Solving Obesity – Wheat

I am happy to report that since I have given up wheat and sugar that I have lost a total of eight pounds as of the past Monday, June 28 (three weeks).  This is especially amazing as I have had a series of family get together’s over a three week period and ate everything that was presented.  Especially, since I consumed most all of the desserts.  One out of town wedding lasted for four days.  It is important when on a diet or eliminating foods that you do not insult anyone including yourself during special events.

I did not come up with the wheat thing on my own.  I thought when I first read about this from Dr. William Davis, cardiologist, The Heart Scan Blog, that surely wheat was not that bad of an actor.  I was wrong.  I have also noticed that my mind clears on days that I am completely wheat free.  I also noticed that my vision is significantly better since I have stopped eating wheat.  I have noticed as well that I have less anxiety about everyday life.  Dr. Davis reports that the wheat we eat today is not the same as wheat that was consumed two thousand years ago.  The significant difference is in the amount of protein.  The old wheat was about 40 percent protein and today’s modern varieties are about fifteen percent protein.  That is a huge difference. When you throw in modern processing of flour with the fiber removed and bleached; then, it becomes a real ‘killer’.

Here is a link to Dr. Davis blog, The Heart Scan Blog.  This link is for his Posts on Wheat.  If you know someone with heart disease, please tell them about this site.  You may save their life.

Who would think that wheat is this bad of an actor?  We are indeed doing ourselves long term damage by consuming products that are modified to make the large agricultural companies more profitable.  The other thing that you should know about wheat and bread is that the US is the only country in the world to allow bromine as potassium bromate to be used.  The bromate replaced iodine in the bread to stabilize the cell walls that are formed when the bread rises.  This happens by the bromate affecting the protein in the bread.  Bromine and fluorine are bad actors in blocking iodine receptors in particular if you are iodine deficient.  But that is a topic for next blog.  The reason that bromine is band is that it has been found to be cancer forming.  Now why would the FDA continue to allow this toxin to be used when the US is the only country in the world that allows it?  Our tax dollars at work!

Okay, imagine that I was vitamin D deficient, iodine deficient, and magnesium deficient.  All of these directly affect the workings of mitochondria or our energy engines in each cell.  Next up is iodine.

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1 thought on “Solving Obesity – Wheat

  1. Great News.

    I find replicating the diet of the bonobo the perfect diet. They share about 99.6% of the same DNA as humans. The major difference is how much vitamin D a naked ap can produce and the gene expression alterations associated with higher vitamin D.

    For example a Bonobo is five times stronger than a human, but the elvated werum calcium in humans results in muscle weakness, but longer limbs. There there is the relationship between werum vitamin D and serotonin. The more vitamin D the better the brain functions with more serotonin.

    In my opinion it is serum vitamin D and its knock-on effects that seperates us from the other great apes.

    Problem is we started eating wheat when we began migrating north and wearing clothes. Wheat will stimulate serptonin production too, but does not activate the over 1,000 genes that vitamin D does.

    I say “Go Paleolithic” and eat a diet similar to the Bonobo which includes 3-11% meat from hunting. About 48% fruit, 25% veggies, 24% seeds and nuts, and 3% protein. Swapping out seeds and nuts for more protein if you wish up to 11%.

    I had the same results as you but it was the wheat and vitamin D that were key.

    This is because of the affect of serum vitamin D on amylase enzyme concentration. In a vitamin D deficient state the body increases the concentration of saliva amylase. This cracks every calorie of sugar it can from carbohydrates consumed. It is basicly “winter survival mode”.

    Great success.

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