Solving Obesity – Fiber

Fiber is significantly important to the digestive system.  One of the things that I should mention here is that vitamin D seems to have significance to the bowel at lower levels of vitamin D.  The lining of the bowels are made of similar cells to skin cells.  What we have done to our digestive systems is truly egregious.  We have removed the fiber from our foods and then starved our systems of sunlight and ultimately vitamin D.

Here is a brief list of benefits of fiber:

  • Normalizes bowel movements – insoluble fiber
  • Maintains integrity of the bowel – insoluble fiber
  • Controls blood sugar levels – soluble fiber
  • Lowers cholesterol levels – soluble fiber
  • Aids in weight loss – soluble fiber

Please read the Mayo Clinic page for the full benefits of fiber.

The thing that you should recognize immediately from this list is that excess cholesterol levels are related to how much sugar you eat and absorb and not to dietary fat.  I know that this is different than what you have heard all of your life but medicine is slowly changing while trying to save face.

I do not know the mechanisms, but when you eat fruit with fiber like whole fruit you do not absorb as much of the fructose in the fruit as when the fiber has been removed.  Drinking fruit juices with the fiber removed is dangerous to your health.  If you watch the video from my previous post on sugar by Dr. Lustig, Sugar: The Bitter Truth – UC television, you can appreciate the way he has you remember the importance of fiber. It is “fat or fart”.

It seems that one of the reasons that dietary fiber has been removed is that it adds to significant flatulence.  That is the reason when you eat beans that you have a lot more gas.  The bacteria in our guts that digest dietary fiber become active and create this gas.  It is typically methane gas or the worst of the greenhouse gasses.  That is the reason that Al Gore wants to shot all of our cows.  Just kidding!  The other reason that dietary fiber has been removed is that it adds to bulk which makes the shipment of foods more expensive.

So there you are with your glass of apple juice or orange juice with the dietary fiber removed and eating your white bread sandwich that also has the dietary fiber removed.  I hate to think about all of those meals that I feed my kids when they were growing up that was made of the above fiber-less foods.  I could have just given them a beer and whole wheat pretzels and it would have been as healthy.

It also seems that fiber helps our bodies to know when we have had enough food.  The fiber in food somehow aids the lepton signal to the brain to say, ‘ hey dude, you have had enough’.  I do not know if this is from bulk or from some other mechanism.  It was mentioned in Dr. Lustig’s video.

So, today it is beans for me, no wheat or sugar, and lots of sunshine and maybe some flatulence.  – Pandemic Survivor


Thursday Musings

When I weighed in this past Monday, I had lost three pounds on my no sugar, no wheat diet.  This is amazing as I had cheated because of family gatherings.  Not bad for the first week.  Next up for review is fiber in the diet.


I noticed that sunscreen is starting to get some congressional scrutiny.   I guess Senator Schumer is starting to smell the money in the possible fines that they can collect from the sunscreen industry.  As we have discussed before, people just can’t seem to get of that withholding vitamin D is the cause of the cancer increase and not the adding of something to the body.  Of course the dermatologists have had a negative response to Senator Schumer’s comments because they have made a zillion dollars from the sunscreen lie.  Sunscreen has its purpose, but improperly used and it is the ‘death nail’.

Reuters News Release:

Time Blog with negative response by dermatologist:

I do not believe that Senator Schumer mentioned the fact that the FDA and FTC lost in court in their effort to change the marketing and labeling on sunscreen and sun block in 2000.  The lead council for the sunscreen lobby was John Roberts who is now chief justice of the Supreme Court.  mmmMM?


I think that we should offer an ‘idiot’ award for the worst science ever.  I noticed that a consortium (SUNLIGHT Consortium – Study of Underlying Genetic Determinants of Vitamin D and Highly Related Traits) (Sunlight is their acronym but I believe that darkness would have been better) has published a paper that says you are vitamin D deficient because of your genes.  In the famous words of Dr. House – IDIOTS.  It is not three or four names on the list of authors, there are 77 names on the title line.  Let the lemmings march toward the sea.  Everyone is doing it so it must be okay.  Just because you are in a herd of psychotic horses running toward a barn that is on fire does not make it right.

Here is the Lancet paper so that you can see for yourself:

Okay, so you are held hostage in a dark basement and have not been given any food for days and it is your genetics that is making you hungry – IDIOTS.

Here is the news article:

The thing that really comes to mind when I read this news article is, ‘Do not take me to court because I have lied to you about the vitamin D that you need for fifty years, it is your genes that is the problem.’

I just told my wife that I cannot take out the garbage because I have a genetic defect toward handling garbage cans.  Living easy in the sun with new roads to travel on my gene map  – Pandemic Survivor

Solving Obesity – Sugar and Corn Syrup

If not for the large amount of sugar in the American diet, I suspect there would be no obesity.  Of course some sugar is a really good thing if it is in whole fruit.  Okay, so you want to put a tablespoon of sugar into that large pot of green beans and that is probably okay as well (and if you are cooking then for me throw in a piece of bacon too).  It is not only the large of amount of sugar that we consume but also the type of sugar.  High fructose corn syrup is destroying our metabolic systems.

The FDA approved HFSC to be used as a sweetener because it is generally regarded as safe or GRAS. It is sugar, how could it be bad?  No tests were made on HFCS, because it is made from corn that we consume regularly. The problem with consuming concentrated corn syrup is that our bodies are not made to take in these large amounts of fructose without fiber being present as in an apple.

It turns out that HFSC is processed by the liver and one of its major end products is uric acid.  Large amounts of uric acid are not good for you.  It can lead to gout which is an inflammation of the joints.  If that was all that it did maybe we could live with it.  However uric acid causes inflammation in all parts of the body.

Okay, first how is sugar processed in the body?  I could try to explain, but if you want a real explanation then watch this youtube video of Dr. Robert Lustig, UCSF Professor of Pediactrics in the Division of Endocrinology.  He is very thorough and you most likely will not ever eat HFCS after watching the video.  It turns out that the two things that can make your uric acid high are HFCS and beer.  His comment is that a can of HFCS sweetened soda causes just as much uric acid formation as a can of beer.  So what do you want to give your six year old, a can of soda or a can of beer?  They do equal damage to the liver.  Here is the link to the you tube video: Sugar: The Bitter Truth – UC television

The other thing that uric acid does to you is that it drives up your blood pressure.  I suspect since it promotes inflammation that it is also responsible for allergic response.  Uric acid triggers your immune system to respond. Here is an interview by Dr. Mercola of Dr. Richard Johnson author of the Sugar Fix.  You will be startled at his findings on what happens with uric acid in the body.  Here is the link to Dr. Mercola’s website: This common food ingredient is as addictive as cocaine?

It has been three days since I started the diet and I have already lost two pounds.  I guess by body just does not retain water when I do not eat sugar and wheat.  I have also noticed a remarkable clearing of my mind – no sluggishness.    Keep those bacon and eggs coming!     – Pandemic Survivor

Vitamin D Buyer – Beware

It seems that there was a recent test of over-the-counter, OTC, vitamin D that was presented at a meeting for the Consortium of Multiple Sclerosis Centers and America’s Committee on Treatment and Research in Multiple Sclerosis.  Neurologists typically have their patients with MS take at least 4000 IU of D3 per day.  The samples were collected both from drug stores and online.  Here is the article. From MedPage Today.  The samples had an average value of vitamin D that was 33% of what the labels stated.

As I mentioned on a prior post, there was a problem that was recognized by Dr. William Davis with his cardiologist patients not getting enough vitamin D when using a brand that was purchased at Walgreens.  Link to that post here.

As I have discussed many times, the only way that you know if you are getting enough vitamin D is to have your serum tested.  Once you have established a brand that keeps your serum level ‘like a sunny country’, stick to that brand.  If you decide to change brands, then you need to test.  I use a product that is made by Bio Tech Pharmacal.     –  Pandemic Survivor

Solving Obesity

I think it is possible to bring our population back to a reasonable average weight.  However, the multinational food companies are really not going to help you get there.  You have to take responsibility for what goes onto your table for you and your family.

As you know, I discovered vitamin D for health by making a correlation between obesity and central air conditioning in homes.  Vitamin D deficiency certainly helps if you have metabolic syndrome, or have reached a plateau in weight loss.  However, I do not believe that this is the prime cause.  There are a number of things that have been touted.  I will try to list them in the order of the worst offenders.

  • High fructose corn syrup and general over consumption of processed sugar in all forms.  In the 1600’s we consumed sugar at a rate of less than 10 lbs per person to recent estimates of 150+ lbs per person per year.
  • Diet that is composed primary of carbohydrates with the fiber removed.  Fiber is significant in that it helps you feel full and allows lepton to signal your brain that you are full.  Wheat products that were 40% protein 2000 years ago are now at about 15% protein.
  • Iodine deficiency which prevents the thyroid form acting properly in its function of controlling the metabolism.
  • Vitamin D deficiency.  Vitamin D is the prime driver for your endocrine system.
  • Magnesium deficiency.  Magnesium is the cation of choice for over 300 enzymes in the body.  Enzymes are those things that act like catalyst in biological reactions.  Magnesium is also the cation of choice for your energy compounds, ADP and ATP.
  • Commercial advertising of food when you are trying to maintain a healthy balance.  This particularly bad for emotional eaters – looking for the insulin rush.

Over the next several weeks we will explore each of these factors that are responsible for your weight control.  When I started supplementing with vitamin D, my weight was fairly stable at about 215 lbs.  I really had to keep it in control because if I gained weight it would cause significant pain in my back.  Now that the back pain is gone I have consumed recklessly because I could without having the pain.   I now come in at a nice plump 240 lbs.  At six foot two inches, and a large muscular frame, I carry the weight well.  However, I know that I most get it under 195 lbs or about where my body mass index crosses into the overweight zone.

Today I am starting a diet that is to be free of wheat and high fructose corn syrup.  I also plan to eat as many whole foods that are not processed as possible.  Processing destroys the natural enzymes in the food.  I will basically follow Dr. Eades formula for weight loss in the amount of protein that I consume.  I will not worry about fats and may even eat higher amounts of things like coconut oil.  I will not worry about the number of carbohydrates, but the foods that have carbohydrates.  That is I will try to eat vegetables with a lot of fiber like beans and salads.   My exercise plan is not an issue as I typically go to the gym every day in the early morning.

Join me if you like and we will see what happens over the next months.  – Pandemic Survivor