Pregnancy and Lactating Mothers

My daughter and mother of my new grandbaby took vitamin D during her pregnancy and also now that she is breast feeding.  She read the research and followed the suggestions of Dr. Bruce Hollis of the Medical University of South Carolina.  The full term natural birth was without incidence and the baby is doing great!  Not that there is any bias on my part.  My daughter is a practicing pharmacist at a local university hospital.  When she asked her doctor to check her serum level of vitamin D when she was pregnant the doctor told her that it was not an important nutrient and refused to give her the test.  She changed doctors.

You can see this same reaction by doctors from this recent article at CNN describing the presentation of a new paper on pregnancy and vitamin D that was presented in Vancouver, BC by Dr. Hollis.   Here is another article from the Vancouver Sun on the same topic.  You should read both as there is more information about how the vitamin was thought to be bad for pregnancy based on poor science.  Also they were most likely using D2 which is a ‘big don’t do it’.  In the CNN article you can see the contention among doctors as the battle on how much you take continues.  This quote from the article by Dr. Hollis: “The conventional wisdom about the dangers of too much vitamin D was “manufactured and based on flawed data,” he says. “There was never any real harm, just misconceptions.”

During the pregnancy she took 5,000 IU of D3 per day.  Now she is taking an average of 7,500 IU per day.  5,000 IU one and then 10,000 IU the next.  She recently had her serum 25(OH)D checked and it was 67 ng/ml or right where you would expect it to be for a person in a sunny country.  This assures that the breast feeding baby is getting about 400 IU of D3 per day.

The baby does not seem to have any intestinal issues and does not cry except when is hungry or needs a diaper change.  She started to sleep through the night after 10 weeks.  She is alert and just – well happy.

Another survivor story before the problem began.  – Pandemic Survivor