ADD, ADHD, Autism, and Cretinism – Deficiency Diseases

Bad parenting, video games, television, poor schools, and on and on have all been blamed for disorders in children.  Add to that the claims of environment toxins from mercury in vaccines to additives in plastics leaves us grasping at straws as families deal with the ever growing issues.  However, I believe the real bad actors in all the array of mental and physical malfunction is primarily caused by deficiencies of critical nutrients.  The primary players in brain function and physical formation are iodine, vitamin D, and vitamin A.  Depending on the level of deficiency of nutrients will give a varying degree of malfunction.  Not only are the deficiencies important, it is also during the period of development of the child that the deficiency occurs that is critical.

A minor deficiency in iodine and vitamin D during the year of three to six or older may lead to ADD or ADHD.  A severe deficiency of iodine during pregnancy will lead to Cretinism or severe mental and physical malformation.  A deficiency of iodine during the first two years of life will lead to 10 to 15 points loss of IQ.  The array and severity of various diseases are endless.  It all depends on the nutrition of the person involved.

The solution for parents to relieve the worry of rearing children is relative simple.  Be sure that the mother during pregnancy and the child during developmental years get enough of the required nutrients.  You cannot sit back and expect government and your doctors to be all protective.  Their goals are not necessarily a healthy developing child which conflicts severely with the goals of the parents.

The question then becomes how much of what nutrient do I need to be sure my children are healthy.  Here is where the real conflict comes into play.  The science is not limited in providing the correct understanding of what is needed.  However, the needs of the child come in direct conflict with the needs of the institution’s economic health.  I recently heard a doctor on Fox News describe the supplementation with vitamins and minerals as not necessary.  Of course this would be true if you lived in the Garden of Eden.  With today’s food processing removing nutrients and destroying the integrity of organic molecules, the need of supplementation is every present.

To keep it simple, I would suggest that you get the following amounts from all sources:

Vitamin D3 approximately 40 IU per pound of body weight per day
Vitamin A the same as D3
Iodine approximately 1 milligram for every fifty pounds of body weight should be adequate.

Otherwise, try to maintain a healthy diet by eating a wide variety of foods.  Keep the amount of dense carbohydrates to a minimum.  Avoid wheat and corn if possible and especially if it is GMO.  Keep sugar to a minimum.

With that being said, I will leave you with two thoughts:  “Food is Medicine.”  – Randy Jirtle  and don’t give up freedom for security.  – Pandemic Survivor


Playing in the Sun – Skin Cancer Awareness Month

It has started again with the promotion of sunscreen over health.  Do you think that CBS would have published this article if it wasn’t for all the advertising given to them by Merck Pharmaceutical, owner of Coppertone – “Study: Increased Risk for Young People and Skin Cancer.”  Coppertone was formerly owned by Schering-Plough.  Consider this short story of a couple of baby boomers –

Jack and Mary were teenage sweethearts in the mid sixties.  They continued to be in love and got married.  They had two children, Alice and Frank, and life was great as they both decided to become computer programmers and lived a life of abundance of wealth.   Their favorite pass time was to go to the beach to spend lots of time in the sun.  They even made many trips to the Caribbean during the winter as they had the means.  It was great fun and relaxation from all the time that they spent in front of the computer.

The many warnings by her dermatologist and by Disney and Schering-Plough through the Sun Safety Alliance with the slogan ‘block the sun not the fun’ concerned Mary greatly as she did not want to get skin cancer or have her skin wrinkle with age.  She really enjoyed spending time on the beach and going to amusement parks where she could spend lots of time in the sun.  She decided to use the sun screen that was recommended by her dermatologist.  Mary was rigorous to keep it on the kids to be sure that they did not get burned.

Jack was a free spirit and really did not like to have ‘some old lotion’ put on his body.  He would spend time in the sun but when it was apparent that he was getting too much, he would seek shade.  He got a lot of grief about not wanting to go into the sun except when it felt good.  He would always seek shelter under a beach umbrella or in the shade at the amusement parks so as to not cause too much unrest in his family.  Frank was just like his dad and wanted to do everything that his father did in just the same way.  Mary tried to keep sunscreen on him but he would refuse until she gave up.  She figured it was okay as long as he wanted to stay in the shade with his dad.

Alice was just like her mother.  She thought that it was great that she could use the lotion to save her skin and spend lots of time in the sun instead of like her stupid brother that had to go the shade as he started to turn red.

Life was great for a while until Alice started to develop asthma.  It was constant trips to the emergency room as she just could not breathe.  She did not react well to the steroids that she was being given but eventually she seemed to get the asthma under control with ‘designer pharmaceuticals’.  During her college years she had a herniated disc that was resolved with an operation on her lumbar region.  Later as she had just graduated from college it was discovered that she had MS and within a month lung cancer.  At about this same time Mary was diagnosed with a severe form of melanoma.  They both died within a year of each other.

Jack and Frank did not understand why life had dealt them such a hardship.  They had tried to live a healthy life.  How could it have happen to them in this way?

Don’t be like Alice and Mary.  Educate yourself before you throw on all that sunscreen.  If you watch Dr. Gorham’s video to figure out why Mary died from melanoma, you most likely will never wear sunscreen again.  Skin Cancer/Sunscreen – the Dilemma,  “Time for the Sun” posted June, 2012:

By the late nineties, the scientific evidence was clear that sunscreen and sun-block were not preventing skin cancer.  The UVA rays were not being stopped from penetrating the skin was a skin cancer issue.  Also the many claims by the pharma’s that their products would stop skin cancer were not confirmed so the FDA asked for label changes to drop the cancer prevention claims.  There is no scientific evidence that sunscreen stops melanoma.  The FDA’s request failed in the courts in 2000 as John Roberts, present Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, ruled that the FDA could not stop the manufacturers from making the outrageous claims about cancer prevention.  This ruling was in direct violation of the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act (DSHEA) of 1994 about no substance can claim it will prevent, cure, or treat disease without it being called a drug and following all the rules for drugs.

Move forward another decade, the FDA has been able to get the sunscreen industry to make label changes.  You may view the detail of the changes and even watch some video shorts of their reasons for making the changes at the FDA website.  The videos deal with the two types of frequencies and how the sunscreens will now be required to reduce the UVA rays as well.  Also the word ‘sun-block’ will no longer be allowed for use on the label because this is a complete exaggeration, or if you prefer – lie.  Also the word waterproof will no longer be allowed because all lotion will eventually lose its integrity.  The words ‘Broad Spectrum’ in addition to the SPF number will be required to show that the sunscreen slows UVA rays as well UVB.  These changes took place in June of 2012.

Dr. Gorham in his video that we have been referring to, Skin Cancer/Sunscreen – the Dilemma, shows that the chemicals used to slow UVA only works in the frequency range that is closer to the UVB.  It does not work in the more intense energy frequency range of UVA that is closer to the violet spectrum of visible light. This means that the slowing of the UVA energy by new ‘Broad Spectrum’ sunscreen may not be adequate to prevent skin cancer.  The visible spectrum then continues into the color ranges of indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange, and red.  To remember the light spectrum you may use the mnemonic name Roy G. Biv.  Of course going in shorter wavelength of spectrum you have UVA, UVB, UVC, x-rays, and gamma radiation.

My question is what happens to the energy of the UVA that is being slowed by the chemicals.  Does it re-radiate into the longer UVA wavelengths.  It is my belief that the only way the sunscreens will ever protect us is to have a lotion that will radiate the UV energy into the visible spectrum.  This would be a really ‘cool’ product as well as you could see the person glow in violet and indigo as they are exposed to UV radiation.  The kids would love this.  Let’s see how long before this suggestion finds its way onto the shelves.  Of course there are sunscreens that reflect the UV radiation with products that have either titanium dioxide or zinc oxide.  These typically look white on the skin and are not consider pleasing to the eye.  However, they may be even more effective than dark pigmented skin in preventing melanoma.  All UV reduction products prevent the formation of vitamin D!

Go play in the sun this summer and have great fun.  But please educate yourself to what sunscreen can do to you if you don’t know about how to use it.  You would be much better to be like Jack and Frank and never use it.  – Pandemic Survivor

Surviving Cancer with Vitamin D

My brother ran into his friend ‘Ann’ a couple of weeks ago.   If you recall, she was the focus of a post that I did in June 2009 – “A Tale of Two Women.”   Ann had ovarian cancer that was discovered in 2006.  She had been given two years to live because the cancer had been so aggressive.  Ann’s medical insurance had run out.  Ann had gone to bed to die with severe symptoms when my brother contacted me.  She started taking large amounts of vitamin D and other nutrients in which she was deficient.

She has now completely recovered and has got control of her children back from her former husband.  She has also found full time employment and seems to be doing well – symptom free.  Can we say definitively that she survive totally because of the nutrients that she took? – No.  However, why would you want to die nutrient deficient?  I do believe the main cause of her recovery was because of the prayer that was started by her mother for her recovery.  Whether it is dipping seven times into the water to heal leprosy or taking 50,000 IU of vitamin D3 per day for ninety days, God has a plan for all of us.

If you think about the recent announcement by Stanford University – an antibody that counters the antibody cancer cells put off to stop our immune systems from destroying cancer- why you not consider large amounts of vitamin D and large amounts of all the other nutrients to give our biology a chance?  The reason this has never been researched is there is no opportunity to patent a drug.  Why you would spend a bunch of money on research that was not going to result in a large profit.  Of course, that is what government funded research is supposed to do.  However, what institution would allow a project to go through research where the person was getting a combination of nutrients that was 5 to 10 times more that what was required per day?  “This is not medicine,” the institution would claim.

DO NOT DIE FROM ANY DISEASE WHILE BEING NUTRIENT DEFICIENT!  Food is medicine and so is modern science without the manipulation.  – Pandemic Survivor

”The light shines in the darkness but the darkness has not understood.”  – John 1:5 NIV