Thursday Musings

When I weighed in this past Monday, I had lost three pounds on my no sugar, no wheat diet.  This is amazing as I had cheated because of family gatherings.  Not bad for the first week.  Next up for review is fiber in the diet.


I noticed that sunscreen is starting to get some congressional scrutiny.   I guess Senator Schumer is starting to smell the money in the possible fines that they can collect from the sunscreen industry.  As we have discussed before, people just can’t seem to get of that withholding vitamin D is the cause of the cancer increase and not the adding of something to the body.  Of course the dermatologists have had a negative response to Senator Schumer’s comments because they have made a zillion dollars from the sunscreen lie.  Sunscreen has its purpose, but improperly used and it is the ‘death nail’.

Reuters News Release:

Time Blog with negative response by dermatologist:

I do not believe that Senator Schumer mentioned the fact that the FDA and FTC lost in court in their effort to change the marketing and labeling on sunscreen and sun block in 2000.  The lead council for the sunscreen lobby was John Roberts who is now chief justice of the Supreme Court.  mmmMM?


I think that we should offer an ‘idiot’ award for the worst science ever.  I noticed that a consortium (SUNLIGHT Consortium – Study of Underlying Genetic Determinants of Vitamin D and Highly Related Traits) (Sunlight is their acronym but I believe that darkness would have been better) has published a paper that says you are vitamin D deficient because of your genes.  In the famous words of Dr. House – IDIOTS.  It is not three or four names on the list of authors, there are 77 names on the title line.  Let the lemmings march toward the sea.  Everyone is doing it so it must be okay.  Just because you are in a herd of psychotic horses running toward a barn that is on fire does not make it right.

Here is the Lancet paper so that you can see for yourself:

Okay, so you are held hostage in a dark basement and have not been given any food for days and it is your genetics that is making you hungry – IDIOTS.

Here is the news article:

The thing that really comes to mind when I read this news article is, ‘Do not take me to court because I have lied to you about the vitamin D that you need for fifty years, it is your genes that is the problem.’

I just told my wife that I cannot take out the garbage because I have a genetic defect toward handling garbage cans.  Living easy in the sun with new roads to travel on my gene map  – Pandemic Survivor


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