The Full Spectrum of Light for Health

After thinking deeply about light, it has become apparent that we need the full spectrum of what the sun has to offer to be healthy.  Also we should avoid the parts of the electromagnetic spectrum that are biologically dangerous.  What is the color of infrared and ultraviolet light?  The correct answer is that it does not have color because light in these parts of the spectrum is not visible.  Ultraviolet below 380 nanometers and infrared above 750 nanometers is not visible.

It can sometimes be difficult to understand electromagnetic radiation.  The spectrum is so broad in its order of magnitude.  Of course frequency and wavelength are proportional.  Shorter waves have higher frequencies.  From gamma rays at less than 0.01 nanometers in length or more than 10EHz to radio waves that are as much as 100,000 km long and only 3 Hz.  If you consider the electricity that you use every day as electromagnetic energy, then at 60 Hz you would have a wavelength of about 3,100 miles or about 5570 km.  At about 1mm in length or where infrared ends you have the energy used for microwave cooking or the military’s new 1mm weapon, ADS or active denial system.  To think that we now have a device that can target an individual in a crowd and heat you up from 500 yards away is amazing and scary.  At very short wavelengths, the gamma rays generated by the sun (thankfully these rays are absorbed by our atmosphere and deflected by our earth’s magnetic field) or the decay of radioactive materials, causes severe biological effects by disrupting regular biological processes.  Studies have shown that cell phone frequency is very close to the same frequency that resonates from our DNA.  And of course, electricity will cause a disruption of our heart and result in death.

We thrive in the warmth of infrared whether it is the heat radiated by a fire, another person, the warmth from our stoves, or the sun giving us life.  Infrared has a significant biological effect on our cellular processes because of its interaction with water.  I reread John N. Ott’s book this week – “Health and Light.”  You know Ott from his innovation in slow motion photography of plant growth for Walt Disney that was popular TV material of the 50’s and 60’s.  In this book, he describes the many effects he observed from light on both animals and plants.  He described how his photo light arrays were impacting the plant growth and the difference in plants depending on how much light and what type of light was received.   He also spent a significant amount of time in his book about the resistance of science to his observations.  Plants move toward beneficial light and so do our cells according to Gerald Pollack.

Gerald Pollack’s quote is most enlightening:  “Photons from ordinary sunlight, then, may have an unexpectedly powerful effect that goes beyond mere heating. It may be that solar energy builds order and separates charge between the near-surface exclusion zone and the bulk water beyond -.”  Pollack’s work on describing changes in water as it is exposed to infrared light is bold and amazing.  The science world of the middle twentieth century would have destroyed his career.  I am sure today that ‘elite thinkers’ still regard his work the same as the measure of energy observed by a shrimp on a treadmill.  If Pollack’s descriptions of the action of light on our biology is not true then why do plants grow toward the light and why do our cells ‘crawl’ toward light.  It is our biology seeking health.

Whether it is light entering our eyes and simulating brain functions of our pineal gland or our pituitary gland, setting our circadian rhythms, generating vitamin D in our skin, charge separation in our cells, plant growth from photosynthesis, or just making us feel good from the warmth, light is extremely significant.  Be sure that you get the full spectrum of the sun and avoid other types of radiation as much as possible.  Our medical professionals warnings of the last fifty years have had this in reverse.  As described in the work of Dr. Masaru Emoto, other than light our emotions of love and gratitude have the most beneficial effect on water.  Pray over food before you eat, walk humbly in love and gratitude and the light and truth will fill you.  – Pandemic Survivor.