Synthetic Vitamin E Lung Congestion

Do you supplement with a vitamin E or a multiple vitamin that has vitamin E in it. There is a good possibility that the vitamin E is artificial. That happened to me last winter. I kept having issues with some minor lung congestion and could not figure out what was causing it. Then Dr. Mercola wrote an article about artificial vitamin E and its relationship to lung cancer. The article described the difference between natural vitamin E and the artificial form in the supplement. Here is the article: Not Any Old Vitamin E Prevents, Reverses Lung Cancer. It was not that I was on the verge of lung cancer (or at least I hope not) but it was just lung congestion.

After reading the article, I disposed of the multiple vitamins that had vitamin E in it as DL-a-tocopherol acetate. From the article I discovered that this synthetic form of vitamin E is a by-product of the petrochemical industry and has significant endocrine- disruptive characteristics. Because of this disruptive characteristic it has been linked to prostate cancer as well as hemorrhagic stroke and pneumonia.

Are you blaming your present lung congestion on your environment from cold weather or even your belief that your house has mold or your HVAC has an issue. The first thing to do is to check your vitamins to see if you are getting the synthetic form of vitamin E. Natural vitamin E is always the d form like d-alpha(beta, etc)-tocopherol. If you see dl or DL, then toss it in the trash. The direction of chiral or rotation of this organic molecule makes a huge difference to your biology.  If you are still having lung congestion, look for other causes like artificial forms of beta-carotene and then other environmental causes.

What happened last winter after I threw the synthetic form of vitamin E into the trash? My lung congestion that had been going on for months went away in just a few days. – Pandemic Survivor