Vitamin D Day of Seasonal Change

SunWinter in the northern latitudes can be daunting. It is a time when there are more colds and flu. Also, there are many other diseases that take advantage of our reduced immunity during the winter. Chronic disease can make you very painful during the winter. Of course, going into the sun always makes us feel better. But why?

There are so many reactions of our body to the sun. However, since the 1960s, dermatologists have been tricked into constantly screaming about the dangers of the sun. We know that it makes us feel better, but what about our medical industry telling us otherwise? It is a difficult problem to sort out. Do the advantages of sun exposure outweigh the dangers. The answer is a resounding yes.

November second has been declared Vitamin D Day by the Vitamin D Council, Grassroots Health, and the Vitamin D Society. This has been done to promote the understanding of vitamin D and to encourage the use of supplementation during the winter months in the northern hemisphere. Also, to use exposure to full spectrum sunlight when possible. Here is a link to an informational page:

The question of whether to enjoy the sun without fear of causing cancer has become a ridiculous sidetrack in modern medicine. All the energy that is beneficial to our wellbeing comes from the sun. Whether it is the food we eat, products made from plants that are useful like furniture, or the chemical and thermal reactions in our body. Overexposure to anything can be dangerous, but are you going to stop driving your car because you might die in a car accident? Are you going to stop drinking water because overconsumption can dilute out your electrolytes and cause your heart to stop? Wear your seat belt, don’t spend time in the sun without sunscreen, and don’t drink too much water are all the same ilk. It is about the benefit of action versus the risk. Unfortunately, fear can make you have a very unhealthy life if it is over expressed.

Dermatologists are medical professionals specializing in the largest organ of the body. You would think that they would encourage the benefits as well as tell us about the dangers. The dangers have been overexpressed and the benefits not expressed enough regarding sun exposure. So, what are the benefits of sun exposure? There are many healing compounds that are made in the skin. Vitamin D is just the beginning as there are a host of sterols produced with ultraviolet light (UV) exposure that have significant action in our body. Not only was vitamin D discovered from UV exposure, there are many intermediate molecules that are generated. I suspect there are compounds that are beneficial to health from full spectrum sunlight that have not been identified. One area that does not have much study is the conversion of molecular sulfate esters and sterols during sun exposure (If health researchers want an exciting area of study, this is it).

On the other side of the visual spectrum from UV is near infrared light. The science being discovered about how near infrared light improves our health is amazing. To understand, think how good the warmth of sunlight makes you feel on a cold autumn day. It is not just the heat. It is the biological action that takes place in our body. We have discovered that near infrared improves wound healing, shrinks tumors, improves neurological health, increases cellular energy, detoxifies our bodies, and reduces pain.

With so many health benefits, why would you not want to go into sunlight? Is the increase of melanoma that parallels the increase of sunscreen a coincidence? Have our professionals created unintended consequences by inducing fear of cancer from sun exposure? Am I a voice in the wilderness telling you there is health in the sunlight? Medical science changes more than the seasons as it is an art. Let’s celebrate more than vitamin D Day. Let’s celebrate health from the sun. As for me, I’m going to spend time in the sun on this beautiful autumn day. –Pandemic Survivor


Supplement with Vitamin D NOW!

Several weeks ago, the local paper printed a story by the Associated Press that was entitled “Vitamin D deficiency widely overestimated, experts warn patients.”  This story was carried by most major news’ outlets at a time when supplementation for vitamin D is necessary in the northern latitudes.  The article was based on a paper published in the New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) by four scientists that were on the Institute of Medicine’s (IOM) food and nutrition board for vitamin D and calcium.  The IOM reported in 2010 that you only needed 600 to 800 IU per day of vitamin D from all sources whether you were a ten-pound baby or a three-hundred-pound adult.  What the NJEM paper and the news article fail to mention is that there was a statistical error found in the study and confirmed by several universities.  The real value should have been reported at over 7,000 IU per day of vitamin D3. Follow link to read about the error.

One of the researchers, JoAnn Manson of Brigham and Women’s Hospital Boston, is doing a study given 26,000 patients 2,000 IU per day.  She hopes to compare the study against statistics from the general population. The problem for Manson is that her study is extremely flawed because now most of the population knows that you need more than the 2,000 IU per day.  She wants to slow down the supplementation of the general population to validate her study.  The news article emphasizes “there’s an epidemic of needless testing and too many people taking too many pills for a deficiency that very few people truly have.”  If that is truly the case, then why is she doing the study at a higher level of supplementation?

It is amazing that the medical industry has been trying to keep the general population deficient of the vital hormone, vitamin D3, for a very long time.  The problem goes back to the 1940s when the US sued seventeen multinational corporations for conspiracy of price manipulation and not putting an adequate amount of vitamin D in over-the-counter supplements.  Why?  The original reason for this criminal act was about making money from discoveries that may not have been patentable. The withholding of the information has gone on so long now that the economy is at risk if everyone gets enough vitamin D to be healthy. Government action has now fallen in step with the medical industry because of the economy. Why has it been two years since the error was found and the public has not been notified?  How would an adequate amount of vitamin D affect the economy?  One medical practice gave their patients enough supplements to make the general population replete in critical nutrients.  Office visits went from four per patient per year to one visit per patient per year. Think how the patients’ health most have improved—think of the dollar loss to the medical practice.

So, what to believe?  People with light colored skin typically will make in twenty minutes, about 20,000 IU of vitamin D3, with mid-day sun exposure in the summertime with sixty percent of the skin exposed. People with dark skin may take 3 to 6 times longer.  Who are you going to believe, nature or the medical industry?  In the winter our immune systems become depressed because of reduction in the amount of vitamin D3 made from sun exposure. Colds and the flu increase and more people die from chronic disease. Let the researchers play their games while you protect your health with adequate vitamins and minerals.  It is time to have empathy for the health of the population based on science.

This winter you should supplement per twenty-five pounds of body weight per day with approximately: deficient-vits-and-mins

  • 1000 IU of vitamin D3
  • 100 mg of magnesium (not magnesium oxide as you do not absorb it)
  • 500 mg vitamin C
  • 5 mg zinc

If you weigh 175 pounds, the amount of supplementation of these nutrients in which we are deficient would be 7,000 IU of vitamin D3, 700 mg of magnesium, 3,500 mg of vitamin C, and 35 mg of zinc.  This of course is not the whole story of nutritional deficiency, but it would be a great start to get you through the winter.  –Pandemic Survivor

November 2 is Vitamin D Day

I started to take vitamin D supplements on November 4, 2004.  I can say that I have experienced nothing but health.  Our institutions are far behind the science on this important vitamin.  But, it was not only vitamin D that I discovered I was deficient. It was all vitamins in particular, natural vitamin A not beta carotene, magnesium, natural vitamin E, sulfate, and natural folate not folic acid.

Please take time to watch the video for taking action for vitamin D Day. For more information, please visit the Vitamin D Council –  and Grassroots Health

Changing Health with Vitamin D3 – Vitamin D Day

Health Returned Plus SunHappy Anniversary!   On November 4, it will be ten years since I started to supplement with vitamin D3. I am glad that the advocates of vitamin D have named November 2 as Vitamin D Day as it coincides with my anniversary. It has been a lot of ups and downs on the roller coaster of health. I am now on the top of the ride. An experience of complete joy and glee. What became extremely obvious during the journey is there is not just one thing that controls our health. The advocates of vitamin D are certainly correct in that vitamin D is a start. After all, it controls or aids in control of at least ten percent of how our genome expresses itself. It is not this vitamin or this drug or this food or that thought, but the interaction of all of things that bring exhilaration in health.

The way that research is conducted in medicine is complete absurdity. When we study just the effect of one thing in the pathology of health, we completely ignore the interactions. This is the primary failing that is not a true scientific approach or art for that matter. This specialization of one molecule or a particular pathology without consideration of the interactions causes great confusion. Could it be that all of our present medical research has been confounded because we have not considered the interactions of vitamin D to our pathology? Some vitamin D advocates certainly believe this is the case. But if we proceed with testing a molecule with the interaction with vitamin D and not all the other molecules that are required for health, then we have repeated the error.

This was my error in using vitamin D3 for health. It may be that after a few months of supplementing with vitamin D, the beneficial results seem to disappear. Maybe the large amount of vitamin A complexes that are stored in your liver have become depleted. After all, certainly for cellular differentiation and the boost to our immune system requires a heterodimer that is a combination of vitamin D/vitamin A. Perhaps the amount of total body magnesium has become depleted. The vitamin D has given a boost to the action of your energy production, but without the many roles that magnesium plays, you start to have low energy, muscle cramps, and heart arrhythmias. Perhaps the improved performance of your thyroid gland and your parathyroid has depleted all your iodine reserves – you start to feel bad and your thoughts become muddled. Or, with the increase in your biological activity, you are not getting enough folate (not folic acid) and/or tri-methyl-glycine (TMG) to allow the methylation processes to properly proceed for genetic expression and many health problems crop up. We could go on for a while, but you get the point.

The interactions of all molecules required for health and not any single one is the important issue. Let’s not forget about your thoughts, or the placebo effect.   If you have positive thoughts, then you most likely will feel well and negative thoughts will make you feel bad. This cascade of hormones from your thinking will truly affect your total well-being from its impact on your spiritual energy and biology. Do not hold negative emotions for extended periods or you will develop a mood. This mood will eventually become your personality. This personality will define your reality. Collapse all negative thoughts through forgiveness, prayer, and meditation. Observe your thinking constantly and not allow your subconscious from past experience express your present reality.

We may not have the best medical system in the world to prevent and treat chronic disease, but it keeps us going when acute illnesses strike. The rest of your health is up to you. Share your positive understanding of major components of health with family and friends and be the example. As we move into a season in the Northern Hemisphere of low UVB or loss of the natural production of vitamin D3, let this Sunday, November 2, Vitamin D day be the start of a new beginning. Certainly, November 4, 2004 was the start of my new beginning. Let that door not close on the health of the world. – Pandemic Survivor

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