The State of Health in the US

SMMIt has become apparent to me over the last several decades that manipulation of health and life expectancy for economic purposes is real. I have thought for most of the last ten years that it was just incompetence on the part of doctors, failure by our government to properly manage their role, and lack of education on the part of the populace. Yes it is still some of all of these combined, however, it has become apparent that there is a real conspiracy happening. It is being carried out simply for the gain of politicians and their ilk as lifelong employees of government who believe by controlling your life; they are giving you a better America. We come together as a people to form government to help protect the interests of the population as a whole, not for the few. If government believes they are presently protecting it for the many, then we have a serious problem on our hands as thousands suffer needlessly and die at the wish of our politicians.

We live in the greatest country in the world and I love America. I am not discussing here the heart-felt efforts of the many physicians who have worked sacrificially to save lives from many forms of disease or the tireless work of researchers to develop treatments. I am speaking primarily to the people at the top of decision making of our institutions who have intentionally allowed death and suffering through their policies. Health and Human Services was even brave enough to state this policy as part of their nine principles of operation in the 2000s. Of the nine principles, markets before mandates, was number four, and to value life was number nine, the last.

Politicians and large institutions, (health insurers are the worst of the worst as they profit from your suffering and the more you suffer the better their sales, and only fifty cents of every dollar you give them comes back as payment to providers–but, believe the politicians, that they are growing our economy through manipulation of health insurance) are using the complexity of life and medicine to simply manipulate outcomes. The main tool of this obfuscation is to promote the use of patent medicine over the use of nutrition to allow the body to heal. Patent medicines are used simply to treat symptoms with the hope that the body will heal on its own. The only real exceptions to this are antibiotics and some vaccines. But now, even the vaccine market is being manipulated for higher sales. We use screening to find cancer earlier in its state of development and chemo and cutting for treatment to make the claim that we are giving increased life when our death rate from cancer has not declined at all. It is plain to see that the ones benefitting from this misdirection are not the patients and the payers of expensive research and treatments — you. Of course, if you are receiving income from the health sector, as one in five of every American, then you too are benefitting from this treachery.

The importance of economics over life started in the nineteenth century and became magnified in the twentieth century as patent medicines were held up as more important than nutrition for healing. This is certainly true for emergency medicine, but very damaging for treating chronic disease and the hope of a long life. Now, you will see many ads state that nutrients are not for treatment, diagnosis, or cure of any disease to stay within the confines of our politician’s laws. I suspect if medical practice was changed to use patent medicine for emergencies and nutrition for chronic disease, life expectancy would increase to over ninety years old. A good life to a ripe old age, your period of suffering would be very brief.

If a visit to the doctor for a chronic concern started with tests and diagnosis evolved around which nutrients your were most deficient, there would not be the need of almost any patent medicines. “Well let’s see Mr. Patient, it looks like you are not getting enough protein and balance of protein and fats so that you will heal. Also, you need more greens for folate to help generate stem cells and you need to spend more time in the sun for vitamin D. Also I have found several mineral deficiencies which can be corrected by changing your eating habits to allow for more variety. If you don’t want to change your eating habits, then I can simply write you a script for this combination of vitamins and minerals based on my testing to improve your health.” Sound weird? It is only because your mindset has been manipulated toward patent drugs.

The state of medicine, interwoven with economics, is now so complex and complicated; it will take an extreme effort to make the change.   Currently the most egregious actions are the hiding of research outcomes for vaccines that increase the rate of autism (the CDC admitted to this over eighteen months ago) and the serious error that was made for vitamin D RDI by the National Academy of Medicine (formerly the Institute of Medicine) in 2010. Just these two things are causing significant suffering, causing thousands of deaths each day, and significantly impacting healthcare cost. And yet, no action has been taken. The press is conflicted over the loss of revenue if they report on the errors. What are you going to do about? – Pandemic Survivor


Vitamin D Recommendations by the Institute of Medicine are WRONG!

When the Institute of Medicine for the amount of vitamin D for health was published in December of 2010, they were off by over a factor of ten. The vitamin D experts at the time wrote extensively about this, but no one found the error in the IOM’s calculations. I also wrote about it extensively in December that year and you can find links from my posts of the many comments. A news article published in November 2014 by News Medical has this lead-in for Canadian health: Increasing vitamin D intake could prevent 37,000 deaths annually and save taxpayers billions. The study at the IOM was paid for by the US and Canada.

If we extrapolate this number for the US, it is 370,000 deaths and tens of billions (about ten times the population of Canada) that an adequate intake of vitamin D would prevent. Savings would not be as great as in Canada because the insurance companies would keep the savings. That is of course until their sales cost went down and they would have to adjust pricing for medical insurance. In Canada, the medical cost are taken from their taxes and paid directly to medical providers. The cost per capita for medical care is already about half of what it is in the US. This is also true for the EU as well. If you include the cost of medical insurance as taxes, then our tax rates is exceptionally high. The Supreme Court has ruled that medical insurance is a tax as health insurance is required by the government. Are we really funding 18% of our economy off of the illness and fear of illness of the population?

The discoverer of the error is Paul Veugelers, PhD of the University of Alberta. He found by statistical methods that around 8000IU is necessary to keep 97.5 percent of the population at or above 20 ng/ml for 25(OH)D. This is based on the same data that was used by the IOM. The IOM stated at the time that only 600IU of vitamin D was needed to keep the population at 20 ng/ml. This recommendation was for a ten pound baby as well as a three hundred pound adult. So much for common sense. Here is a link to the Grassroots Health Newsletter on the matter. TAKE ACTION! Click the link on to the Grassroots Health Newsletter and follow the instructions in the middle of the page to sign the petition to have the IOM review their findings. Or just click here sign this petition. To sign, just put your name and email address and make any comments that you would like. Grassroots Health through their testing of thousands of people have found that it will actually take about 7000IU per day.

Also, it would be great if you would share this information with friends and social media to avoid this continuous health disaster.  Or better, contact  your local congressman and raise h*ll! – Pandemic Survivor

Health or Health Insurance

“Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.” – Benjamin Franklin

“He that would live in peace and at ease must not speak all he knows, nor judge all he sees.” – Benjamin Franklin

“Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God! I know not what course others may take; but as for me, give me liberty or give me death!” – Patrick Henry

I don’t think Ben was talking about health or health insurance; or was he? We learned from last post that health insurance is just another “protection racket” that is legal. You will buy health insurance or we will “hurt” you! – the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act aka Obamacare. Health on the other hand is what we would like to have as no one wants to be ill. However, no amount of money will stop the inevitable. That is; death will ultimately catch up to us. Have we traded our liberty for safety?

There are multiple questions now weighing on us like a load of rock on our backs in a slave quarry. How does only about fifty cents out of every dollar we spend on health insurance actually comes back to us for provider care? In other words, why do we give away fifty cents out of every dollar to someone for managing our health dollars? How did we get to this insurance economy? Why does government allow this type of protection racket to continue?

After a bit of research, how we got to this economy is easy. It was through government’s rules and laws. During the forties, wages were fixed for WWII. The labor market was short of workers. In order to draw qualified people to jobs, companies started to offer benefit packages. Then during the early fifty’s, the government passed a law that allowed these benefit packages to not be taxed for employees and were allowed as an expense by companies. After this, insurance was driven by employers because this was the best deal created by tax structure. Laws were also passed allowing states great leeway in setting laws and practices within states. This created a monopoly by states as health insurance was not transportable state to state.

Health insurance then became a significant portion of the economy. Jobs were created to handle money for health insurance. This segment, health insurance, became as large as the health industry. To hide this from voters, this segment of the economy was all lumped together. The desire for health between birth and death became a desire to maintain this segment because it drove campaign funds. Now, there is over a trillion dollars spent every year solely for health security. Combined with the cost of health providers, this is now about two and one half trillion dollars that we spend each year.

Does this type of economy build wealth? I really do not think that it does. It transfers wealth from the middle class to the upper class. As a member of a country club from the mid-80’s until I could no longer afford it from my own economic health disaster, members that were the wealthiest all were in insurance. From the 1960’s through the 2000’s, the real wealth creators of the economy, farming and manufacturing, were driven from the country. It became the burden of government to maintain jobs. Health and Human Services under the Administration and funded by Congress begin to protect health insurance jobs through the policy of “markets before mandates.” In other words the economy is more important than your health. “To valued life” became the last of the priorities for principles of government health services.

It is truly amazing to take a drive from Buffalo, NY to Toronto and observe all the manufacturing plants along the highway. The decision of locating a plant in the northern part of the US has become a no-brainer as to whether it goes into Canada or the US. Health is covered by the Canadian government and taxes are less. The Canadians have made significant policy corrections since the 1980’s. Their economy is much more stable than the US because it is based on manufacturing and not insurance.

So what did this US policy toward health do to American’s life expectancy? It made us about fortieth in the world. Look at Mary Meeker’s State of USA, Inc. graph from last post. We have the best health care for acute disease, but one of the worst for chronic disease. We have separated the practice of medicine into only drugs for treating illness because of the government policies. We have to keep a relatively ill population to support the economics of large health and health insurance sector. Does keeping the population riddled with chronic disease build wealth? I do not think so.

The correction is going to be hard. We spend 2.5 trillion annually on health insurance and health while spending only 1.5 trillion on food. This ratio of food to health should be turned upside down. For a healthy US, farming and manufacturing have to be brought back to this country. The practice of stealing from family farms and causing them to fail through death taxes while allowing health insurance to bloom through tax protection has to stop. The maintenance of the health insurance complex has truly become a burden as well as a dilemma – health insurance jobs versus health. I believe at this point, term limits in Congress is the only solution so that people will be put first and not institutions. My own health was caught up in this practice of health insurance and would have killed or kept me in a significantly ill state if not for nutritional intervention. How about your health? – Pandemic Survivor

Healed from Chronic Pain

Okay, so I have finally done it. My book, Healed from Chronic Pain, is now available on Amazon as an e-book. I first wrote this book five years ago, but have delayed in publishing for multiple reasons. The main reason; I thought that using nutrients to heal cartilage would have been figured out by a medical professional and published.  It has not happened.

I would like to thank you for continuing to read my blog and my many ramblings about the health system. My story is an amazing story and appears to be like none other. To think that I have healed form degenerative disc disease, severe sleep apnea, high blood pressure, and have improved cardio vascular health is hard for me to believe. It feels like a resurrection from death. The emotions that I have suffered since healing is like a combination of post traumatic stress and survivor guilt.

Here is the description: An engaging story of a non-medical person, who through faith and an unbelievable amount of research, found healing through nutrition. After decades of crippling back pain, countless medical procedures, and thousands of pain meds, a man on the brink of paralysis from failed surgery and possible death from severe sleep apnea, discovered he could change the course of his outcome by supplementation. This true story of a struggling individual restored to a fulfilling life through nutrition, will captivate readers as they plunge into the mind of Mark Pegram. One might discover the key that unlocks the door to self-healing in this compelling work.

Available at your favorite retailer!


If you do decide to read, thank you and I would greatly appreciate it if you would write a review. I know many of you have had the same experience of healing after years of pain from disease. It is important that we continue to spread the word about our deplete diets and sun phobia. It is also important to understand how we arrived at this process in our health system to expatiate change.

This first book is my story of discovery primarily about vitamin D3. However, vitamin D3 alone will only get you part way to musculoskeletal health. It is a combination of at least six nutrients or more to achieve the best results. This will be the topic of my second book to be released in six months or so. It will enlist the aid of two medical professionals. This book will be pointed toward healing back pain and cartilage repair. It will have a chapter for doctors and a chapter on how to enlist your doctor’s help in pursuing a nutritional solution.

Thank You! – Pandemic Survivor