I am writing this blog to help in the understanding of vitamin D and to deal with my own personal healing.  Also, I would like to help you understand the need of vitamins and minerals for health.  You will also find links to research about disease and comments on the news.  Vitamins and Minerals work in concert to bring you health.

My plan is to put stories on the blog from readers who have had their own healing experience with vitamin D or vitamin D deficiency survivors.  Send in your stories if you like.  I will keep your personal information private.  I will change some characteristics of the details so that you may not be identified. Anecdotal information may help some researcher point toward a study or treatment protocol that could ultimately save lives and more importantly someone with an ailment similar to yours may have good results as well.  I will keep your identity confidential.

If you have comments on my postings I would like to read those as well.


I am available for speaking.

Thanks for reading!

Mark Pegram

A Vitamin D Deficiency Pandemic Survivor