of 20 to 100 ng/ml is 50 to 250 nmol/l. Get your serum level tested to give your body a chance to thrive. If you choose to do it through GrassrootsHealth, you become part of the study that will help to advance health in the population. – Pandemic Survivor

Test by GrassrootsHealth: banner_ad_long5company postingVideo of how to do the test:  bscvideothumbnailv3web

War on Cancer to End? A Promising Cure for Cancer!

There is some exciting news happening in the world of cancer research.  The possibility exist that a cure will be implemented in clinical practice within the next two to three years.  Chemo therapy and radiation will go down the road of bleeding in the nineteenth century.  This exciting new treatment works by blocking the antibody that tumors put out to prevent the body’s natural immune system from destroying the tumor. This treatment process is called anti-CD47.  Clinical trials are to begin at Stanford within the next several months.  Here is a short You Tube video of how this treatment works. 

Of course, to make this exciting treatment work, the immune system must be working at an optimum level.  In the past, with chemo therapy and radiation treatments, the immune system gets depressed.  The other part of this equation, to boost the immune system, is being researched by Sloan Kettering.

As you can see, these types of treatments do not include the natural boosting of the immune system.  Long in the history of the war on cancer are natural substances that boost the immune system without any danger to the health of the person being treated.  These include, vitamin D3, vitamin C, vitamin A – not beta carotene, magnesium for cellular energy, zinc for T-cell response, and iodine for cellular energy and cellular apoptosis or programed cellular death.  And of course, there is the necessity of eliminating immune system depressing foods with the leader among these – sugar and other carbs that raise the glycemic index.  In recent news –“Promising cancer therapy treatment: Vitamin C” LA Times

Since the separation of allopathic medicine and holistic medicine at the beginning of the twentieth century, these natural treatments have been suppressed.  This article, Natural Cancer Treatment, from Dr. Mercola will give you a summary of this issue including over an hour documentary video of the various suppressed treatments. 

It will be interesting to observe the actions of Health and Human Services and its various organizations on the course of clinical trials and how this opportunity plays out.  It is an opportunity for allopathic medicine and holistic medicine to come together for healing the population of this dread disease.  What is in opposition of the cure for cancer?  It is the medical economy as the largest sector and the loss of jobs that may result.  Will our government decide that the economy is more important than the health of the nation and the benefits from a healthy nation?  Only time will tell.  Health and Human Services will have to decide if the economy is more important than your health.  Will it put an end to “Markets before Mandates” at a higher level in priority than to “Value Life?”  HHS PRINCIPILES

President Obama – it is now time for you to act to assure that your agencies do not block these protocols that include natural substances and you will have a long lasting positive legacy.  All I can do is pray for an end to the suffering – Pandemic Survivor.

Grassroots Health Webinars on Vitamin D

The scientist, researchers, and doctors at Grassroots Health have been presenting webinars on vitamin D and various topics.  This is a wealth of information about how a given disease works with vitamin D as well as the interaction of calcium.

I highly encourage you to go to the website and watch and listen to the webinars.  There is a new one every Tuesday at 1PM eastern time.  Also after becoming familiar with the information, I encourage you to ask your doctor to watch, if he is giving you a hard time about supplementing with vitamin D.  It is important that you maintain your 25(OH)D level above 40 ng/ml.

If you don’t watch and listen to any of the others, I highly suggest that you watch – Why Test Vitamin D!?  The question is always – How much should I take?  This gives you and understanding that everyone responds differently to amounts.  At the Grassroots Health home page you can find a table of how to start supplementing before testing.     There is also a downloadable chart as a PDF.

Here is the link to the Video Page

  • Diabetes & Vitamin D
  • The Sun & Vitamin D I and II
  • Pregnancy & Vitamin D  I and II
  • Upper Respiratory Infections & Vitamin DI and II
  • Ethic Disparities & Vitamin D
  • Premenopausal Breast Cancer & Vitamin D
  • The Cost of Vitamin D Deficiency: In Dollars & Disease
  • Vitamin D & Calcium, Fractures, & Kidney Stones  What do we know?
  • Why Test Vitamin D!?
  • Prostate Cancer Positive Core Biopsies Reduced with Vitamin D
  • Prostate Cancer Lesions Reduced with Vitamin D
  • Vitamin D Stops Breast Cancer
  • Vitamin D & Gene Expression
  • Vitamin D & Treatment of Autism
  • Pregnancy & Vitamin D Interview
  • Alzheimer’s Prevention & Vitamin
  • Interaction of Vitamin D and Calcium
  • Vitamin D Requirements for Breast Feeding Mothers
  • Vitamin D & Breast Cancer
  • Vitamin D & Cardiovascular Disease
  • Vitamin D & The Immune System
  • Vitamin D & Cystic Fibrosis

Be well and stay healthy – Pandemic Survivor

Surviving Cancer with Vitamin D

My brother ran into his friend ‘Ann’ a couple of weeks ago.   If you recall, she was the focus of a post that I did in June 2009 – “A Tale of Two Women.”   Ann had ovarian cancer that was discovered in 2006.  She had been given two years to live because the cancer had been so aggressive.  Ann’s medical insurance had run out.  Ann had gone to bed to die with severe symptoms when my brother contacted me.  She started taking large amounts of vitamin D and other nutrients in which she was deficient.

She has now completely recovered and has got control of her children back from her former husband.  She has also found full time employment and seems to be doing well – symptom free.  Can we say definitively that she survive totally because of the nutrients that she took? – No.  However, why would you want to die nutrient deficient?  I do believe the main cause of her recovery was because of the prayer that was started by her mother for her recovery.  Whether it is dipping seven times into the water to heal leprosy or taking 50,000 IU of vitamin D3 per day for ninety days, God has a plan for all of us.

If you think about the recent announcement by Stanford University – an antibody that counters the antibody cancer cells put off to stop our immune systems from destroying cancer- why you not consider large amounts of vitamin D and large amounts of all the other nutrients to give our biology a chance?  The reason this has never been researched is there is no opportunity to patent a drug.  Why you would spend a bunch of money on research that was not going to result in a large profit.  Of course, that is what government funded research is supposed to do.  However, what institution would allow a project to go through research where the person was getting a combination of nutrients that was 5 to 10 times more that what was required per day?  “This is not medicine,” the institution would claim.

DO NOT DIE FROM ANY DISEASE WHILE BEING NUTRIENT DEFICIENT!  Food is medicine and so is modern science without the manipulation.  – Pandemic Survivor

”The light shines in the darkness but the darkness has not understood.”  – John 1:5 NIV

Vitamin D3 Usage in the US

How much supplementation and by how many people is a difficult number to determine. There have been several articles recently on how many people understand vitamin D3 importance, how the body makes vitamin D3 from the sun, and how much supplementation is required.  Everyone in the US has some form of supplementation because of the number of different products that are now having vitamin D added.  Of course, our natural connection to the sun and the production of vitamin D3 in the skin has forever been changed because of sunscreen products, mainstream medicine constant warnings about staying out of the sun for the last fifty years, and the lack of sun exposure because of air conditioning and electronic devices that trap us inside.

The question becomes – When our understanding of vitamin D3 finds its way through the bulwarks of the insurancemedicalfoodindustrial complex that is in opposition to a healthy population?  The answer to this question will be found when the population has enough vitamin D3 and other nutrients in which we are deficient that the occurrence of chronic disease starts to diminish.  As I have stated in earlier post, it is my belief that the first realization will be in a reduction of infectious disease like the common cold and the flu.  The second realization will come with the reduction in cancer incidence and death from cancer.  We will then see a reduction of heart disease by fivefold to the levels of Japan and Greece when it becomes common knowledge that the major cause of heart disease is the combination of vitamin D3 and sulfur deficiency.

So where are we now in assurance we are getting enough vitamin D3?  There is so much confusion on vitamin D testing (what type of test, the mixing of data between D3 and D2, and not including all forms of epi-D) and how much sun exposure the population is getting leads only to more confusion.  I believe the best way is simply to determine how much supplementation is occurring.  We know that food additives are targeted to give us about 100 to 400 IU of additional vitamin D per day or equivalent to about five minutes or less in the midday summer sun.  To reach a level where infectious disease (colds and the flu) remain at summertime levels will require at least two thousand IU per person per day of supplementation during the winter months.

According to a recent article in AARP, sales for vitamin D have jump from forty million dollars in 2001 to over six hundred million in 2011.  I have found the cost of vitamin D3 supplementation to range from less than a half cent per one thousand IU all the way up to around five cents.  We can determine the amount of supplement per person by using the following conditions.  1 – Most people will not supplement during the summer because they feel good and don’t see the need.  We will then say that vitamin D3 is supplemented October through February or for one hundred twenty days.  2 – We will use the cost of vitamin D3 supplementation at two cents per one thousand as a first approximation.  3 – The stated vitamin D sales are vitamin D3.  Without boring you with the math, this allows enough for 125 million people under the above conditions or about forty percent of the population.  Whether there are 125 million people getting two thousand IU per day or 250 million people getting an additional one thousand IU per day, this is enough to have a significant effect on colds and the flu.  I also believe that people are more significantly increasing their vitamin D3 levels by exposure to the sun because of the reduction in the fear of sun exposure by the media.

So when will vitamin D3 sales reach a level for cancer reduction?  I suspect the population would need to have enough additional vitamin D3 so that the year round supplementation is two thousand IU per person per day.  If we use one cent per thousand IU because of competitive price reduction at this level of supplementation, we would need to reach sales of 2.2 billion dollars per year for vitamin D3.  Okay vitamin D3 marketers, there is your first goal.  You cannot claim that it cures, prevents, heals, treats, or diagnosis disease in your marketing.  You, however, can state that it will promote WELLNESS as any other nutrient or food.

You may think there are too many assumptions for this article to make sense.  However, someone has to speculate for the wellness of the population.  From your speculator-and-chief promoter – Pandemic Survivor

NCI Fights for its Life in the War on Cancer

The National Cancer Institute was established August 6, 1937 by Congress when it passed the National Cancer Institute Act. It was later made part of the National Institute of Health by the Public Health Service Act of July 1, 1944.  Its powers were later broadened in 1971 when Richard Nixon declared “war on cancer” (“in order more effectively to carry out the national effort against cancer”) by signing the National Cancer Act. It is now one of eleven divisions of Health and Human Services.  The funding for NCI for 2012 was roughly 5.2 billion dollars.

In 2008, Senators Biden and Obama issued a plan to double the funding for cancer research in five years that focused on the NIH and NCI.  The US Senate on March 26, 2009 issued the 21st Century Cancer Access to Life-Saving Early detection, Research and Treatment (Alert) Act.  (Wow, sounds really impressive).  The “stimulus package of 2009” included 10 billion dollars for the NIH for funding cancer research.  Thinking of his mother’s battle with ovarian cancer, President Barack Obama stated: “Now is the time to commit ourselves to waging a war against cancer as aggressive as the war cancer wages against us.”  Then in September 2009 Obama announced an additional 1 billion dollar package for genetic causes of cancer and targeted research.

So let’s look at the report card for the government’s funding of the war on cancer.  Deaths rates for cancer since 1970:

  • 1970 – 162.8 deaths per 100,000 in population
  • 1990 – 203.2
  • 1997 – 210.0
  • 2010 – 184.5

I am sure that the NCI has done a lot of good in the forty-two years since 1970 in things like drug development and genome mapping.  However, if you just look at the effect the government spending has had on death rates for cancer, then our efforts have been a miserable failure.  What is the solution?  Eliminate the National Cancer Institute.  With all of government funding for cancer in the HHS and its eleven divisions, the NCI has become a useless blight.

Does NCI hear the footsteps of the grim reaper?  Consider the paper they published in their own journal in April this year and read about the fear of supplements:  “Dietary Supplements and Cancer Prevention: Potential Benefits Against Proven Harms” – Martinez, et. Al. April 25, 2012.


Nutritional supplementation is now a multibillion dollar industry, and about half of all US adults take supplements. Supplement use is fueled in part by the belief that nutritional supplements can ward off chronic disease, including cancer, although several expert committees and organizations have concluded that there is little to no scientific evidence that supplements reduce cancer risk. To the contrary, there is now evidence that high doses of some supplements increase cancer risk. Despite this evidence, marketing claims by the supplement industry continue to imply anticancer benefits. Insufficient government regulation of the marketing of dietary supplement products may continue to result in unsound advice to consumers. Both the scientific community and government regulators need to provide clear guidance to the public about the use of dietary supplements to lower cancer risk.

If you think about the cancer death rate at 162.8 in 1970 when the population smoked like a 19th century steel mill it makes one wonder. It seems to have increased to a peak in 1997 at 210.4.  It was in the late 90’s that the researchers for vitamin D got really active in promoting vitamin D for cancer prevention and cure.  Since that time the death rate has reduced to 184.5 in 2010.  It was in the 60’s when the promotion of sun fear and the dangers of the sun causing skin cancer really started being promoted.  I believe this was responsible for the increase in cancer to its peak in 1997.  Could the impact of our connection with the sun and the change in vitamin D production in the body be solely responsible for the change in cancer rates?

Based on the fear of supplements by the NCI as it fights for its life, I believe the answer is yes.  The above article was bad enough, but to send out its shills to promote the misinformation is outrageous.  Consider this article in EmaxHealth by Timothy Boyer – “Dr. Oz Vitamin D Dose Advice Supported by Vitamin D Megadoze Warnings”    Look at the fear promotion from this extract as Mr. Boyer promotes some significant miss-truths: A past National Cancer Institute study reported no cancer protection from Vitamin D and the possibility of an increased risk of pancreatic cancer in people with the very highest Vitamin D levels. Megadoses of and above 10,000 IUs a day are also known to cause kidney damage.  And by the way, vitamin D will make your hair turn grey and hairs grow on your nose.

The sound of your footsteps is scaring the crap out of NCI.  Do not become collateral damage in this war on cancer.  Keep your 25(OH)D above 60 ng/ml and watch the NCI squirm.  – Pandemic Survivor

Fall in Cancer Rates Will Baffle NCI

As more people start to supplement with vitamin D, the cancer rates will fall drastically.  This will leave the National Cancer Institute without an explanation.  Their position that vitamin D has no significant effect on cancer will confirm that NCI is not an institute of government to promote strategies that reduce cancer, but an institution to maintain the large cancer industry.  How can I make this claim – let’s explore.

NCI’s lack of understanding is plainly shown in their table of items that they consider to significantly increase the incidence of cancer: Trends at glance from NCI.   Of course the things that they consider to be the most significant are tobacco, red meat, fat consumption, obesity, and exposure to the sun.  Following the table you also notice that their claims of diagnosis and treatment are significant in their estimation of what is important for survival from cancer and the reduction of incidence.

The reduction in all cancer mortality has dropped from 215 per 100,000 in 1991 to 178 in 2007.    The drop can be contributed primarily to the reduction in the use of tobacco and the decrease in lung cancer.  Further down the page you can see from the graph that most of the reduction has occurred from the reduction in lung cancer death in males.

Treatment to give us significant reduction in death from cancer has not been effective.  The only exception to this is the treatment of stomach ulcers with antibiotics and bismuth.  This treatment has cause death from stomach cancer to plunge by seventy percent.  Not because we are better at treating cancer, but more effective by medically preventing cancer.  The incidence of cancer has increase from 396 per 100,000 in 1975 to a peak in 1992 of 510 to the 2007 incidence 473.   Again, the rate of death has not dropped from treatment but from decreased incidence for various reasons.  The significance of the 1970’s was when we declared a war on cancer with the National Cancer Act of 1971 that was signed into law by Richard Nixon.  This act gave NCI significantly broaden powers “in order to carry out the national effort against cancer.” 

Exposure to the sun is a real interesting case of how far off NCI’s understanding of what causes cancer.  Supposedly the reduction of exposure to the sun and the use of sun screens will reduce the rate of melanoma.  In the last fifty years the fear of the sun with the constant reminders of doctors, in particular dermatologists, the melanoma rate has grown from 8 per 100,000 in 1975 to 22 in 2006.  What is more interesting is the database of cancer rates that has been kept by the state of Connecticut. From Ed Gorham’s 2008 presentation of Skin Cancer/Sunscreen – The Dilemma, slide 47, we see that as sun reduction and sunscreen use has increased the rate of melanoma has increased.   If you or someone you know has melanoma, it would be to your advantage to watch this presentation through Grass RootsHealth and UCSD public tv. Video presentation: Skin Cancer/Sunscreen the Dilemma

With several studies already in showing a reduction of cancer greater than seventy percent with marginal use of vitamin D3, the reduction of the incidence of cancer will be significant as the population becomes more aware.  Not only will cancer be prevented by the use of vitamin D, but treatment of cancer will improve significantly as blood serum for vitamin D is taken to the level of life guards in the summertime. The National Cancer Institute will make all kinds of claims until it has become obvious the blunder that they have made since the early ‘70’s.

You know what is really interesting is the understanding of the tobacco industry and vitamin D.  I suspect the tobacco industry would never have been attacked if they had known the significance of vitamin D and cancer.  The NCI claims there have only been epidemiological studies done for vitamin D3.  This is also true for all the claims that have been made against tobacco.  Why the aggression against tobacco and no proclamations about vitamin D.  One causes cancer and the other prevents and maybe helps to heal it – follow the money!  (A high serum level of vitamin D is no excuse to keep using tobacco.  Any addictive substance is not a good thing.)

So can we make a prediction about the rate of incidence of cancer?  If the numbers follow the studies about vitamin D and cancer, then as the population gets an average serum level above 40 ng/ml, we can expect the cancer incidence to drop by greater than seventy percent from all causes.  Seven out of ten people that you know have cancer would not have had that result.  What happens to the medical economy if that occurs?  After all, it is not only cancer that vitamin D3 impacts, it is heart disease and diabetes as well, the other two large killers.  I am sure this scares the leaders at NCI, HHS, and the medical industry as if they were facing a mountain base-jump with no parachute.

Keep your serum level of vitamin D3 high if you have concerns about cancer, heart disease, and diabetes.  Go into the sun, but do not get sun burned.  – Pandemic Survivor