Artful Addiction—Sugar, Flour, Insulin, Leptin

Leptin Insulin CartoonThe issue is that modern medicine does not determine if you are nutrient deficient.  Modern medicine is more interested in using drugs to give immediate relief and not the long-term solution of healing. And then, the side effects of the drugs kill you. The need for drugs must be driven by a large market of ill people. The sugar addiction/fat elimination has provided this opportunity.

When I was growing up on the farm, I used to eat five to eight thousand calories per day.  This was necessary for the long arduous hours spent in labor.  Most days were sixteen-hour days. With this high intake of calories, imagine the amount of nutrients that I was getting.  Of course, there was not any processed food.  It all came from our efforts in the garden, pasture, hunting, and fishing. Even the bread we ate came from the wheat that was grown on our farm. Our cash crop was tobacco, but my parents were smart enough to forbid us from using it.  In a sense, we were just like modern medicine in not embracing what gives us health. Instead, we embraced a healthy farm economy. America was founded on the income of tobacco and alcohol. (This link is an interesting story about the interaction of my family, over several generations, with alcohol. Published at the Dead Mule School of Southern Literature.)

In my ten thousand-or-so hours of research, I have found that we are all deficient in most minerals and vitamins. I, like Linus Pauling and Hippocrates (a couple of millenniums of understanding), have concluded that all chronic disease comes from nutrient deficiencies.  The number one chronic disease in the US is obesity. I am fat as a hog raised on molasses feed just waiting for the slaughter.  I’m am addicted to the evil of processed sugar in its many forms.  We have created this epidemic of chronic obesity though our efforts in reducing fat.  I don’t believe that the researchers thought fat was bad for us. I believe that the money derived from a sick population was very addictive. It takes a large sick population to have twenty percent of its gross domestic product to be from medicine.  (Simple explanation of how increased sugar intake produces more insulin which blocks leptin and causes us to eat too much by Dr. Robert Lustig, UCtv.)

We have recently discovered that insulin increase blocks our hey-we-are-full hormone, leptin.  We have found that eating any dense carbs and sugar increases appetite. How long have we known this bit of extremely important information for our health? Leptin suppression was useful when we were hunters and gatherers as we gained weight that allowed us to live through the lean times. The Inuit tribes knew best as their major calorie source was fat. Linus Pauling in the 1970s with his studies of prisoners (complete control of food source) knew that fat did not increase cholesterol, that sugar was the primary reason for the increase. 

Even though I’m a fat hog, my health is great. I did one of those test for actual age and came out at mid-thirties. Not bad for a sixty-six-year-old. It is all the vitamins and minerals that I use through supplementation. Now that I understand the insulin/leptin response, the avoidance of sugar and flour are prime in my diet.  However, this elimination of an addiction is going to be difficult.  I just recently went on the Whole30 diet and lost twelve pounds in a month. My body functioned just fine without addictive items.  In this diet, you eliminate grains, alcohol, dairy, and legumes for thirty days. I discovered that I was lactose intolerant during the trial. How many addictions and allergies do you have?  Stay tuned as I begin the journey of a healthy diet. –Pandemic Survivor (Can I escape the obesity epidemic? Present BMI 29.5 – 6-2, 230)

Living Phat in Mexico

No, not living at a resort in Cancun or on the Baja Peninsula, but a condition of the Mexican people – obesity and overweight.  Mexico has now overtaken the US as the most obese population in the world. How could this happen?

If you are a regular reader of this blog, you know that I got to the understanding of vitamin D deficiency by making a correlation between air conditioning and obesity.  When I looked for a cause and effect, I eliminated air conditioning as the cause immediately because I thought – how foolish.  Looks like the foolishness is truly on my part by not letting the facts show what is happening with obesity.  Yes it is true that process foods have a denser concentration in calories because of high fat and sugar contents.  These two components are added to make food irresistible to our appetites. But it is the environment that is making us fat.   Yes that is right, being cool and phat makes us fat.

So how did it happen that Mexico became the most obese population in the world?  In some things it is not good to be number one.  Here in the US, we are glad that someone has taken over the number one position.  In the research for the cause of obesity, not enough sleep has been shown to take a lead role in making us overweight.  Of course eating too many calories and not enough exercise is the primary reason.  Air conditioning causes us to do both of the former.  There have been numerous papers written about animals and how they get fatter when living in the comfort zone of temperature.

In Mexico in 1999, fifty-nine percent of women and fifty-five percent of men were either overweight or obese.  By 2011, the percentage had grown to over seventy percent.    In 1995 there was air conditioning in only ten percent of the homes.  In 2011 that number had grown to over eighty percent, edging very close to the eighty-seven percent that the US now claims.  The other amazing thing that happened in 1999 is that Mexicans observed their last official siesta.  That’s right, it was abolished by law.  This forced people to continue to work through their normal nap time and to work in the heat of the day in air conditioning instead of at night when the temperatures were cooler or a natural cycle.  I suspect that this also changed their eating habits.  “What Does It Mean to Be Comfortable?” – NY Times 12/15/13 

Just look at the anecdotal drive of the appetite in your environment.  I lost weight in the summer and gained it back in the winter before air conditioning.  When it was hot, my appetite was significantly reduced because eating made me hotter.  And the poor devils in Mexico also had their eating habits significantly changed by taken away officially sanctioned siestas.  This is to say nothing of sleep loss that was created.  And by-the-way, why in the heck would you want to exercise if you had a nice cool environment?  Getting hot and sweaty is very uncomfortable and you deserve to be comfortable because the government took away your siesta and forced you to spend money on air conditioning so that you could continue to work.

Yes living phat in the comfort zone will cause you to become overweight and perhaps obese.  I don’t have any suggestions unless you are willing to turn off or up the air conditioning.  Air conditioning not only has a direct correlation to obesity, it is the primary cause in the general population.  – Pandemic Survivor

Obesity and Chronic Disease – A Perfect Storm

Obesity has become a huge issue as the medical economy sees this as a threat to its existence.  That is there is more illness than the population can sustain.  At some point the health industry’s percentage of GDP will reach break point.  We are now close to twenty percent of GDP and I suspect very close to the break point.  So how did we get here?  It is very simple when we decided that nutrition cannot heal, treat, cure, or diagnose disease.  A well managed chronic disease state will fail as the overreach to sustain the economy loses control to biology.

  • Vitamin D Deficiency rages about as government science struggles for economic reasons on how to tell the population.
  • Our soils have become deplete of necessary magnesium and medicine has turned its head as there is no easy test to determine if the body has enough.
  • Iodine has been replaced with halogen confusion as the human body has become a toxic waste dump.  Bromine, a known carcinogen, and fluorine have been substituted for our body’s iodine requirements.  Fluorine has been put in our water supplies as a lie to give us better teeth because it is now a chemical used in a process and not a hazardous waste that needs disposal.
  • Sulfur has been ignored in its importance in our biological systems because it is ubiquitous in the body.  However, water sources have had the hardness removed thus removing the very sulfates that are essential for health.  This elimination of sulfates from our water supplies has reduced the body’s ability to create water soluble esters that take waste from our bodies.  This is to say nothing of the other biological importance of sulfur.
  • A misunderstanding of the importance of fats in our bodies has lead to very serious disease.
  • Other nutrients like vitamin C have been negated by the medical industry’s mantra – it’s just a vitamin!

By Henry Lahore Vitamin D Wiki with more on vitamin D, iodine, and magnesium

So then comes along obesity to destroy the perfect control that our science community felt it has over chronic disease to sustain its economy.  Obesity as an unsuspected consequence of genetically engineered wheat and air conditioning threatens to wreck the perfectly controlled system.  Sound like science fiction?  A science fiction that has made you just another laboratory test animal – and now we enter another episode of the Twilight Zone!  – Pandemic Survivor

The Cause of Obesity

Chill in the air sends excitement with goose bumps on the arms and warmth in the heart.  The first frost of October signals preparation of the smokehouse to receive the hickory wood for preservation of hams and shoulders.  After all, what would holidays or for that matter any winter morning be without the smell of fresh bacon cooking.  The thought of just cut tenderloin in hot homemade biscuits fosters  love in a warm household.  In the chilled morning air a large black iron kettle cracks and pops above the flickering fire as the fat is brought to a liquid state in preparation of lard.  The cracklings remains after the fat is removed are just begging to be placed in hot cornbread and hush puppies that will quiet even the most disturbed temperament.  Across the land the harvest is abundant as the above scene is played out many times with different types of food in anticipation of winter.

This historically has been and continues to be the inheritance of a successful nation.  An abundance of inexpensive food that has been processed over and over is now available as a replacement for a time when the family came together to bring in the harvest.  The chill in the air was all about the stimulation of appetite that is part of us just being mammals in anticipation of a hard cold winter.  Cold drives appetite.  With the introduction of air condition and food designed by profit hungry food companies to stimulate appetite, every morning is a chilled October morning.  This has been the condition of my house every since the first one I bought in the mid-seventies.  There was always appetite pleasing food and a cool ac environment, even on the hottest August day, you could hang meat for chilling.

For those of you who are regular readers, you know my discovery of being vitamin D deficient was stimulated by the finding there is a direct correlation between obesity and air conditioning in the US over the last fifty years.  I had always thought the correlation was driven by fat people who were hot and wanted to be cool.  As they became fatter they turned down the thermostat and installed more air condition for the comfort factor.  I then thought as a nation we had spent more time inside and the reduced vitamin D was the cause of obesity as it was plainly implicated in diabetes and metabolic syndrome.  However, it has been a “eureka” movement as I now believe air conditioning is directly responsible.  More air condition with unlimited amounts of chilled air drives an unlimited appetite.  Add to that processed food designed specifically to drive appetite after eating and you have an obese nation.

In those familiar words to scientists and engineers, a correlation does not mean causation.  However, without correlation there cannot be causation.  So how do we test this hypothesis that air conditioning has driven the obesity problem?  Of course an overweight nation seeking comfort will just immediately dismiss this as woo; defined by my European friend Henk Poley.  “Woo, a term used by scientific skeptics for pseudoscience, alternative medicine and New Age beliefs, or a person who holds such beliefs.” So if you want to test this woo yourself and need to shed a few pounds this summer then turn up your thermostat or just turn off the AC and open the window.  Hot, sweaty, thin, and healthy?  – Pandemic Survivor

Solving Obesity – Magnesium

Taking one substance will not make you well either nutrient or pharmaceutical.  Having a complete balanced nutritional diet will go a long way to protect you against the many intrusions to health.  Environmental factors that we deal with whether man made or natural occurrences can create serious disease issues regardless of how healthy you are and how well you maintain nutrition.  In general if you consume a diet that is an abundance of vegetables, fruits, nuts, and enough protein and fats (please note grains in moderation) you will be among the healthiest.  Not having enough of the nutrients that our bodies require will lead to disease states whether there are environmental factors or not.

In my many years of researching the essential nutrients, I have found that the balance of the nutrients is the necessity for health. These items work together in ways that are so complex that we most likely will never be able to completely define all the interactions.  However, there are some essentials that we do not get with our present diets in the US.  These are vitamin C, vitamin D, iodine, and magnesium.  You can add potassium to this list if you do not eat enough leafy green vegetables.

Magnesium is extremely important in our biological reactions.  There are more than 350 biological reactions that magnesium has been identified with.  I believe that two of the most important are the control of cellular membrane potential and magnesium as the molecule of choice for our energy storage – ADP to ATP.

About twenty five percent of the energy that is used for our bodies is the balance of calcium and magnesium and another twenty five percent is for potassium and sodium balance.  This leads directly to how important the minerals are for maintaining a healthy weight.  These important ions maintain the body electrochemical functions.  If we are deficient in any of these then the ‘body electric’ starts to short circuit.  I know an unusual term to describe what is going on with biological health but yet very accurate.

The balance of these minerals is extremely important for the electrical function of the heart.  The heart is made up of over sixty percent neural cells just like what is found in the brain.  These cells function through a cascade of reversing potentials by a balance inside and outside various membranes of potassium, sodium, magnesium, and calcium.  Magnesium deficiency is one of the leading causes of sudden heart failure in young healthy adults.

Magnesium can be used up at a significant rate when you become vitamin D replete.  It is extremely important to be sure to get enough magnesium when increasing your vitamin D levels.

How much magnesium is ill defined but falls in a range of 2.5 to 4.5 mg per pound of body weight per day.  The good thing about supplementing with magnesium is that you reach bowel tolerance before you reach a level that is too much for the body.  Magnesium is an excellent laxative.  Nuts and beans appear to be the richest in magnesium of anything that we consume. A quarter cup of almonds contains 99 mg of magnesium and 257 mg of potassium.

For more information on magnesium check this nutritionist website:

For the science this excellent website shows the diseases and gives you an opportunity to review the many papers on magnesium:

Solving Obesity – Vitamin D

The resources on vitamin D and obesity are long and deep.  Getting your serum level to that of a sunny country will not magically make your weight fall off.  As we begin to review the obesity issues we listed many causes.  Vitamin D is just one of those.  If you turn off your air conditioning and allow yourself to feel the extremes of temperature during the summer you most likely will not desire as much food.  I have tried this and it works. However, I also enjoy being comfortable.  There are many papers on cows and pigs and how to fatten them by controlling the temperature of their environment.  I do believe that both temperature driving appetite and not being outside during the highest incidence of UVB radiation both lead to increased weight gain.  Think about as the temperature cools in the fall, Americans consume more calories in October than any other month of the year.  I have always written this off to a natural instinct to build food storage for the winter that is driven by temperature, but also may be driven by falling vitamin D levels.  Air conditioning gives you both of these environmental effects.

The storage form of vitamin D, calcidiol, 25(OH)D, stores in all tissue in your body.  As you become more obese the amount of vitamin D per weight decreases because you have not increased your production and\or intake of vitamin D.  The reduction of vitamin D levels because of obesity puts you at significant risk for all diseases.

People, who are trying to lose weight, typically, do not ‘plateau’ if they are vitamin D replete.  Vitamin D directly combats metabolic syndrome so if you have been suffering from this there is hope.  I personally know four people that were type II diabetic that after taking enough vitamin D to get their serum level above 60 ng/ml found that they did not suffer the munches.  They have all lost more than 30 lbs.  Only one fines that it is still necessary to take the diabetic med.  If you have type II diabetes and want to try this then be sure to work with your doctor.

I would suggest that you have your doctor read this paper by Dr. Heaney – Vitamin D requirements in health and disease This paper shows how calcium absorption flattens and blood sugar is blunted at serum 25(OH) D levels above 32 ng/ml.  If you are extremely obese, it may take a significant amount of vitamin D to get you to a healthy level.

Here is a link to Pub Med for the medical research from the Vitamin D Council:

On the lighter side, you may enjoy this group of graduate students as they perform the dance of Vitamin D and Beta cells.  I really like this because I know this group of future vitamin D researchers gets it!

Henry LaHore in a recent email, offered this info on vitamin D and obesity:

Studies so far disagree about losing weight by taking vitamin D without low calorie diet, etc.

Obese have decreased bioavalability of vitamin D – 2000 PDF

Clinical Trials of Obesity and Vitamin D

Clinical Trials for Weight Loss and Vitamin D

Henry Lahore has 2000+ Vitamin D files – subscribe to news in some/all categories, get latest vitamin D news from web, etc.

Well there you have more than you would ever want to read about vitamin D and obesity.  Turn off your air conditioning and spend some time outside this summer.  You may find you sweat more than you want but it will make you less hungry.  – Pandemic Survivor

Solving Obesity – Iodine

Of the several nutrients in which we are deficient, iodine should be high your list as one to be concerned with.  When consuming large amounts of vitamin A your serum vitamin D reduces as the body uses it with vitamin A.  A similar thing happens with iodine and vitamin D levels.  Here is an interesting article to give you pause: Vitamin D / Iodine

There are number of great articles on iodine and I would suggest that you read all three of these articles:

Michael B Schachter MD  –

Donald W. Miller, Jr. MD –

William Davis MD –

The path of iodine has gone a similar way as the path of vitamin D.  There is no profit in a very inexpensive nutrient and analogs are not easy to develop.  However, with iodine, the use of meds to control the thyroid has been reasonably successful, certainly for profit.

The reason that the amount of daily iodine requirement is so low as specified by the government is because of concern of shutting down the thyroid.  I believe this response in the thyroid is because the iodine depletes the levels of vitamin D and this causes the thyroid to shut down.

The balance of iodine, magnesium, vitamin D, calcium, potassium, sodium, vitamin B, vitamin C, and vitamin A is a magical dance that occurs in the body and when you get it right your body celebrates.

Iodine is necessary to make the hormones in the thyroid that control your body temperature and energy production.  Not only are these hormones essential for energy, they are also powerful neurotransmitters and help you from getting depressed or becoming manic.

I will not even comment on how much iodine that you should take as this is really yet to be determined.  I do believe that about 35 to 40 IU per pound of body weight for vitamin D is correct.  I am sure there is a correct level for iodine but it has been difficult to determine what that level is.  One hundred fifty micrograms is too low as a total intake.  I suspect that twenty five milligrams is too high as a total intake.  The Japanese on average get around 12 mg per day of iodine because of the amount of seafood and kelp that they eat.

Dr. Davis has reported that two of his patients has toxicity issues when taking 12.5 milligrams iodine per day.

I will simply tell you what I have done and then you will have to make your own decisions.  I tried to build my iodine stores to reasonable levels by taking two milligrams everyday for a year.  I was not replete until I took 50 mg a day of Iodoral for two weeks and then to taking one of the 12.5 mg tablets per day.  Please note that I am a large guy at 228 pounds. Yes, that is right if you have been following my weight loss – down twelve pounds.

As the halides that were improper in my body started to resolve, I did note some reddish sores develop on my shoulders and back.  This is from the fluorine, chlorine, and bromine that the body has used because I was not getting enough iodine.  These eruptions disappeared after several days.  I also noticed that some fatty lumps that I had under my skin have also disappeared.  I would suppose this is because iodine is significant in promoting cellular apoptosis or cellular death when a particular cell is no longer required by the body.  Not giving iodine to cancer patients is outrageous as it is significant in stopping tumor growth.

If you currently have thyroid issues that you are controlling with meds then be very careful in supplementing with iodine.  The thyroid hormones are so powerful in their effects on the brain and mind, that it will literally drive you crazy if you get the balance wrong.  Work very closely with your endocrinologist as you try to reduce your meds with iodine, magnesium, and vitamin D supplementation.  The thyroid meds will have to be adjusted to keep a proper balance.  If your doctor does not want to work with you and just keep you on the meds then find another doctor.

Death is an essential part of life when cells have reached their end.   – Pandemic Survivor

Solving Obesity – Wheat

I am happy to report that since I have given up wheat and sugar that I have lost a total of eight pounds as of the past Monday, June 28 (three weeks).  This is especially amazing as I have had a series of family get together’s over a three week period and ate everything that was presented.  Especially, since I consumed most all of the desserts.  One out of town wedding lasted for four days.  It is important when on a diet or eliminating foods that you do not insult anyone including yourself during special events.

I did not come up with the wheat thing on my own.  I thought when I first read about this from Dr. William Davis, cardiologist, The Heart Scan Blog, that surely wheat was not that bad of an actor.  I was wrong.  I have also noticed that my mind clears on days that I am completely wheat free.  I also noticed that my vision is significantly better since I have stopped eating wheat.  I have noticed as well that I have less anxiety about everyday life.  Dr. Davis reports that the wheat we eat today is not the same as wheat that was consumed two thousand years ago.  The significant difference is in the amount of protein.  The old wheat was about 40 percent protein and today’s modern varieties are about fifteen percent protein.  That is a huge difference. When you throw in modern processing of flour with the fiber removed and bleached; then, it becomes a real ‘killer’.

Here is a link to Dr. Davis blog, The Heart Scan Blog.  This link is for his Posts on Wheat.  If you know someone with heart disease, please tell them about this site.  You may save their life.

Who would think that wheat is this bad of an actor?  We are indeed doing ourselves long term damage by consuming products that are modified to make the large agricultural companies more profitable.  The other thing that you should know about wheat and bread is that the US is the only country in the world to allow bromine as potassium bromate to be used.  The bromate replaced iodine in the bread to stabilize the cell walls that are formed when the bread rises.  This happens by the bromate affecting the protein in the bread.  Bromine and fluorine are bad actors in blocking iodine receptors in particular if you are iodine deficient.  But that is a topic for next blog.  The reason that bromine is band is that it has been found to be cancer forming.  Now why would the FDA continue to allow this toxin to be used when the US is the only country in the world that allows it?  Our tax dollars at work!

Okay, imagine that I was vitamin D deficient, iodine deficient, and magnesium deficient.  All of these directly affect the workings of mitochondria or our energy engines in each cell.  Next up is iodine.

Skinnier in the Sun – Pandemic Survivor

Solving Obesity – Fiber

Fiber is significantly important to the digestive system.  One of the things that I should mention here is that vitamin D seems to have significance to the bowel at lower levels of vitamin D.  The lining of the bowels are made of similar cells to skin cells.  What we have done to our digestive systems is truly egregious.  We have removed the fiber from our foods and then starved our systems of sunlight and ultimately vitamin D.

Here is a brief list of benefits of fiber:

  • Normalizes bowel movements – insoluble fiber
  • Maintains integrity of the bowel – insoluble fiber
  • Controls blood sugar levels – soluble fiber
  • Lowers cholesterol levels – soluble fiber
  • Aids in weight loss – soluble fiber

Please read the Mayo Clinic page for the full benefits of fiber.

The thing that you should recognize immediately from this list is that excess cholesterol levels are related to how much sugar you eat and absorb and not to dietary fat.  I know that this is different than what you have heard all of your life but medicine is slowly changing while trying to save face.

I do not know the mechanisms, but when you eat fruit with fiber like whole fruit you do not absorb as much of the fructose in the fruit as when the fiber has been removed.  Drinking fruit juices with the fiber removed is dangerous to your health.  If you watch the video from my previous post on sugar by Dr. Lustig, Sugar: The Bitter Truth – UC television, you can appreciate the way he has you remember the importance of fiber. It is “fat or fart”.

It seems that one of the reasons that dietary fiber has been removed is that it adds to significant flatulence.  That is the reason when you eat beans that you have a lot more gas.  The bacteria in our guts that digest dietary fiber become active and create this gas.  It is typically methane gas or the worst of the greenhouse gasses.  That is the reason that Al Gore wants to shot all of our cows.  Just kidding!  The other reason that dietary fiber has been removed is that it adds to bulk which makes the shipment of foods more expensive.

So there you are with your glass of apple juice or orange juice with the dietary fiber removed and eating your white bread sandwich that also has the dietary fiber removed.  I hate to think about all of those meals that I feed my kids when they were growing up that was made of the above fiber-less foods.  I could have just given them a beer and whole wheat pretzels and it would have been as healthy.

It also seems that fiber helps our bodies to know when we have had enough food.  The fiber in food somehow aids the lepton signal to the brain to say, ‘ hey dude, you have had enough’.  I do not know if this is from bulk or from some other mechanism.  It was mentioned in Dr. Lustig’s video.

So, today it is beans for me, no wheat or sugar, and lots of sunshine and maybe some flatulence.  – Pandemic Survivor

Solving Obesity – Sugar and Corn Syrup

If not for the large amount of sugar in the American diet, I suspect there would be no obesity.  Of course some sugar is a really good thing if it is in whole fruit.  Okay, so you want to put a tablespoon of sugar into that large pot of green beans and that is probably okay as well (and if you are cooking then for me throw in a piece of bacon too).  It is not only the large of amount of sugar that we consume but also the type of sugar.  High fructose corn syrup is destroying our metabolic systems.

The FDA approved HFSC to be used as a sweetener because it is generally regarded as safe or GRAS. It is sugar, how could it be bad?  No tests were made on HFCS, because it is made from corn that we consume regularly. The problem with consuming concentrated corn syrup is that our bodies are not made to take in these large amounts of fructose without fiber being present as in an apple.

It turns out that HFSC is processed by the liver and one of its major end products is uric acid.  Large amounts of uric acid are not good for you.  It can lead to gout which is an inflammation of the joints.  If that was all that it did maybe we could live with it.  However uric acid causes inflammation in all parts of the body.

Okay, first how is sugar processed in the body?  I could try to explain, but if you want a real explanation then watch this youtube video of Dr. Robert Lustig, UCSF Professor of Pediactrics in the Division of Endocrinology.  He is very thorough and you most likely will not ever eat HFCS after watching the video.  It turns out that the two things that can make your uric acid high are HFCS and beer.  His comment is that a can of HFCS sweetened soda causes just as much uric acid formation as a can of beer.  So what do you want to give your six year old, a can of soda or a can of beer?  They do equal damage to the liver.  Here is the link to the you tube video: Sugar: The Bitter Truth – UC television

The other thing that uric acid does to you is that it drives up your blood pressure.  I suspect since it promotes inflammation that it is also responsible for allergic response.  Uric acid triggers your immune system to respond. Here is an interview by Dr. Mercola of Dr. Richard Johnson author of the Sugar Fix.  You will be startled at his findings on what happens with uric acid in the body.  Here is the link to Dr. Mercola’s website: This common food ingredient is as addictive as cocaine?

It has been three days since I started the diet and I have already lost two pounds.  I guess by body just does not retain water when I do not eat sugar and wheat.  I have also noticed a remarkable clearing of my mind – no sluggishness.    Keep those bacon and eggs coming!     – Pandemic Survivor