Economy Dancing with Illness

Medical SwampHypocritic Oath: First do no Harm to the Medical Economy

In the last post on how to use innate immunity to fight off virus infections, a question arose from many readers. If using vitamins and minerals is so efficacious, then why hasn’t the medical profession adopted this treatment protocol? The response of course, “This is a really great question.”

It may not have a ‘really great’ answer. In an age when the secretary of Health and Human Services has as the number four principle of operation “markets before mandates,” the importance of the medical economy is very apparent. The coronavirus has slapped this principle in the face. The downturn in the economy is exactly what the medical profession has been trying to prevent by practicing medicine through better drugs.

What I am saying is that the medical swamp creates more pathogens than a jungle zoological swamp. These pathogens are not microbes, but principles of operation that are just as deadly as a hemorrhagic fever. These principles are usually invoked in the development of chronic disease. This is great for the medical economy as there are many patients to treat. Consider the physician practice with eight thousand patients as reported by Vitamin D Wiki. With vitamin D3 as an example, they decided to raise critical vitamin and minerals levels to high normal. Before they started the treatment, there were an average of four office visits per patient each year. After the treatment, office visits went to an average of one per patient each year. If this was projected to all medical practice, the general economy would take a large hit.

Hippocratic Oath: First do no Harm

It is like our medical professionals have forgotten that life is based on protein biology. This is like an engineer forgetting that gravity exists. Recent comments that I have heard: By an oncologist, “The recent reduction of cancer deaths is because of a better understanding of our biology.” By a forty-year researcher at a major university, “We just recently realized how important peptides are.” Duh. We have given up on biology because there are no patents to be had that will yield income. Yet, biology is a significant path to health and less pain.

So herein “lies the truth.” If we treat a critical disease with vitamins and minerals that are not patentable, then the general public could figure out that better nutrition will make them healthier with less pain. It then follows that they will not come to see the doctor as often. Our businesses will fail. Major research institutions will fail. The general economy will fail.

The medical/political management of COVID-19 has demonstrated that the pathogen, markets before mandates, is an equal in the ability to cause disease and to damage the economy. If damage to the economy is going to come, what better time than now (quarantines causing economic slowdowns) to mandate adequate amounts of vitamins and minerals to prevent disease and larger amounts to treat disease. `

And the medical two step dance continues. Live life with great passion. -Pandemic Survivor