Living Phat in Mexico

No, not living at a resort in Cancun or on the Baja Peninsula, but a condition of the Mexican people – obesity and overweight.  Mexico has now overtaken the US as the most obese population in the world. How could this happen?

If you are a regular reader of this blog, you know that I got to the understanding of vitamin D deficiency by making a correlation between air conditioning and obesity.  When I looked for a cause and effect, I eliminated air conditioning as the cause immediately because I thought – how foolish.  Looks like the foolishness is truly on my part by not letting the facts show what is happening with obesity.  Yes it is true that process foods have a denser concentration in calories because of high fat and sugar contents.  These two components are added to make food irresistible to our appetites. But it is the environment that is making us fat.   Yes that is right, being cool and phat makes us fat.

So how did it happen that Mexico became the most obese population in the world?  In some things it is not good to be number one.  Here in the US, we are glad that someone has taken over the number one position.  In the research for the cause of obesity, not enough sleep has been shown to take a lead role in making us overweight.  Of course eating too many calories and not enough exercise is the primary reason.  Air conditioning causes us to do both of the former.  There have been numerous papers written about animals and how they get fatter when living in the comfort zone of temperature.

In Mexico in 1999, fifty-nine percent of women and fifty-five percent of men were either overweight or obese.  By 2011, the percentage had grown to over seventy percent.    In 1995 there was air conditioning in only ten percent of the homes.  In 2011 that number had grown to over eighty percent, edging very close to the eighty-seven percent that the US now claims.  The other amazing thing that happened in 1999 is that Mexicans observed their last official siesta.  That’s right, it was abolished by law.  This forced people to continue to work through their normal nap time and to work in the heat of the day in air conditioning instead of at night when the temperatures were cooler or a natural cycle.  I suspect that this also changed their eating habits.  “What Does It Mean to Be Comfortable?” – NY Times 12/15/13 

Just look at the anecdotal drive of the appetite in your environment.  I lost weight in the summer and gained it back in the winter before air conditioning.  When it was hot, my appetite was significantly reduced because eating made me hotter.  And the poor devils in Mexico also had their eating habits significantly changed by taken away officially sanctioned siestas.  This is to say nothing of sleep loss that was created.  And by-the-way, why in the heck would you want to exercise if you had a nice cool environment?  Getting hot and sweaty is very uncomfortable and you deserve to be comfortable because the government took away your siesta and forced you to spend money on air conditioning so that you could continue to work.

Yes living phat in the comfort zone will cause you to become overweight and perhaps obese.  I don’t have any suggestions unless you are willing to turn off or up the air conditioning.  Air conditioning not only has a direct correlation to obesity, it is the primary cause in the general population.  – Pandemic Survivor


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