War on Cancer to End? A Promising Cure for Cancer!

There is some exciting news happening in the world of cancer research.  The possibility exist that a cure will be implemented in clinical practice within the next two to three years.  Chemo therapy and radiation will go down the road of bleeding in the nineteenth century.  This exciting new treatment works by blocking the antibody that tumors put out to prevent the body’s natural immune system from destroying the tumor. This treatment process is called anti-CD47.  Clinical trials are to begin at Stanford within the next several months.  Here is a short You Tube video of how this treatment works. 

Of course, to make this exciting treatment work, the immune system must be working at an optimum level.  In the past, with chemo therapy and radiation treatments, the immune system gets depressed.  The other part of this equation, to boost the immune system, is being researched by Sloan Kettering.

As you can see, these types of treatments do not include the natural boosting of the immune system.  Long in the history of the war on cancer are natural substances that boost the immune system without any danger to the health of the person being treated.  These include, vitamin D3, vitamin C, vitamin A – not beta carotene, magnesium for cellular energy, zinc for T-cell response, and iodine for cellular energy and cellular apoptosis or programed cellular death.  And of course, there is the necessity of eliminating immune system depressing foods with the leader among these – sugar and other carbs that raise the glycemic index.  In recent news –“Promising cancer therapy treatment: Vitamin C” LA Times

Since the separation of allopathic medicine and holistic medicine at the beginning of the twentieth century, these natural treatments have been suppressed.  This article, Natural Cancer Treatment, from Dr. Mercola will give you a summary of this issue including over an hour documentary video of the various suppressed treatments. 

It will be interesting to observe the actions of Health and Human Services and its various organizations on the course of clinical trials and how this opportunity plays out.  It is an opportunity for allopathic medicine and holistic medicine to come together for healing the population of this dread disease.  What is in opposition of the cure for cancer?  It is the medical economy as the largest sector and the loss of jobs that may result.  Will our government decide that the economy is more important than the health of the nation and the benefits from a healthy nation?  Only time will tell.  Health and Human Services will have to decide if the economy is more important than your health.  Will it put an end to “Markets before Mandates” at a higher level in priority than to “Value Life?”  HHS PRINCIPILES

President Obama – it is now time for you to act to assure that your agencies do not block these protocols that include natural substances and you will have a long lasting positive legacy.  All I can do is pray for an end to the suffering – Pandemic Survivor.