A Breakthrough in Health and Extending Life Expectancy

TelemeresMetadichol® strikes again by improving the quality of life, eliminating disease, and extending life expectancy. This plant-based substance or food has shown many ways that it acts to reduce disease and improve health in general. Now the developer, Dr. P. R. Raghavan of Nanorx, Inc., has shown that it increases telomerase or the enzyme for maintaining and increasing the length of telomeres. From the press release: Aging is a law of nature and unavoidable. Instead of targeting a multitude of diseases that confront us as we age Metadichol® is about correcting the root cause of disease.

Telomeres are proteins that are at the ends of each chromosome to prevent the chromosome from sticking to other chromosomes and to protect the genes inside by keeping the chromosome from unraveling. The best way to think about how telomeres act is to imagine the end of a shoe string. How many times have you had the plastic protector on the end of the shoe string come off, and the shoe string begin to fray and unravel? The telomeres also act, during the duplication process of RNA/DNA, as a shield to prevent mishaps.

It has been shown that there are a limited number of reproduction of cells as each time the reproduction occurs, the length of the telomeres is reduced. In other words, the length of your telomeres is an indication of life expectancy. As you age, the telomeres shorten and allow the opportunity for chronic disease, like cancer. By increasing the amount of telomerase, the enzyme that keeps telomeres healthy, Metadichol® acts to improve health and extend life.

From a recent paper: The Quest for Immortality: Introducing Metadichol®, A Novel Telomerase Activator, Journal of Stem Cell Research and Therapy.
Link to paper: Telomerase-paper

Humans are keenly aware of their mortality. Given a limited time what we do with our life is a reflection of knowledge of our mortality. In 2009 the Nobel prize in medicine to Jack W Szostak, Elizabeth Blackburn, and Carol W Greider for their work on Telomerase and scientific research exploded in this area. Telomere protect chromosome ends and the Telomerase enzyme maintains Telomere length. This activity of Telomerase is essential in aging and stem cells and achieving longer life spans.
    Telomerase is expressed in 85% of human cancer cell lines, but its enzymatic activity is not detectable in most human somatic cells which constitute the vast majority of the cells in the human body. There is a need for increased telomerase activity in stem cells for use in the treatment of therapies where there is an active role for telomerase. Umbilical Cord Blood (UCB) provides an attractive source of stem cells for research and therapeutic uses. Work shown here characterizes the gene expression changes from Umbilical cord cells differentiate toward telomerase on treatment with Metadichol®.
     Metadichol® is a nanoemulsion of long-chain alcohols that is nontoxic. It is a mixture of long-chain alcohols derived from food. The work presented here is about the effect of Metadichol® on Telomerase expression profile in Umbilical cord cells. Our results using q-RT-PCR show increases of mRNA telomerase expression by Sixteen-fold at one picogram but down-regulates expression at higher concentrations of 100 pg, 1 ng, 100 ng and one microgram per ml concentration. Western blot studies showed expression of Telomerase protein which is slightly higher than control at one picogram, i.e., Telomerase protein expression continues at replacement level. Since it is devoid of toxic effects, it can be directly tested on humans and is in use today as an immune boosting supplement. Metadichol® increases expression of Klotho an anti-aging gene expression in cancer cell lines by Four to Ten-fold, and Klotho gene has been documented to inhibits the growth of cancer cells. Metadichol® also inhibits TNF, ICAM1, CCL2, and BCAT1 which that is associated with proliferation in yeast and increased metastatic potential in human cancers. It paves the way for safe clinical testing and research and study of Telomerase biology and its use in humans. 

The brilliance of Metadichol is that it is a food and has no known side effects—what a great nutraceutical. –by Mark Pegram


July Papers for Metadichol


Dr. P. R. Raghavan has written two new papers for Metadichol. This again shows the diversity with which Metadichol acts.  Metadichol acts on hundreds of genes to allow the body to repair.

The first paper is about the only known substance to act for red blood cell distribution width improvement (RDW). It is believed that RDW is a marker for many types of autoimmune diseases.  Here is the summary for the paper.


Red blood cells originate in the bone marrow. Red cell distribution width (RDW) show sizes of circulating erythrocytes (RBC) and has been explored in several large clinical databases to be a robust marker of adverse clinical outcomes in patients. The prognostic value of RDW is seen in other conditions with end-organ dysfunction such as renal failure or. Elevated RDW levels are of significance in diseases such as kidney diseases. The high RDW levels are an indication of increased oxidative stress and closely related to the presence and poor prognosis of the disease. No known therapy exists that can normalize RDW levels. In this paper, we present here case studies using Metadichol®, that leads to normal RDW levels in patients with CKD and PKD.  Here is the link: RDW-paper

The second paper is about allowing vitamin C to be naturally produced in the body.  This is very unusual, but Dr. Raghavan believes that Metadichol activates the gene responsible for producing vitamin D.  This is based on the genes that are activated that were found in his gene studies.  Here is the summary for the paper.


Vitamin C, also known as ascorbic acid, is a water-soluble antioxidant. Today we meet our requirements of vitamin C through consumption of fruits and vegetables or by supplementation. Homo sapiens cannot produce vitamin C like many other species that can convert glucose to vitamin C. The gene for enzyme production is dormant in humans. The gene, GULO, that we all carry converts glucose to Vitamin C. in other species but not in humans and primates. The open-label study showed Metadichol® raised levels of vitamin C by 3-fold, endogenously without supplementation of Vitamin C. Possible mechanisms for the increased Vitamin C levels through antioxidant pathways are presented. Metadichol® [1] is a nano-formulation of long chain alcohols derived from sugar cane. In addition to increased Vitamin C levels reduction in Potassium and uric acid, and decreased blood pressure and improvement in quality of life issues were also observed.  Here is the link to the paper: vitamiC-metadichol

Whatever you may think about the action of Metadichol, I believe it to be truly amazing. Here is a link for all Metadichol articles and papers.  –Pandemic Survivor

Improved Longevity with Metadichol

Life Ext

Scientist at ETH Zurich and the Jena Hospital in Germany completed a study of over 40,000 genes and identified 30 that allowed for extended life span in worms, fish, and mice. Many of the genes extended life span by around 5%, but there was one gene that extended life by up to 25%: BCAT1.  Here’s the story.  It has long been a quest for humankind to extend life.  Here is a story of the Ponce de Leon’s of our era. There are several compounds that have been identified that impact the BACT1 gene.  A study is ongoing for the popular diabetes drug, Metformin, to extend life. To clarify, the BACT1 gene is responsible for catabolism of branched chain amino acids (BCAA).

When Metadichol (a nano version of policosanol) was compared to gabapentin and policosanol it was found to be 3000 times more effective than gabapentin in its impact on the BCAT1 gene.  Here is a link (pdf) to the paper “Improving Longevity with Metadichol by Inhibiting the BCAT1 Gene” for download Metadichol-BCAT1-paper .

It seems that the truth of extending life lies in the idea of having the least number of illnesses during your life.  I wrote an article about this some six years prior:  Filling Good, Looking Better.  In my reading, I think I came across this idea from Linus Pauling during the 70s in his book, “How to Live Longer and Feel Better.” Ideally, it is not just about extending life, the best solution is to have a healthy, vibrant life. Pauling promoted many ideas about how to be healthy (and by-the-way won two Nobel Prizes).  His largest push that he is remembered for is vitamin C.  His promotion of vitamin C has now been supported by modern research. However, he also promoted healthy eating and the reduction of sugar consumption, now a very modern idea.  He even did a study on prisoners to show that it was sugar and not fat that drove up cholesterol.  Long life by reducing disease appears to be the case for BCAAs as they impact your health on many levels.

The idea of extending life by reducing disease gets exciting when considering Metadichol. It appears to reduce disease on many different levels that just happen to include the metabolism of BCAA. Here are the many articles that I have written about Metadichol.  The beauty of Metadichol is that it is a food substance and not a drug and has no known side effects.

The idea is not to just extend your life span, it is to have a happy, healthy, and vibrant life.  To accomplish this: It is about understanding your emotions and living in flow; it is about eating a healthy diet that eliminates flour, sugar, and other processed foods; it is about getting adequate amounts of vitamins and minerals that are much higher than the RDAs of our government; it is about eliminating environmental toxins like nicotine, mercury, and the salt substitute MSG; and it is about eliminating the side effects from prescription drugs (In other words, stay healthy and don’t take prescription drugs).  To your healthy life that will allow you to live to 120 years old. –Pandemic Survivor 

Experience of Using Metadichol for Years

Given that we have become somewhat leery of peered reviewed research papers, especially in the length of time it takes to get the information public, the experience of users may be our best source. Dr. P.R. Raghavan, the discoverer of Metadichol, a patented nutraceutical, gave me introduction to his friend, Dr. Joe Marasco, that has been using Metadichol the longest other than Dr. Raghavan. This first article is about the experience with his family. The next will be about his experience with his pets. The comments are in his words with only few editorial changes. The healing outcomes of Metadichol are amazing. Through word of mouth, this product has the potential to change the health of the world. Be sure to read my other articles on Metadichol by selecting that category. – Pandemic Survivor

Here is a brief Bio: Joseph Marasco, Ph.D.

Joe largeDr. Marasco, CEO of Diffinity Geonomics, is responsible for business development and company operations. Prior to joining Diffinity, he served from 2007-2012 as CEO and board member of Chiral Quest Corp., a US headquartered fine chemical and active pharmaceutical ingredient manufacturing firm. Dr. Marasco has served in several other leadership roles in both early stage and publicly traded firms including Dow Chemical and Beckman. He led the launch of Coenzyme Q-10 as a nutritional supplement in the US during the 1990’s while serving as Director of Kaneka’s pharmaceutical division (the original manufacturer of Q-10). He earned his Ph.D. in organic chemistry from University of Virginia, and was awarded a postdoctoral fellowship in Biochemistry at the Walter Reed Medical Center. 

From Dr. Joe Marasco:

Dr. Raghavan kindly sent me a prototype sample of Metadichol.  I ingested the sample around 6:00 pm that evening, and then commenced to write a report for work, which I expected to have completed in about an hour.  Well, I did finish that report, and went on to another report.  When I looked up from the keyboard, it was morning.  I had worked through the night without realizing it, and actually felt absolutely fine.  I showered, dressed, and headed back to the office for a full day of work again.  It was a feeling of increased baseline energy, not a nervous caffeine or sugar induced temporary rush.  I called Raghu that morning and asked what the heck he had put in that sample!  From that day, I have been hooked on the potential of Metadichol. As a biochemist, although understanding its mechanism of action, I had underestimated its actual effects.

About eight years ago, my father underwent a drastic 14-hour surgery in an attempt to remove as many tumors as possible after being diagnosed with metastatic bladder cancer.  Multiple tumors were removed from several areas of his body, however I was told by the surgeon after the grueling operation that dad had about another three months to live, but with chemo it could be stretched to an unpleasant six months.   He refused chemo, and was basically chair-bound with two ostomy tubes protruding from his back.  However, he lived several more years.  During that time, Dr. Raghavan very kindly sent him some Metadichol.  I would visit my father every other month, as I was living in China at the time.   After a couple of weeks using it, my mother who had been constantly caring for dad called me in China and mentioned that she could not believe the change in his mood and energy level.  From being chair-bound most of his waking hours, he was now outside raking leaves around the yard daily, and actually going for walks at the mall.  When I visited him next, I also could not believe the positive change in his mood.  This alone is a huge benefit to a cancer victim.  Once sullen with chronic pain and discomfort, he was now smiling and laughing easily, and one would have a hard time believing that he was at death’s door not long before.  My mother related to me a stunning comment from his primary physician at the time: they “cannot understand why his several tumors have not progressed.”

Dad continued to take Metadichol daily, until a nurse (who was a relative) found out about it, and ordered him–more like frightened him–into stopping treatment.  Dad died of kidney failure several months afterwards.  (This makes me sad because of the lack of understanding of medical professionals. I have had similar experiences with friends and family in health care facilities -P.S.)


“IT WORKS!!!” screamed my wife….

My wife woke up and shouted for me when I was in the kitchen having coffee and she was up in the bedroom. I thought something was wrong, so I ran up. She had an intense tone to her voice, and she said, “my face is ‘different.’”   She had been using your Metadichol gel for two consecutive nights. “The small bumps on my skin …are just gone! I don’t know what happened, but tell Raghu I want him to stay in business for a lifetime.”


Some recent observations regarding the use of Metadichol gel:

  1. Used on my 18-month old rotator cuff shoulder injury. Normal state was a steady-state of chronic pain, worsening to the point where it was challenging to pick up a coffee cup (this coming from a prior background of >30 years of routine daily exercise including weight training, which I had to cease after the injury). Pain seemed to decrease perhaps 10-20% after three weeks of nightly application on affected area of shoulder, and application continued. Several months later, the pain is now minimal.
  2. My wife, an active woman of 57, developed plantar fasciitis, where the heel of her right foot was very painful to walk on, and she had to cancel attending her normal bi-weekly Jazzercize® class after 25 years due to the pain. Nightly application of the gel on her heel has given noticeable relief from the pain, and the difference after the first night’s application was striking.  She resumed the class after 3 weeks of Metadichol gel treatment.
  3. Also now treating my own severe plantar faciitis daily in both feet with Metadichol gel with very good effect. In my own experience, the initial reduction of pain was not as striking as my wife’s, but now after two weeks the pain has subsided noticeably (estimate 50% decrease in discomfort and continues to improve).
  4. My wife has been using the gel on her face for over 2 weeks, and has noticed a rapid definite improvement in skin tone and smoothness, and is now applying the gel to other areas of her body such as neckline and arms.

So, as you might suspect, Dr. Marasco is a huge proponent of Metadichol.  Thank you for reading through his comments. I will post his comments on his experiences with his pets later. He dearly loves his dogs and treats them as member of his family. His comments of his human experience are truly amazing! – Pandemic Survivor