Protein for Health

Proteins are the building blocks for your body. It allows the enzymes to work properly. Protein is also required to allow proper sleep at night because it controls the melatonin/tryptophan cycle for your circadian rhythms. Protein is responsible for all your DNA/RNA functioning. You can live without carbohydrates but not without fat and protein. This is demonstrated in the way that the Inuit or natives above the Arctic Circle survived in cold climates by eating meat and fat from seals, whales, and polar bear. The Inuit also ate the organ meats which was the primary source of their vitamins.

I do believe that lack of protein may be the reason that we are so fat. Carbohydrates give us energy and vitamins and minerals. However, large quantities of carbs will make you fat because of the high calorie content from sugar. Let’s say you get up in the morning and eat what is commonly considered a healthy breakfast meal of cereal.   A serving of Frosted Mini-Wheat’s, 1.8 oz. serving (24 biscuits) has 180 calories, 4 grams (g) protein. In addition you have a cup of orange juice. This is about 111 calories with only 1.7g of protein. At lunch you have a Subway Chicken Teriyaki with spinach salad.   This gives you 220 calories and 27 grams of protein. You have eaten well and only consumed 511 calories. For diner you decide to have steak with mash potatoes, a salad, and garlic bread. The six ounces of meat is about 42 grams of protein. With lean and fat that is 438 calories. The 1-1/2 cup of mash potatoes is about 305 calories and 5.7 grams of protein. You also have two slices of garlic bread for 412 calories and 9.8 grams of protein. The mixed green salad with tomatoes, cumber, onions, green pepper, and dressing is 171 calories and 2g protein.

You add up the total and you have had about 1800 calories or what you believe is just right for a 150 lb. forty year old person. This is enough for your BMR calorie requirement. Your activity requirement is 500 calories because you have a desk job or are otherwise sedentary. You make this up by having snacks throughout the day that are primarily carbs and adds only 6 grams of protein. You total up your protein to find that you have 98 grams. How much protein should you have? Most health sites list protein at least 1/2 gram per pound of body weight or 75 to 85 grams as a minimum requirement. You have accomplished a great day of nutrition by most standards. But who do you know that eats that healthy.

Another typical day and you have two pieces of wheat toast with jelly and a glass of orange juice. 350 calories and 2 grams of protein. You have a McDonald’s Quarter Pound with cheese meal for lunch with a coke. 520 plus 29 grams protein, fries 230, 2 g protein, 16 oz. coke 140 calorie. For diner: 6 oz. chili beans with cheese for 740 calories and 24 grams of protein and corn chips 2 oz. for 280 calories and 4g protein. This gives you 2260 calories and 61 g of protein. You don’t feel well. You did have an adequate amount of calories. You worked out extra hard at the gym to burn off the fat and sugar and your muscles are aching and yet you still feel hungry. Why? It would seem that you had enough protein since you ate meat and cheese at two meals. However, you did not get the minimum requirement of protein. If you eliminated the toast for breakfast and had ham and eggs without the bread, you would have done fine even with all the sugar consumption at lunch.

The total protein and fat requirement is more important than the amount of calories that you eat. The above example with adequate protein from a breakfast of ham and eggs would have allowed you to feel stronger during your workout and the recovery would have been quicker. Also, you most likely would have slept and felt well.

The minimum requirement of protein is extremely important to how you feel. Getting the correct amount of vitamins and minerals is also very important. I went for a year eating junk food to see what it did to my lipids. I did gain a significant amount of weight. I ignored the amount of fat that I ate. However, my lipids, cholesterol and triglycerides were all normal with adequate protein, vitamins, and minerals. This is amazing since before getting an adequate amount of protein, enough minerals and especially vitamin D3, I had cholesterol as high as 140 and my triglycerides were as high as 700. Do not attempt this!

To better understand the requirements of protein, I would suggest that you visit to determine your protein requirements.  All about protein.

Reduce the amount of carbohydrates to control calories, especially sugar from all sources. Get an adequate amount of protein and fat. Remember the suggested values for protein are minimums. If you are very active, stressed, or over sixty, you may require higher amounts of protein. Of course if you have kidney disease, follow your doctor’s instructions for protein consumption. Also, be sure you are getting enough vitamins and minerals, especially vitamin D3. My path to wellness included getting the correct amounts of protein and fat in addition to vitamins and minerals.   – Pandemic Survivor


Things You Should Know

In this blog, I have clearly established that the US continues to have the best acute medical practice in the world. However, when it comes to chronic disease, the US ranks about 50th in the world based on life expectancy. The policies in medicine adopted by government are to maintain the largest segment of the economy without regard for the damage that it is doing to the population’s health or “markets before mandates.” We spend twice as much per capita than Canada or the United Kingdom for health with significantly lower life expectancy. The question then becomes, where else are such policies adopted.

Energy – The Second Largest Economic Segment

Energy is used to drive the best taxation of the population and stable monetary flows without regard for developing science that would significantly change consumer perspectives. There are multiple levels of technology available that will astound you. Consider carbon chemistry. We are limiting the use of coal because of claims that climate change is caused by burning carbon fuels. It makes it difficult to believe when man’s contribution to the carbon cycle is only three percent. Carbon monoxide accounts for four percent of green house gases. Three percent times four percent means that man’s contribution to greenhouse gases is only 0.12 percent of green house gases from carbon monoxide production from energy use.

We have large stores of natural gas that can be converted directly to gasoline. This means that the raw material cost of a gallon of gasoline based on natural gas is about $0.40 per gallon as opposed to crude at $100.00 per barrel or about $2.00 per gallon raw material cost. There was a proposed facility in Ohio for almost 3 million gallons per day that the Obama administration pulled support from in 2009. It would be easy to produce gasoline from our large natural gas stores at under $2.00 per gallon at the pump. This process also requires carbon monoxide, so putting natural gas to gasoline next to a coal fired electric plant would be very advantageous.

Cold fusion or low energy nuclear reactions have shown to be viable technologies. Both Lawrence Livermore labs and the Navy labs have shown this process to be real. I read one article with a picture of a NASA researcher holding a module about the size of an apple. His statement was that the module could be the source of energy for a fifty gallon residential water heater. Is the Navy already using cold fusion in its nuclear drives for submarines? Think about how long the navy used fission nuclear drives for its submarines before the general public knew.

Dark energy and Dark mater make up about 96% of the universe. We cannot see it, touch it, or detect it by any common means. The only reason that we know it exist is because the expansion of the universe continues to accelerate. There are several entities that have patients on how to convert this energy directly for use as heat and electricity. This information is being suppressed for ‘national security’ reasons. Consider this documentary for the 1990’s by the BBC: It Runs on Water.  Energy technology review:  Infinite Energy Magazine

Stanley Meyer had sold his technology to NASA and died suddenly in a restaurant when negotiating with the EU for their use of the technology. US law states that any technology that could affect national security should remain secret and the inventor cannot even discuss it without being put in jail or tried for treason.

Stanley Meyer’s technology included a device that made hydrogen from water. This included a module that could be added to motor vehicles that replaced the need for gasoline. It would allow the vehicle to operate on water with over unity energy. The vehicle ran on hydrogen produced from water that converted back to water after combustion in the engine. Imagine what would happen if we had unlimited energy for the cost of capital. Our freedom would be excessive; government control of the individual would be significantly limited.

Are there other technologies that are being suppressed for economic reasons? The answer is a loud astonishing yes! Consider what happened to me. I was selling water source heat pumps in the early ‘90’s. I suggested to the director of marketing for Duke Energy that they should promote water source heat pumps to reduce their need for new generation facilities. The director promptly stated that they had reviewed water source heat pumps. His concern was that they did not only reduce the peak demand, but would cut total production of energy. I told him I understood the economics and that I would install water source heat pumps in my home and publish the results for my company’s marketing purposes.   The next day when mowing the yard, I noticed the seal on the electrical service meter had been cut and was on the ground. A new seal was placed on the meter. When my monthly electrical bill came, it was only $15 versus the average of over $150. This low monthly rate went on for fifteen years until telemetry for metering was put in place. I was paid off to the amount of $25,000 to not put in water source heat pumps. I did not mention the discrepancy to Duke and Duke never said anything about it. How many ways does this silencing of technology permeate our economics? – Pandemic Survivor

Amazing Media Reports or Popular Press Propaganda

This Labor Day weekend, I was alarmed by the media reports about life extension and supplements and a new drug development. First the new drug development that startled me as it sounded a lot like a vitamin D analog.

I was watching Fox News on Monday morning. Yes I know, if you have a liberal political persuasion you have already labeled me and not consider reading further. There was an interview with a doctor about a new drug that would significantly reduce heart disease and also significantly reduce all-cause mortality. It will likely be approved by the end of the year. This sounds a very fast track. A very fast track is a good thing if there are no side effects, a low number needed to treat, NNT, and we can put an end to heart disease. The drug had not been named which was another surprise to me. What really got me going was the description of how it acted. Here is the print article from Fox News.

It was not only reported to reduce heart disease, it was also stated that it would significantly increase life expectancy. Why was I alarmed? It sounded like vitamin D3. First there was the interview with a Dr. Joseph Prendergast from about 2007 where he reported that he had been extremely successful in treating heart disease with vitamin D3 and L-arginine. He said in the interview that he had been so successful that a three physician cardiology practice in the same town that he practice had moved to another town because of lack of business. He had treated more than four thousand patients. Then there is the description by Dr. William Davis, a cardiologist and author of the book “Wheat Belly”, that claims in his practice there are not anymore emergency calls from his patients. He says that he used a variety of nutrients with Vitamin D being a very important one. And then I remembered all the published papers on how vitamin D3 significantly reduces heart disease collected by Henry Lahore at VitaminDWiki.    Cardiovascular Disease  Also the many articles at the Vitamin D Council related to cardiovascular disease and vitamin D3.  And on and on.

What is more alarming is the NNT, before a positive outcome, the prevention of death. “About 32 people would need to be treated with the new drug to prevent one death from heart-related causes. “ This description does not sound as if the drug is effective as just plain vitamin D3 that can be purchased over the counter. This sounds significantly different that the experience of Dr. Prendergast and Dr. Davis and the multiple of medical papers published on the subject.   As a society, are we so set in maintaining the medical economy that doctors cannot tell people that vitamin D is very significant in the course of heart disease? When other specific nutrients are added and changes in diet, heart disease could be a thing of the past.

The second report was on CBS 60 Minutes. They had a segment on research with the aging of what extended life and what did not. It was very educational and interesting until Leslie Stahl asked about supplements. The answer was no, there was not any significant reduction of death with supplements. She then asked a much scripted question. No help from vitamin E? No. No help with vitamin A, vitamin B, and vitamin C. No. No help with a multiple vitamin? No. Notice the order of vitamins not to take the listener to vitamin D as they were not in alphabetical order. Also note that the question was not asked about vitamin D. There was a bottle of vitamin D3 plainly on display in the cabinet. Plainly getting the viewer to believe that vitamin D3 has no affect without stating. Subliminal communication at its best! There are papers stating that life expectancy could be extended by seven or more years with higher levels of vitamin D3? Mortality and Vitamin D3

Propaganda delivered at its very best! – Pandemic Survivor