Hypertension – Reduced with A Food – Metadichol

Our diets over the last fifty years have been shifted away from fat and toward carbohydrates with the belief that higher amounts of fat were causing cardiovascular disease (CVD). As this move toward higher density carbs occurred, blood pressure also increased along with the issues of higher incidence of CVD and stroke. In the following study, a food substance, that is typically tossed in the processing of sugar cane, was found to reduce blood pressure and c-reactive protein (CRP) and increased circulating vitamin C. The paper describes the action of nano-policosanol as acting along vitamin D pathways.

Here is my blood pressure as I write this at 4 AM–not bad.Hypertension w

Dr. P.R. Raghavan has given us Metadichol, a nano-policosanol, to reduce blood pressure.  Policosanol, as long chain fatty acids, is found in high concentration on sugar cane and the husk of seeds.  Here is the paper that was just published for a sixty-week open label study. The remarkable things are that blood pressure is reduced in only three weeks, the production of vitamin C in humans, and reduced CRP, an indication of reduced inflammation.

Systolic and Diastolic BP Control in Metabolic Syndrome Patients with Metadichol® a Novel Nano Emulsion Lipid – Journal of Cardiology and Cardiovascular Therapy Case Report Volume 5 Issue 2 – May 2017 DOI: 10.19080/JOCCT.2017.05.555660 Metadichol-Hypertension

To combat high-blood pressure the normal course is to:

  • Eat a healthy diet
  • Regular exercise
  • No nicotine use as it shrinks arteries
  • Limit alcohol
  • Maintain a healthy weight

The above is the typical verbiage that you get from your doctor. I wonder just how many times the physicians say that on any given day. It is apparent that a healthy lifestyle is everything. Of course, government and its agencies have failed us in defining a healthy diet. The common American diet was defined to promote the economy. If you don’t believe this then ask yourself this question: Why do we spend almost twice as much on healthcare as we do on food?

Poor eating habits are the cause of many chronic diseases.  Hypertension falls in this category. The first time my realization that diet was critical to controlling blood pressure occurred when I was reading “Protein Power” by Drs. Michael and Mary Eades.  They warned of blood pressure dropping significantly with the reduction of carbohydrates. This raises the question of our health actions over the last fifty years. Reduce the amount of fat and increase sugar?  Sugar has typically not been considered as dangerous, however, I believe it’s the worst policy we could have made. Linus Pauling (interesting that this is the vitamin C guy and Metadichol helps the body produce vitamin C) showed in the 1970s that sugar was more responsible for increased cholesterol than fat through his studies with prisoners.

  • The real solution to maintain a normal blood pressure is to eliminate sugar and flour from your diet. Grains were not meant to be finely divided for consumption by our physiology.  Sugar is not meant to be consumed outside of its normal occurrence in vegetables and fruits. This is what is meant when we are told to consume a healthy diet.

Metadichol will help maintain a lower blood pressure. Metadichol acts in many ways in controlling our biological actions. The beauty of Metadichol is that this food substance has no known side effects. We no longer consume policosanol that is found in the husk of seeds. It appears that our body needs these long chain fatty alcohols. Metadichol is taking the husk into a modern factory and chewing them for us. Remember the words of your mother: Chew your food!  Of course, if you don’t have the right part of the food to be chewed, factory chewing by others is okay.

The irony is that nature gave us policosanol on the plants that are high in sugar, and we throw way nature’s protection from sugar.  We then concentrate the sugar through modern processes and consume it in great amounts.  Results are devastating to our health. We now develop a substance that counteracts the effects of sugar, that nature originally meant us to consumed with the plant.  Sugar drives up serum cholesterol more so than fat. The result of a high sugar diet without the protection of policosanol is CVD and stroke. More irony, the original intent of the Dr. Raghavan was to improve the way policosanol reduced cholesterol as shown by the Cubans. Nature is laughing at us.

One of the very interesting findings in this study was the increase in vitamin C. The paper indicates that humans made vitamin C as part of our physiology.  At some point, one of the three enzymes that makes vitamin C from sugar was no longer produced.  Metadichol appears to turn on the gene responsible for producing this enzyme and higher vitamin C levels happen. This means reduced inflammation, as indicated by a reduction in CRP, and the possibility of a longer lifespan with less disease.

This is really-exciting stuff. The possibility of increased life span with reduced inflammation and disease through a food substance that can easily be supplemented with no side effects–Metadichol.

We took the chewing of grains into the milling operations to help foods be easier to consume. Sugar was concentrated through industrial processes as our body craves this substance. It should also be noted that sugar was concentrated to help in the production of alcohol–another craved substance. Both things, milled grains and concentrated sugar, made food easier to consume and have significant impact on our economy, but they are not healthy. By not being healthy, we again have made a significant impact on our economy with increased healthcare and insurance. And, the government said, “It is good.”  –Pandemic Survivor


Vitamin D as Effective as Drugs for Hypertension

A friend, retired pharmacist, sent me a note about a study that was just done in Europe on hypertension (high blood pressure).  What they found is very exciting.  Vitamin D was effective in reducing blood pressure as drugs.  “Vitamin D ‘as good as drugs’ in Reducing High Blood Pressure.”   Of course there have been many other studies showing the same thing.  I do not know why this is not the first course of action in medical treatment for high blood pressure.  From a nutritional standpoint, there are two things that significantly drive blood pressure either through restriction of you arteries or an effect on your renin-angiotensin-aldosterone system (RAAS) which regulates arterial constriction and water balance in the body through the kidneys.

  1. Vitamin D Deficiency
  2. Eating too much fruit and sugar

It seems like the pathway of sugar effects on high blood pressure is totally ignored by the medical profession.  The fructose that is consumed in eating too much fruit and sugar is converted to uric acid in the liver and results in high blood pressure.  Again, why this fructose-uric acid pathway for high blood pressure is ignored is unknown to me.  Here is a summary PDF from the Cleveland Clinic on the topic.   If this is an issue then you should control your sugar and fruit intake so that you are consuming no more than fifteen grams of fructose per day or thirty grams of sugar.  A can of soft drink will generate just as much uric acid in your body as a can of beer.  So think about that the next time you give you six year old a can of soft drink.

As I was leaving a clients office five years ago on a bright sunny summer day, I made the remark, “I think I will just go home and soak up some of this wonderful sunshine.”

My client inquired, “Are you into this vitamin D thing?”  Well needless to say it was over an hour before I got out of his office.  It turned out that he had had a life-long problem with high blood pressure.  He had tried to control it with diet and drugs and was not effective.  He tried ten thousand IU’s of vitamin D per day.  His blood pressure came into normal control in just weeks.  He tried this not because his doctor told him to but because a friend had suggested it.

Of course the issue with high blood pressure is the strokes that occur and the heart attacks from too high blood pressure.  Relaxation of arterial walls is very important in controlling blood pressure.  So first, reduce your sugar intake.  Then take enough vitamin D or spend time in the sun so that you serum 25(OH)D is above 60 ng/ml.  Also things that generate nitric oxide to help your arteries relax like niacin and l-arginine are a good idea.

The next time you are relaxing in the sun, do not drink a beer or a soft drink if you have high blood pressure.  – Pandemic Survivor

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