Reversing Alzheimer’s Follow-Up

My wife’s sister took her mother to lunch today.  Mother-in-law remembered she was going to lunch and was dressed and waiting.  My nephew went with them and his remark was how wonderful her face was starting to fill out.  That is an amazing recovery for someone with a prognosis of needing to be placed in a memory care unit.  The question has occurred to me; is my mother-in-law an anomaly?  Maybe she was not getting Alzheimer’s but had some other form of dementia.  We certainly pray a lot and I am sure that God is involved, but maybe this is more for you and the person you know with has Alzheimer’s.

Consider what Ronald Roth said in his article, Alzheirmer’s: Nutritional Causes, Treatments and Prevention;  “The positive response to sulfur-raising therapy I have observed in patients suffering from Alzheimer’s disease has been inversely proportional to the progression of the disease, with sulfur levels of every patient tested having been from significantly below-normal in early stages, to totally deficient – or no longer being measurable – at late stages of the disease.”  He also says that in other types of dementia, the sulfur level is not low.  The question for Ronald Roth is, how much more positive would the results have been if the patients had a vitamin D3 raising therapy as well.  In another post, I will discuss how vitamin D aids in control of the sodium sulfur co-transporters.  In other words does vitamin D3 regulate the body’s sulfur level.

So why are you waiting?  Sulfur as MSM, Vitamin D3 in enough quantity to get the serum level of 25(OH)D above 50 ng/ml, and phospholipids ( I suspect that phosphadityl choline is the best, but fish oil, krill oil, or other omega-3’s may be as effective.  However, a diet of several egg yolks per day would work too as egg yolks are rich in suffer and phospholipids).  These nutritional substances are very safe and should not have a negative effect so there is really no excuse but to try it.  Discuss it with the doctor and go for it.

Memory improved while living well in the sun, eating egg yolks, and drinking hard water where the sulfate has not been removed – Pandemic Survivor


5 thoughts on “Reversing Alzheimer’s Follow-Up

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  2. “Woo, a term used by scientific skeptics for pseudoscience, alternative medicine and New Age beliefs, or a person who holds such beliefs.”

  3. Henk,
    Not sure what you mean by woo. Do you mean like woohoo as in joy or woe as in pain or sorrow or wo as in telling a horse to stop. Yeah I get the thing about the mitochondria – sulfur supply, methionine, cysteine, sulfate; – sulfate activation, ATP + sulfate in balance AMP + APS and APS + ATP in balance ADP + PAPS; – Sulfation and Hydrolysis; and sulfate ester elimination (getting rid of the toxins). But why don’t our doctors? Yes, woe! It is the multiple sulfur transporters to the various organs of our bodies including the brain, but more importantly the regulation of the transporters through sulfate availability, potassium, iodine by thyroid hormones, metabolic acid/alkaline state, vitamin D status, and sugar and mineral corticoids that dictates our health. Yes, it is the diet. Thanks

  4. What a strange mix of woo and science on the site you linked.

    I expect the results you see of sulfur supplementation are due to healthier mitochondria. If she’d follow the Terry Wahls diet plan (the “Minding My Mitochondria” book) you might see even better results. The brains of alzheimer patients are slowly being poisoned by beta amyloid plaques, keeping the mitochondria healthier will keep the cells healthier.

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