C-clamps, Aluminum Foil, and Chewing Gum


A factory workers’ perspective on treatment for chronic disease.

Factory operations can be notorious for keeping the production equipment up and running to assure the plant manager gets his bonus.  The equipment breaks down and out comes the c-lamps, aluminum foil, and chewing gum.  The equipment starts to run again, but quality of the productions fails from misalignment.  At the end of the day, all the production on that shift has to be thrown away.

The medical profession is notorious for using pain meds and metal joints to repair cartilage failure to keep the medical economy. Cartilage cannot repair itself and the rant goes on.  For decades the patient is treated with pain meds and the patient suffers from reduced ability.  When the patient can go no longer, pieces of cartilage are cut off to relieve the pressure on nerve roots. Eventually it is bone on bone (or bone on nerves) and out come the metal and plastic replacement parts otherwise known as c-clamps and chewing gum.

If the equipment had been shut down when the bolt first came loose, a full day’s production could have been saved.  If the nutrition of the patient had been reviewed at the first sign of pain, the joint could have been saved.  When c-clamps and chewing gum are used, the whole day’s production has to be thrown away.  When pain meds and metal joints are used the patient has to be thrown away.  The use of c-clamps and aluminum foil were used in folly at the plant manger’s request to booster his bonus.  The use of pain meds and metal joints were used in folly at government’s request to booster the medical economy.

Manufacturing corporate and governments just smile as they know they are making the economics delightful for their bonuses.


The Microbiome – A New Model for Health

sunday musting 2Buckminster Fuller: “You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”

What would a new model in medicine look like? Perhaps that new model has already been developed, but we have not begun to understand it. In the late 1990’s, a new paradigm in health was published. That is we live in a symbiotic relationship with a community of microbes. There are ten times more cells in this community of microbes than human cells within the body. There is also significantly more DNA in this community than human DNA that was discovered when trying to map the genome. Our model of genes or mutations of genes that affect our health is a poor model when we have ten times or more the genetics living with us that has to be properly expressed.

“You mean there is this tiny community of life living within our personal biosphere?” – Pandemic Survivor

“Yes, that is absolutely correct.” – A Cognizant Commentor “

“Hello, Mr. A. C. Commenter, where did you come from?” – PS

“It’s not commenter, it is Commentor. You introduced me a few weeks ago in a musing. You also got my name wrong in that post. A commenter is one that makes random suggestions where a commentor is one that typically has knowledge of a particular subject.” – ACC

“Sorry.” PS

“So there are ten times as many cells living in my body than my own human cells. That is certainly unnerving to think I have my own personal zoo living all over my body. Are they just in my gut?” –PS

“No they live everywhere in your body. There are literally trillions of these organisms that call your body home. A tiny bio home which lives everywhere in your body. Because this colony lives within you, it can either make you or break you. “ – ACC

“What do you mean by ‘make you or break you’?” -PS

“The way I like to think about our relationship with this colony is to imagine a bee keeper. The bee keeper goes about taking care of the hive to be sure there is plenty of fresh blossoms for them to collect the needs of the hive. Also the bee keeper makes sure that the colony always has a fresh place to store honey. The keeper may also take some of the honey for his own needs.  Certainly the bees also pollinate the fruits and vegetables in the keepers garden for an abundant yield.“  –ACC

“Wow! That is really interesting. I have never thought of anything like this. So I have to keep this living colony happy so that I am well? I always thought that anti bio substances were necessary to kept pathogens from causing disease. Every type of cleaner that I have purchased lately has some form of antibiotic in it. Even the dish washing detergent I bought last week.” – PS

“It is unfortunate that we have used such a large volume of chemicals that has significant impact on our friends that live with us. This destruction of their colonies has caused us much harm. If you think of it like the bee keeper analogy, so goes the colony, so goes the good fortune of the bee keeper. “ –ACC

“Interesting, a healthy hive, a healthy life or living symbiotically.” -PC

“Yes, that is exactly right. If you go out and kick over the hive, you will create an angry swarm of bees that attack you to protect their home. If you give them a place to live, and some nectar to keep them calm, they will re-track their anger. This may account for infectious disease as well as autoimmune diseases and allergies. It may also account for biochemical missteps as well. You introduce a pathogen (or a cougar in the hen house) that angers the hive or a substance that angers the hive and the attack of inflammation begins. You give them their natural needs and the hive calms down and stops attacking you. Pharmaceuticals under our existing paradigm of working on just human cells may actually anger the hive and cause severe inflammation commonly called side effects.” -ACC

“So ole Hippocrates was right two millennia ago. Medicine really is about food and keeping the ‘hive’ happy.” – PS

“Our present model of health has given us many great things for emergency healing, but I believe all the other diseases and possibly severe infections may be treated by keeping the microbiome well. I suspect this is the reason that chronic disease has not gotten any better since the understanding of DNA and the Central Dogma of molecular biology. We have totally ignored the environmental effect on expression of DNA and the DNA of our microbiome. The central dogma of saying that a gene or a gene mutation is the reason for disease is just wrong. It is like saying that you can throw a set of blueprints on a vacant lot and expect a building to spring up. It is the acts of the contractors and the skill of the crews that give you the building. The better you treat the workers, the better the building is likely to be.” – ACC

“That certainly is a new model of health. They actually named our present model central dogma? What arrogance! How can I learn more?” –PS

“Just read.” –ACC

Wiki – Microbiome

Central Dogma

National Institute of Health – Microbiome

A One Legged Man in a Butt Kicking Contest

sunday musting 1I have always been amazed at this image. The idea of jumping and kicking at the same time is just more than my feeble brain can handle. If you are having trouble with the one legged man, think of a one legged stool. It would seem that in either case, doom is the imminent outcome.

Have you ever baked a cake or a pie? Think of a strawberry cake that is made only of strawberries. Not a cake or a pie, you have simply made a collection of strawberries. Or think of a strawberry cake that is made without sugar or fat or flour. It is like the sound of one hand clapping.

This is the problem when a specialist focuses on only “one thing.” The “one thing” has to participate in interactions from and to its environment. Imagine that you are all puckered to kiss and there is nothing opposite your lips, imaginary or otherwise. A handsome prince or a captivating princess, there to receive your pucker, is your desire. But is the kiss in the pucker of the lips only.  I am sure that a specialist in the pucker would think so. The FDA says that a pucker cannot be used to treat, heal, diagnose, or prevent any disease – not even a broken heart.  Of course the specialist would have to disclose any conflicts of interest like his association with the National Sphincter Association.

In the pathological and physiological processes of the human body, water, air, proteins, fat, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals would be “only the lonely” if they could not interact with each other. A body of water is a lake. A body of air is the sky. Birdie, birdie in the sky, I sure am glad that cows can’t fly. Oh, wait, wrong musing! This is the nature of our science and research when one specializes. There was a time when there was only one thing – “In the Beginning God…” The rest is just the dust of interactions. – A. Cognizant Commenter

Health versus the Economy

Sunday MusingHave you ever wondered what a nation would look like that put the economy of the nation as more important than the well being of the individual? Or, wondered if the wealth of the ‘ruling class’ is more important than the health and well-being of everyone else?  What about a nation where one out of every five people gets their income from the illness of the population? This was the transition, “markets before mandates in health”, that America begins to make during the 1930’s at the height of the Great Depression. Now the healthcare segment of the economy is close to twenty percent of GDP.

It is difficult to imagine a community where one out of every five people gets their income from health. Think about a farming community of one hundred people. Now imagine that twenty of those people are medical workers, medical insurance workers, makers of drugs, and support people for this effort. This is what America has come to. In order to keep the medical workers busy, it means that there has to be a significant amount of illness. If the illness is maintain or increased, then the medical workers lively hoods are safe. But this very ill population has difficulty thriving in other sectors of the economy because there is no feeling of well-being. There is low energy and the illness means that the crops do not get harvested for food to feed the people.

These two things, health versus economy, held in juxtaposition of each other can only have two results. Like two waves coming together, they will either add together to get very large. This is the belief of our current leaders in government. Or, the energy will be neutralized as trough adds to ridge and flatness results. I believe this is closer to our present reality. The economy and health both fail.

Consider how the Department of Health and Human Services is operated. Here are the general principles on which decisions are made:

  1. National standards, neighborhood solutions.
  2. Collaboration, not polarization.
  3. Solutions transcend political boundaries.
  4. Markets before mandates.
  5. Protect privacy.
  6. Science for facts, process for priorities.
  7. Reward results, not programs.
  8. Change a heart, change a nation.
  9. Value life.

Please note that the first three are about politics and the fourth about the economy. There is polarization, political boundaries have been drawn with the passing of the Affordable Care Act, and national standards have prevented neighborhood solutions. And yes, markets have been sustained and increased as the greatest transfer of wealth ever from the Treasury to the pockets of medical insurers has been the result. But, have these actions actually created wealth in either the economy or health. Note that to value life or the general purpose of this large agency is last.

What if we picked a state that has done well economically and looked at its principles of operation in health care? Let’s pick Texas because it has created the largest number of jobs since 2008. Here is its number one principle for operating the Texas Health and Human Services Commission:

  • We place the concerns, interests, and well-being of our consumers and constituents at the center of our attention.

What is valued first in Texas is last at the national level. That is to value life and well-being. Texas economy is booming. Could there be a lesson here for national decision making. I am not going to take the time to look up the chronic disease rate in Texas, but being a southern state with higher UVB, I suspect it is less than the national average. I suspect it could be much better if Texas did not have to meet the requirements of the Federal laws. It is no wonder of the hint of Texas wanting to secede.

To paraphrase the words of M. Scott Peck in his book “People of the Lie”, an institution that does not have empathy for the ones it serves is evil. – Pandemic Survivor

Things You Should Know

In this blog, I have clearly established that the US continues to have the best acute medical practice in the world. However, when it comes to chronic disease, the US ranks about 50th in the world based on life expectancy. The policies in medicine adopted by government are to maintain the largest segment of the economy without regard for the damage that it is doing to the population’s health or “markets before mandates.” We spend twice as much per capita than Canada or the United Kingdom for health with significantly lower life expectancy. The question then becomes, where else are such policies adopted.

Energy – The Second Largest Economic Segment

Energy is used to drive the best taxation of the population and stable monetary flows without regard for developing science that would significantly change consumer perspectives. There are multiple levels of technology available that will astound you. Consider carbon chemistry. We are limiting the use of coal because of claims that climate change is caused by burning carbon fuels. It makes it difficult to believe when man’s contribution to the carbon cycle is only three percent. Carbon monoxide accounts for four percent of green house gases. Three percent times four percent means that man’s contribution to greenhouse gases is only 0.12 percent of green house gases from carbon monoxide production from energy use.

We have large stores of natural gas that can be converted directly to gasoline. This means that the raw material cost of a gallon of gasoline based on natural gas is about $0.40 per gallon as opposed to crude at $100.00 per barrel or about $2.00 per gallon raw material cost. There was a proposed facility in Ohio for almost 3 million gallons per day that the Obama administration pulled support from in 2009. It would be easy to produce gasoline from our large natural gas stores at under $2.00 per gallon at the pump. This process also requires carbon monoxide, so putting natural gas to gasoline next to a coal fired electric plant would be very advantageous.

Cold fusion or low energy nuclear reactions have shown to be viable technologies. Both Lawrence Livermore labs and the Navy labs have shown this process to be real. I read one article with a picture of a NASA researcher holding a module about the size of an apple. His statement was that the module could be the source of energy for a fifty gallon residential water heater. Is the Navy already using cold fusion in its nuclear drives for submarines? Think about how long the navy used fission nuclear drives for its submarines before the general public knew.

Dark energy and Dark mater make up about 96% of the universe. We cannot see it, touch it, or detect it by any common means. The only reason that we know it exist is because the expansion of the universe continues to accelerate. There are several entities that have patients on how to convert this energy directly for use as heat and electricity. This information is being suppressed for ‘national security’ reasons. Consider this documentary for the 1990’s by the BBC: It Runs on Water.  Energy technology review:  Infinite Energy Magazine

Stanley Meyer had sold his technology to NASA and died suddenly in a restaurant when negotiating with the EU for their use of the technology. US law states that any technology that could affect national security should remain secret and the inventor cannot even discuss it without being put in jail or tried for treason.

Stanley Meyer’s technology included a device that made hydrogen from water. This included a module that could be added to motor vehicles that replaced the need for gasoline. It would allow the vehicle to operate on water with over unity energy. The vehicle ran on hydrogen produced from water that converted back to water after combustion in the engine. Imagine what would happen if we had unlimited energy for the cost of capital. Our freedom would be excessive; government control of the individual would be significantly limited.

Are there other technologies that are being suppressed for economic reasons? The answer is a loud astonishing yes! Consider what happened to me. I was selling water source heat pumps in the early ‘90’s. I suggested to the director of marketing for Duke Energy that they should promote water source heat pumps to reduce their need for new generation facilities. The director promptly stated that they had reviewed water source heat pumps. His concern was that they did not only reduce the peak demand, but would cut total production of energy. I told him I understood the economics and that I would install water source heat pumps in my home and publish the results for my company’s marketing purposes.   The next day when mowing the yard, I noticed the seal on the electrical service meter had been cut and was on the ground. A new seal was placed on the meter. When my monthly electrical bill came, it was only $15 versus the average of over $150. This low monthly rate went on for fifteen years until telemetry for metering was put in place. I was paid off to the amount of $25,000 to not put in water source heat pumps. I did not mention the discrepancy to Duke and Duke never said anything about it. How many ways does this silencing of technology permeate our economics? – Pandemic Survivor

Comment on Health Care and Nutrition

In 2008 the US health care cost as a percent of GDP was approximately 16 percent, up from a mere 5 percent in 1960.  That has since risen to about 18 percent.  This means that the new health care plan, commonly referred to as ‘Obamacare’, that was passed by Congress was an excuse for the health insurance companies to raise rates.  Balance this with what we were told when the administration was forcing the passage of this bill.  The next closest country to the US is France and Belgium at approximately 11 percent.  Consider that the UK is at 8.7 percent and Canada is 10.4 percent.  Couple that with the highest corporate tax rate in the world and we wonder why manufacturing has gone elsewhere.  This is worse because in the US the companies ‘have’ to pay for health insurance (another form of tax) where in other countries; it is built into their taxes.  Just think how sick our population has to be in order to sustain such a large percentage of GDP.  The US has a health care insurance system and government corruption that has run amok.

So, you would think that the US health care system would rank number one in the world because of the spending.  The most recent data that I could find on rankings by country for health care quality was in 2000.  I am sure there was pressure from the US to stop WHO from ranking.  WHO ranked France as number one as you might expect since their spending as so high.  However, the US was ranked at 37 – in between Dominica at 35, Costa Rica and Slovenia, Cuba at 39.  Do not expect this to change when the priority for a former Secretary of HHS had ‘markets before mandates’ ranked as four and to ‘value life’ ranked last at nine.  It “is the economy stupid” and it is more important than your health so do not depend on your government to give you the best advice for being well.

There are seventy-seven million ‘baby boomers’ that are currently retiring at the rate of more than ten thousand per day.  As far as the government is concerned, the solution to reducing the debt burden is to have these folk die off.  The quicker the better to keep the health care industry from deriving huge profits from illness as these folks are dying and driving our debt higher.  If you eat well and get enough iodine, magnesium, sulfur, vitamin D, vitamin C, and potassium then you may be able to beat the system.  Remember the rebellion of the youth in the sixties?  Now the old timers, aka boomers, are going to be revolting about good nutrition.  Have boomers who live healthy lives and helped their parents to stay alive become ‘enemies of the state’?

http://www.photius.com/rankings/healthranks.html , http://www.kff.org/insurance/snapshot/OECD042111.cfm

Ruby Red and the Spider Neurotoxin

It was a bright warm morning on the Monday after Thanksgiving, but the forecast was for cold weather.  There on our side porch was a large delightful ruby-red begonia.  What a beautiful plant and just right to set in the window beside my desk during the winter.  I knew that if I did not bring it in the frost would bring the beautiful plant to a woeful end.  On my way to work I put the begonia in my car and took it into the office.  It really looked great in the window beside my desk except for the spider webs and dead leaves.

A few minutes of work with my bare hands in and around the base of the plant and the plant was ready to show.  In thirty minutes, the side of my little finger on my left hand where it joins the palm began to burn and string.  Two other places just up the forearm were also turning red and stinging like crazy.  I could not imagine what the problem was unless I was allergic to the plant.  It then hit me that maybe where there are spider webs there is also the possibility of spiders.  I have been bitten by spiders before but nothing with this kind of stinging.  It was apparent after twenty-four hours that the spider was most likely of the widow family, either the black widow or the newly established brown widow that both inject neurotoxin with their bite.

The ulna nerve was a bright red pathway that was traced perfectly on my arm almost to my arm pit.  I had treated the bites with topical antibiotic.  Since my heart had not stopped from the neurotoxin, I figured that was the end of it.  After forty-eight hours the left hand was fifty percent bigger than the right hand so to the doctor for a round of doxycycline.  The doctor thought that it would be good if I did not exert to keep the toxin and bacterial infection localized.  This past Saturday was three weeks since the bite and I went back to the gym for the first time.  The next morning my feet were cramping so that I could hardly walk.  It was obvious that the neurotoxin was still active in my body.  I did not think this was possible because of the length of time, but I never have this type of cramping where both feet were cramped closed into balls.

After several days at the gym and the cramping and pain is finally starting to go away.  I know that I would have been in much worse shape if not for the better nutrition, but the last three weeks have been truly miserable.  I guess the moral of this story is where there are webs there are spiders.

Up next for post are sleep apnea (all sleep apnea is central) and Alzheimer disease treated with sulfur.   Merry Christmas! – Pandemic Survivor

Thursday Musings

When I weighed in this past Monday, I had lost three pounds on my no sugar, no wheat diet.  This is amazing as I had cheated because of family gatherings.  Not bad for the first week.  Next up for review is fiber in the diet.


I noticed that sunscreen is starting to get some congressional scrutiny.   I guess Senator Schumer is starting to smell the money in the possible fines that they can collect from the sunscreen industry.  As we have discussed before, people just can’t seem to get of that withholding vitamin D is the cause of the cancer increase and not the adding of something to the body.  Of course the dermatologists have had a negative response to Senator Schumer’s comments because they have made a zillion dollars from the sunscreen lie.  Sunscreen has its purpose, but improperly used and it is the ‘death nail’.

Reuters News Release:

Time Blog with negative response by dermatologist:

I do not believe that Senator Schumer mentioned the fact that the FDA and FTC lost in court in their effort to change the marketing and labeling on sunscreen and sun block in 2000.  The lead council for the sunscreen lobby was John Roberts who is now chief justice of the Supreme Court.  mmmMM?


I think that we should offer an ‘idiot’ award for the worst science ever.  I noticed that a consortium (SUNLIGHT Consortium – Study of Underlying Genetic Determinants of Vitamin D and Highly Related Traits) (Sunlight is their acronym but I believe that darkness would have been better) has published a paper that says you are vitamin D deficient because of your genes.  In the famous words of Dr. House – IDIOTS.  It is not three or four names on the list of authors, there are 77 names on the title line.  Let the lemmings march toward the sea.  Everyone is doing it so it must be okay.  Just because you are in a herd of psychotic horses running toward a barn that is on fire does not make it right.

Here is the Lancet paper so that you can see for yourself:

Okay, so you are held hostage in a dark basement and have not been given any food for days and it is your genetics that is making you hungry – IDIOTS.

Here is the news article:

The thing that really comes to mind when I read this news article is, ‘Do not take me to court because I have lied to you about the vitamin D that you need for fifty years, it is your genes that is the problem.’

I just told my wife that I cannot take out the garbage because I have a genetic defect toward handling garbage cans.  Living easy in the sun with new roads to travel on my gene map  – Pandemic Survivor

Sunday Musing

Well there you have it, the CDC claiming that increased vaccination was the reason for so few seasonal flu deaths this year.  But how do they explain that influenza like illness is as low now as it normally is at week 35 of the flu season and we are only at week 15?  Keep taking your vitamin D folks because the wellness is just beginning.

Here is the story from the Baltimore Sun  Overall flu deaths down during H1N1 pandemic

From the article:  “Overall flu deaths are down this year because H1N1 flu crowded seasonal flu out,” said Jeff Dimond of the CDC.       Please Mr. Dimond, give me a small personal break!  – Pandemic Survivor

Vitamin D is having its time in the sun The Vancouver Sun   Now I just wonder why the The Vancouver Sun decided to name their newspaper ‘the sun’?

Let the confusion truly begin in earnest.  We have talked about the three stages of paradigm change in the past.  Ridicule, violent opposition, and accepting as if it has always been.  Here you have two newspapers in Canada releasing opposing stories about whether Canadians are replete in vitamin D.  This is how the battle will be fought as stories by ‘experts’ try to maintain you at some level that is not adequate so the disease state can prevail which means that sales in the medical/pharma/medical insurance industries are maintained.  It will be interesting to see how much confusion revolves (as in major spin) around the FNB on vitamin D and calcium findings are published this year.

Do I sound a little perturbed or less than happy about what is being said about vitamin D then you are wrong.  I am extremely grateful for how far the medical profession has come in such a short amount of time.  I just wish it had happened before I suffered 25 years of pain, ten of them severe pain, loss of income and loss of friends because no one could stand to see me in pain.

I do get perturbed when I hear doctors make statements like: “And Mark, you may think I’m a skeptic, but with all the supplementation that is now being done for those on (list any med for many of the chronic diseases), wouldn’t you think if Vit D were of great benefit that we’d know by now?”

My answer to this question is of course NO!  I first thought that I was just being bated by this person and then I realized she was being serious.  Modern medicine is so great how could  you think that we are not giving you the best there is to offer in other words.  Here is a doctor that has totally forgotten that the institutions of medicine practice for profit and not always for customer satisfaction.  If they can keep the spin going that they are ‘giving the best that there is to offer’ then perhaps their customers will be happy.  Even if they just die along the way.

Be prepared for the continued spin and how you are going to deal with it.  With a replete population we are talking about a 25 to 50% reduction in disease and then what will happen to the medical economy and social security?      – Pandemic Survivor

Sunday Morning Musings

So what is going on with influenza like illness?  We have seen a significant drop in the rate after a spike in September and October.  We are now at rates that are very similar to last year in late January.  Given that we see a 33% Fibonacci return in this chaotic statistic, the knee will mirror 2009 February and March results or just another normal flu season. Graph at this link.

There has been much chatter about the efficaciousness of the H1N1 vaccine.  The EU in particular is taking on the large pharmaceuticals over this issue.  I believe that the H1N1 is a none-mutating virus to date and has effectively played havoc with people that were susceptible.  The reason that the spike occurred in September and October instead of later is because this is the first drop in serum levels of vitamin D in the northern latitudes.  A similar type of occurrence happened in the southern hemisphere in our summer which makes me wonder at the push by our government over the vaccine.  We have been much more effective is getting the message out about vitamin D.  If the spike in February is not similar to last year and also make a Fibonacci return then people in the US have blunted the virus by taking vitamin D.  I know that this is a very technical mathematical predication, but if you deal with stocks or currency trading, you know this analysis is correct.  The technical changes are very predictable in chaotic markets as long as there is not a fundamental change like an economic news such as an increase in the number of lost jobs.  In our case the fundamental change is increased use of vitamin D.

I have been keeping up with people that I have casual conversations about vitamin D and whether their doctor has ask to check their serum 25(OH)D levels.  I am happy to say that approximately 1 out of 6 of the people that I have talked with has had their serum level checked.  This is up from zero 5 years ago.  Dr. John Cannell of the Vitamin D Council goal is to have every one’s serum vitamin D routinely check by their physician.  John, I believe that we are starting to reach a tipping point.   However, even at this low rate we could see as much as a 5% drop in the rate of total cancer in the US over the next two years.  I know that this is a bold prediction but the research is there.  If the Food and Nutrition Board on vitamin D comes out with a favorable report in May saying that everyone should take more, the amount of reduction in cancer will amaze you as well as heart disease and diabetes in more time as these diseases take longer to respond.  The manufacturers of cold remedies will start to feel the pinch as people start to use significantly less.  They will simply create other products to fill the voids.

Interesting article at Boots WebMD saying that increased levels of vitamin D could reduce the incidence of colorectal cancer by 40%.  I do not know what the big deal is.  In November of 2007 the National Cancer Institute came out with a report as a rebuttal to the Lappe finding at Creighton University.  The Lappe finding showed a 60% ( or 77% when taking out the tumors not found in the initial screening that occurred in the first year of the trial) reduction in total cancer in a placebo control double blind study.  NCI did an epidemiological study based on flawed data (questionable and two few actual test data on serum levels of vitamin D) and even then as you read through the abstract it said something to the effect that there was no relationship between higher vitamin D levels and cancer except that there was a 75% reduction in death from colorectal cancer in the higher quintals of vitamin D.  Well dang NCI isn’t this enough to trigger treatment trials with people with cancer and not just prevention trials.  Maybe they are not just ignoring the facts but acting with disdain.  Given these numbers you can see why I think that just a modest improvement in supplementation and (trips to the Caribbean or Hawaii in the winter for you rich people) will have significant impact on cancer.

You know one of the things that I have notice when talking with people is the lack of consistency in taking vitamin D.  They typically take two small an amount when supplementing or they just skip days while taking this small amount.  Remember the serum half life of vitamin D at 30 ng/ml is approximately three weeks.  This means that after three weeks with no supplementation or exposure to tanning that your serum level is 15 ng/ml.  At higher rates this half life is much reduce.  I need to do more reading on this, but I found one study that said that the half life at 100 ng/ml was only 5 days.  This seems like two short amount of time but if it is correct then compliance when supplementing is extremely critical.  This also explains why people at latitudes close to the equator catch viruses more easily in the rainy season when there is not much sun.

Ah, for a two week repose on the garden island of Kauai that would drive away the winter blues and chronic disease.  Maybe I can make that happen if I were president.  I would certainly declare a national emergency for vitamin D deficiency.  Living easy with the sun in my mind and vitamin D supplements at hand –  Pandemic Survivor