Sunday Musing

Well there you have it, the CDC claiming that increased vaccination was the reason for so few seasonal flu deaths this year.  But how do they explain that influenza like illness is as low now as it normally is at week 35 of the flu season and we are only at week 15?  Keep taking your vitamin D folks because the wellness is just beginning.

Here is the story from the Baltimore Sun  Overall flu deaths down during H1N1 pandemic

From the article:  “Overall flu deaths are down this year because H1N1 flu crowded seasonal flu out,” said Jeff Dimond of the CDC.       Please Mr. Dimond, give me a small personal break!  – Pandemic Survivor

Vitamin D is having its time in the sun The Vancouver Sun   Now I just wonder why the The Vancouver Sun decided to name their newspaper ‘the sun’?

Let the confusion truly begin in earnest.  We have talked about the three stages of paradigm change in the past.  Ridicule, violent opposition, and accepting as if it has always been.  Here you have two newspapers in Canada releasing opposing stories about whether Canadians are replete in vitamin D.  This is how the battle will be fought as stories by ‘experts’ try to maintain you at some level that is not adequate so the disease state can prevail which means that sales in the medical/pharma/medical insurance industries are maintained.  It will be interesting to see how much confusion revolves (as in major spin) around the FNB on vitamin D and calcium findings are published this year.

Do I sound a little perturbed or less than happy about what is being said about vitamin D then you are wrong.  I am extremely grateful for how far the medical profession has come in such a short amount of time.  I just wish it had happened before I suffered 25 years of pain, ten of them severe pain, loss of income and loss of friends because no one could stand to see me in pain.

I do get perturbed when I hear doctors make statements like: “And Mark, you may think I’m a skeptic, but with all the supplementation that is now being done for those on (list any med for many of the chronic diseases), wouldn’t you think if Vit D were of great benefit that we’d know by now?”

My answer to this question is of course NO!  I first thought that I was just being bated by this person and then I realized she was being serious.  Modern medicine is so great how could  you think that we are not giving you the best there is to offer in other words.  Here is a doctor that has totally forgotten that the institutions of medicine practice for profit and not always for customer satisfaction.  If they can keep the spin going that they are ‘giving the best that there is to offer’ then perhaps their customers will be happy.  Even if they just die along the way.

Be prepared for the continued spin and how you are going to deal with it.  With a replete population we are talking about a 25 to 50% reduction in disease and then what will happen to the medical economy and social security?      – Pandemic Survivor


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