Solving Obesity – Sugar and Corn Syrup

If not for the large amount of sugar in the American diet, I suspect there would be no obesity.  Of course some sugar is a really good thing if it is in whole fruit.  Okay, so you want to put a tablespoon of sugar into that large pot of green beans and that is probably okay as well (and if you are cooking then for me throw in a piece of bacon too).  It is not only the large of amount of sugar that we consume but also the type of sugar.  High fructose corn syrup is destroying our metabolic systems.

The FDA approved HFSC to be used as a sweetener because it is generally regarded as safe or GRAS. It is sugar, how could it be bad?  No tests were made on HFCS, because it is made from corn that we consume regularly. The problem with consuming concentrated corn syrup is that our bodies are not made to take in these large amounts of fructose without fiber being present as in an apple.

It turns out that HFSC is processed by the liver and one of its major end products is uric acid.  Large amounts of uric acid are not good for you.  It can lead to gout which is an inflammation of the joints.  If that was all that it did maybe we could live with it.  However uric acid causes inflammation in all parts of the body.

Okay, first how is sugar processed in the body?  I could try to explain, but if you want a real explanation then watch this youtube video of Dr. Robert Lustig, UCSF Professor of Pediactrics in the Division of Endocrinology.  He is very thorough and you most likely will not ever eat HFCS after watching the video.  It turns out that the two things that can make your uric acid high are HFCS and beer.  His comment is that a can of HFCS sweetened soda causes just as much uric acid formation as a can of beer.  So what do you want to give your six year old, a can of soda or a can of beer?  They do equal damage to the liver.  Here is the link to the you tube video: Sugar: The Bitter Truth – UC television

The other thing that uric acid does to you is that it drives up your blood pressure.  I suspect since it promotes inflammation that it is also responsible for allergic response.  Uric acid triggers your immune system to respond. Here is an interview by Dr. Mercola of Dr. Richard Johnson author of the Sugar Fix.  You will be startled at his findings on what happens with uric acid in the body.  Here is the link to Dr. Mercola’s website: This common food ingredient is as addictive as cocaine?

It has been three days since I started the diet and I have already lost two pounds.  I guess by body just does not retain water when I do not eat sugar and wheat.  I have also noticed a remarkable clearing of my mind – no sluggishness.    Keep those bacon and eggs coming!     – Pandemic Survivor


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