Vitamin D — A Conflict of Science

“Science in the modern world has many uses; its chief use, however, is to provide long words to cover the errors of the rich.” And more – “Truth, of course, must of necessity be stranger than fiction, for we have made fiction to suit ourselves.” – G.K. Chesterton

Chesterton was all about words and expressions of truth. This early 20th Century writer, philosopher, and humorist used words with great skill in debate and general discussions. I am sure he would be appalled at vitamin D science. Has science and allopathic medicine developed into some form of fiction to enhance the rich? Worse, has the largest sector of the US economy been sustained through production off the illness of the population?

Perhaps you should pause and take the time to read this article from Hank Campbell, published in the Wall Street Journal – The Corruption of Peer Review is Harming Scientific Credibility. There have been thousands of peer reviewed published papers on Vitamin D and its benefit to health. And, our greatest bastion of science, National Academy of Science and its Institute of Medicine, has allowed an error for the RDA for vitamin D to escape into the public domain. They were only off by over a factor of ten too low. Is this a mistake like the crash of the Martian Lander that went down because the conversion from miles to kilometers was in error? The only harm was the cost to the taxpayers. Because of a factor of ten for vitamin D intake, hundreds of thousands die prematurely in North America each year. Here is the recently published paper by Paul J. Veugelers, A Statistical Error in the Estimation for the Recommended Daily Allowance for Vitamin D. Grassroots Health has confirmed the error through testing of thousands of participants in their health initiative for vitamin D.

Many other errors have been made in vitamin D science over the years since its discovery:

  • Vitamin D2 is equal to vitamin D3
  • Selling vitamin D as a supplement in only 50 IU tablets that resulted in conspiracy charges of seventeen multinationals during WW II by the US (this sounds just like the error(?) made by the IOM)
  • Vitamin D is only useful for bone health
  • Dr. Cook’s description of birth defects from vitamin D in the 1960’s during the thalidomide scare
  • There is no warning label on sunscreen for the product preventing the body’s most significant steroid hormone from forming in your skin with exposure to the sun
  • Years of warnings by medical professionals about the dangers of the sun
  • Improper interpretation of findings in vitamin D research

It makes me wonder if it is just bad science, incompetence, idiopathic delusion, or orchestrated intention.

The only thing that I can tell you is from my own personal experience. Grassroots Health has it right. Have your serum 25(OH)D tested and then use the chart on Grassroots Health home page to achieve a level above 50 ng/ml. For more guidance on what level of vitamin D, take the advice of Dr. Mercola through his many years of practice.

And if you want to be proactive, sign the petition for Health Canada and the IOM to reevaluate its findings. – Pandemic Survivor

Okay, so maybe you are into a more poetic description: “Through epigenetic action of nuclear receptors as an orchestra, life is properly conducted by the vitamin D receptor. userprofiletileIn this auditorium, the microbiome listens and sustains life through applause.” Mark Pegram—inspired from discussions with Dr. P.R. Raghavan, developer of policosanol as a nano-emulsion, Metadichol®, a natural nuclear receptor agonist/inverse agonist when animals cannot get enough sunshine.

“Idolatry is committed, not merely by setting up false gods, but also by setting up false devils; by making men afraid of war or alcohol, or economic law, when they should be afraid of spiritual corruption and cowardice.” – G.K. Chesterton ILN, 9/11/1909


Vitamin D Recommendations by the Institute of Medicine are WRONG!

When the Institute of Medicine for the amount of vitamin D for health was published in December of 2010, they were off by over a factor of ten. The vitamin D experts at the time wrote extensively about this, but no one found the error in the IOM’s calculations. I also wrote about it extensively in December that year and you can find links from my posts of the many comments. A news article published in November 2014 by News Medical has this lead-in for Canadian health: Increasing vitamin D intake could prevent 37,000 deaths annually and save taxpayers billions. The study at the IOM was paid for by the US and Canada.

If we extrapolate this number for the US, it is 370,000 deaths and tens of billions (about ten times the population of Canada) that an adequate intake of vitamin D would prevent. Savings would not be as great as in Canada because the insurance companies would keep the savings. That is of course until their sales cost went down and they would have to adjust pricing for medical insurance. In Canada, the medical cost are taken from their taxes and paid directly to medical providers. The cost per capita for medical care is already about half of what it is in the US. This is also true for the EU as well. If you include the cost of medical insurance as taxes, then our tax rates is exceptionally high. The Supreme Court has ruled that medical insurance is a tax as health insurance is required by the government. Are we really funding 18% of our economy off of the illness and fear of illness of the population?

The discoverer of the error is Paul Veugelers, PhD of the University of Alberta. He found by statistical methods that around 8000IU is necessary to keep 97.5 percent of the population at or above 20 ng/ml for 25(OH)D. This is based on the same data that was used by the IOM. The IOM stated at the time that only 600IU of vitamin D was needed to keep the population at 20 ng/ml. This recommendation was for a ten pound baby as well as a three hundred pound adult. So much for common sense. Here is a link to the Grassroots Health Newsletter on the matter. TAKE ACTION! Click the link on to the Grassroots Health Newsletter and follow the instructions in the middle of the page to sign the petition to have the IOM review their findings. Or just click here sign this petition. To sign, just put your name and email address and make any comments that you would like. Grassroots Health through their testing of thousands of people have found that it will actually take about 7000IU per day.

Also, it would be great if you would share this information with friends and social media to avoid this continuous health disaster.  Or better, contact  your local congressman and raise h*ll! – Pandemic Survivor

New Nutraceutical, Metadichol® – Breathtaking Results!

“One good nutraceutical can wipe out the drugs.” Dr. Stephen De Felice

As a regular reader, you have seen several post of the new form of policosanol as a small droplet emulsion, brand name, Metadichol®. (Historic Breakthrough in Health – A Natural Alternative to Vitamin D) This natural substance appears to present a new model for how healing should occur in the body. As a natural substance formed on sun splashed portions of plants, it appears to act in the body very similar to vitamin D. This is a claim in the one of the many patents covering Metadichol®. As you know, you cannot patent a natural substance; however, the novelty is the small droplet that easily absorbs into the body and blood stream where it can become active in cells.

Some of the claims in the patent for healing are as follows: malaria, acne, eczema, ganglion, lipoma, MRSA, wound healing, fungal infections, psoriasis, hair growth, wrinkles, kidney disease, regulates glucose, insulin resistance, Diabetes type 2, Cholesterol, improved lipid profiles, hypertension, kidney disease, heart disease, reduced protein oxidation or oxidative stress, TNF a – significant immune system function, and increases serum vitamin C.

This product has only been on the market since the last part of 2014 in Southeast Asia. The reports coming from that area are amazing in the variety and healing of many diseases. The amazing thing has been no side effects. Of course, since it can be found of most foods, there should be no side effects. This appears to fall into the first rule of medicine, do no harm. When I was first approach by the discoverer, I thought – yeah, yeah another nut found a way to make money. Now after two months, I am truly amazed at the results from my own experience.

My own experience was first the amazement that the pain from my wife’s shingles went away in just a couple of days. It is interesting to note that her primary care physician had identified the rash as shingles along the C3-C4 dermatome. My wife has experienced shingles before that went on for over six months. After four weeks, there was still some redness and my wife went to see a dermatologist who is a friend of the family (I may have instigated this visit because of my prior communication with the dermatologist about Metadichol®). The dermatologist said that it was not shingles, primarily because it had gone away so fast and the apparent appearance of the remaining rash. She described it as a rash of unknown origin. I suspect this type of healing is unfamiliar to the dermatologist.

As for myself, I had a hemorrhoid that shrank overnight after an application of Metadichol®. Also, I treated a wound that I had received from cutting wood. It healed very quickly without a scab formation which I found extremely interesting. After about four weeks of using Metadichol®, there were red formations on my arm and leg. They appeared to be like large pimples or a formation of a colony of bacteria that looked similar to the appearance of MRSA that I had five years ago. After a few days of treatment with the Metadichol®, the redness disappeared. I now wonder if these areas were not colonies of pathogens trying to escape from the action of the Metadichol®. Also, the lipomas are shrinking on our 13 year old dog. We simply spray a couple of sprays on her food every day. We tried to treat a lick granuloma on the dog’s leg. This appeared to work well for a couple of weeks, but the dog started to lick again and the inflammation still exists. We have not tried to increase the dose for the dog. Also intermittent treatment may be an issue as well.

The mechanisms for how the substance works is not truly understood. Dr. Raghavan, the discoverer believes that there is some form of communication that appears to give intelligence to the action of Metadichol®. He has tried the formulation with synthetic components of policosanol and it does not work. He believes that it may be plant and microbial DNA that gets extracted along with the policosanol. It would be interesting if the Metadichol® is also renewing the health of our microbiome and homeostasis is reached in the body through this symbiotic relationship. The consideration of how it may possibly work because of DNA that comes over is daunting when considering the amounts of GMO foods that we are now consuming.

There are to be publications about Metadichol® that will appear over the next several months. This will include information on how our genome reacts and treatment of some very serious diseases. It will be interesting the response of the medical and research communities. – Pandemic Survivor

“Human subtlety will never devise an invention more beautiful, more simple, or more direct than does Nature— because in her inventions, nothing is lacking— and nothing is superfluous.” Leonardo da Vinci

A New Model for Wellness

What will the Twenty First Century of health present? The old paradigm of treating symptoms in hopes that the body will ultimately repair itself has failed. Drugs for symptom relief with many side effects and poor nutrition has caused the increased in much chronic disease. Now, at least 18 percent of the US economy deals with medical care in the form of health insurance, pharmaceuticals, and many medical procedures. We now must revert to the ancient healing processes of environment and food if we want be well. Our food supply has been taken over by cost of supply and efficiency of delivery. Our environment has confined us in air conditioned buildings with less than quality air, exposure to unsettling electromagnetic fields, and no sunshine. Now, with the understanding of our symbiotic relationship to the microbiome, we must understand the importance of the DNA that we consume.

Only recently, in the late 1990s, has the microbiome been defined. The microbiome contains ten times more cells than the human body. If the human body contains a trillion cells then the microbiome contains over ten trillion cells and its associated DNA. That is approximately 23,000 genes of our DNA and 1,000,000+ genes in the microbiome. This DNA relationship is constantly changing through our food supplies and how our body and the microbiome relates. It has been found that the microbiome communicates directly with the central nervous system. In essence forming a sophisticated communication system that leads us down a path to wellness or disease. Of course, the health of our brains dictates the regulation of the hormonal system for DNA expression. This never ending cascade of hormones drives our emotions and how we feel. Feeling well is the ultimate goal.

Environmental toxins significantly affect this symbiotic relationship of the human body to the microbiome. We are constantly bombarded with manmade molecules that may not be healthy for the community that lives within us. As a result, inflammation occurs causing us to go down the road toward chronic disease. The environmental toxins may well include constant stress. Stress not only upsets our endocrine system, but most likely upsets the homeostasis of our microbiome as well. Environment and food that we eat must be controlled to have a healthy life. Yes, our body and the microbiome are very adaptive. This is the only reason that we have the health that we do.

Through trial and error in diets, it now appears that the diets similar to the paleo diet are the healthiest to us. Please note there were no manmade molecules in ancient times to assault our systems and the relationship to the microbiome. Also we were constantly exposed to the rhythms of nature. A proper diet and exposure to nature is necessary for health. When we were exposed to toxins in nature, then disease usually occurred. There are many examples of this over time whether lead in the water or organic toxins from plants that should not be consumed. Over thousands of years, we learned what consumption of plants and animals made us healthy and what made us ill. This has been lost through specialization in science. Science, which studies only one thing at the time through control trials without consideration for the multiple variant environment in which we live. It is the correct combination of environment and consumption that we feel well.

I spent the Saturday afternoon, January 10, at a seminar by a local retired pediatrician, Dr. Bose Ravenel, Coauthor of The Diseasing of America’s Children. He has now come over to the understanding of functional medicine after forty three years of practice. When he first started to study functional medicine, he thought that the science would be weak. To his amazement, he discovered that the science was extensive. He has become amazed that nutrition is not taught as the number one understanding of doctors. It is only through wisdom with age has he come to this conclusion. The criticism that functional medicine is pseudoscience has been put to rest his mind after reading the literature for five years. With the start of practicing the use of food and environment for his own well being, his eyes have been opened.

What is going to be necessary to change this failed model of wellness and disease that we currently embrace? Our government has so embraced this paradigm for security of our economy that it may take many decades to overcome. That is of course if our economy does not collapse for other reasons. It may take a catastrophe that we don’t want to experience to regain a true understanding of health. It is truly immoral to support the largest sector of the economy off the illness of the nation as a means of production. It is my hope that leaders will arise to point us to a meaningful healthy understanding. However, it is only with individuals like you that are willing to read and research that we will ultimately change the current destructive model of health. That is through you feeling better and telling others about it. Thank You for taking the time to read. Go, tell others! – Pandemic Survivor

Synthetic Vitamin E Lung Congestion

Do you supplement with a vitamin E or a multiple vitamin that has vitamin E in it. There is a good possibility that the vitamin E is artificial. That happened to me last winter. I kept having issues with some minor lung congestion and could not figure out what was causing it. Then Dr. Mercola wrote an article about artificial vitamin E and its relationship to lung cancer. The article described the difference between natural vitamin E and the artificial form in the supplement. Here is the article: Not Any Old Vitamin E Prevents, Reverses Lung Cancer. It was not that I was on the verge of lung cancer (or at least I hope not) but it was just lung congestion.

After reading the article, I disposed of the multiple vitamins that had vitamin E in it as DL-a-tocopherol acetate. From the article I discovered that this synthetic form of vitamin E is a by-product of the petrochemical industry and has significant endocrine- disruptive characteristics. Because of this disruptive characteristic it has been linked to prostate cancer as well as hemorrhagic stroke and pneumonia.

Are you blaming your present lung congestion on your environment from cold weather or even your belief that your house has mold or your HVAC has an issue. The first thing to do is to check your vitamins to see if you are getting the synthetic form of vitamin E. Natural vitamin E is always the d form like d-alpha(beta, etc)-tocopherol. If you see dl or DL, then toss it in the trash. The direction of chiral or rotation of this organic molecule makes a huge difference to your biology.  If you are still having lung congestion, look for other causes like artificial forms of beta-carotene and then other environmental causes.

What happened last winter after I threw the synthetic form of vitamin E into the trash? My lung congestion that had been going on for months went away in just a few days. – Pandemic Survivor