Tell Me Your Story

It was my intent in writing this blog that we could get the message out by having everyday folk talk about their experiences with vitamin D and whether it helped or not.  I realize that I have spent much time in talking about the various diseases and how vitamin D may impact them.  But you know it is the stories that happen to just everyday people that others most understand as they may recognize it as a story similar to their own.

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We learn nothing except what other people witness to us.  This is true whether it is some scientist reporting on his latest research, a witness in a trial, or a neighbor telling us about his experience with his child and how that worked.  It is these anecdotal stories that most convince us and send us into our perspective on the ‘truth’.  There may be an exception to this understanding like when you put your finger into a candle flame and you know not to do that again.  However, most do not have the means to do critical research and interpret it, so listening to the stories of others is important.

Your story does not have to be long.  Just a few words telling us what happened and what your belief is about how it happened.  Since Dr. Cannell has given us permission to use his newsletters I particularly like this one from the April 2008 Newsletter by Dr. John Cannell at the Vitamin D Council.

Dear Dr. Cannell: I have been taking 10,000 IU vitamin D per day for over three years and my arthritis and prostate cancer are gone (at least my PSA returned to normal) and I am paddling my canoe and starting to run again and feel much stronger now. I had my 80 birthday this July. Thank you for your website and newsletter. I think I’d literally be dead without it.

I was startled to learn as I read this story that he turned 80.  What a great story on the healing power of a single nutrient.

Your story does not have to be this drastic.  Just something simple like the one that I had from a reader recently in how statin drugs had caused him much problems:

WOW!  I am impressed with your discussion on Vitamin D and health in general.  My pet peeve is statin drugs (it almost killed me)  and the damage they cause.  I ponder the relationship between cholosterol, neuropathy, obesity, and diabetes. William (not his real name) I certainly hope that he read my article on ‘Thinking About Cholesterol’. More importantly I hope that he read the Heart Scan Blog that I sent people to in that post.  Dr. William Davis, a cardiologist in Milwaukee, is having great success in treating heart disease with diet.

I will protect your identity and location.  If the location is important because of latitude then I will simply use that latitude or a similar city on that latitude.  What I am saying is that you can remain completely anonymous if you choose.

You see if Dr. Cannell and Dr. Davis had not told us their stories about their work and the success then where would we be.  Be brave and tell others:

So anyway, tell me your story and we will try to help others understand what your beliefs are and how that may help them.  My email address is: .

Be Healthy and tell your story  – Pandemic Survivor