Surviving Cancer with Vitamin D

My brother ran into his friend ‘Ann’ a couple of weeks ago.   If you recall, she was the focus of a post that I did in June 2009 – “A Tale of Two Women.”   Ann had ovarian cancer that was discovered in 2006.  She had been given two years to live because the cancer had been so aggressive.  Ann’s medical insurance had run out.  Ann had gone to bed to die with severe symptoms when my brother contacted me.  She started taking large amounts of vitamin D and other nutrients in which she was deficient.

She has now completely recovered and has got control of her children back from her former husband.  She has also found full time employment and seems to be doing well – symptom free.  Can we say definitively that she survive totally because of the nutrients that she took? – No.  However, why would you want to die nutrient deficient?  I do believe the main cause of her recovery was because of the prayer that was started by her mother for her recovery.  Whether it is dipping seven times into the water to heal leprosy or taking 50,000 IU of vitamin D3 per day for ninety days, God has a plan for all of us.

If you think about the recent announcement by Stanford University – an antibody that counters the antibody cancer cells put off to stop our immune systems from destroying cancer- why you not consider large amounts of vitamin D and large amounts of all the other nutrients to give our biology a chance?  The reason this has never been researched is there is no opportunity to patent a drug.  Why you would spend a bunch of money on research that was not going to result in a large profit.  Of course, that is what government funded research is supposed to do.  However, what institution would allow a project to go through research where the person was getting a combination of nutrients that was 5 to 10 times more that what was required per day?  “This is not medicine,” the institution would claim.

DO NOT DIE FROM ANY DISEASE WHILE BEING NUTRIENT DEFICIENT!  Food is medicine and so is modern science without the manipulation.  – Pandemic Survivor

”The light shines in the darkness but the darkness has not understood.”  – John 1:5 NIV


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