Medicine versus Nutrition – The Fight for Life

Enter the FDA which has responsibility for both food and medical products including drugs.  The FDA was originally formed in 1906 to prohibit mislabeled and adulterated drugs in interstate commerce to stop the snake oil salesmen.  Please note that the Sixteenth Amendment to allow income tax was ratified in 1913.  Fast forward to 1994; the Dietary and Supplement Health and Education Act provided anything that healed, cured, treated, or diagnosed a disease be processed to market as a drug.  Food them became something that was only required for wellness but could not be used to treat illness as medicine.  Why have I bothered you with this bit of disturbing information that you most likely knew already?

On the evening of the fourth, I was skipping through TV channels waiting for the fireworks to begin.  I stumbled onto the Nightly Business Report on public TV.  They were showcasing a restaurant that did not follow the normal rules of business for a restaurant and yet survived.  Then as an aside, they gave the total grocery sales in the US and then total restaurant sales.  In round numbers there is 600 billion in grocery sales and 800 billion in restaurant sales.  It hit me like a rock.  The total cost of food in the US is about half of what it cost to provide health care.  Health care per capita comes in at about $8,000 and using the above numbers food per capita comes in at about $4,500.  Interesting!  That’s 2.4 trillion for medicine and 1.4 trillion for food.  Certainly brings up lots of questions like – do we value medicine more than food?  Sure looks like giving up freedom for security has odd ways of confounding our lives.

In 1960, I suspect as percentage of GDP, these numbers were reversed.  I know that health care was approximately five percent of GDP.  I suspect that food was close to fifteen percent instead of the ten percent that it is now.  Lots of cheap food and the need to get the largest segment of our economy healthy (play on words intended) has lead to a mass of feeble-freeloading-fat people.  You know if we made food as expensive as health care then maybe we could solve the obesity problem.  To do that we would just need to follow the business plan of the medical industrial complex (again play on words intended).  The only thing we would need to do is to allow insurance companies a monopoly by state to insure food.  Then we could guarantee that food would be delivered everyday to everyone as this is a right given by the government.  We would then force people into buying the food insurance by taxing them severely if they did not.

Given John Roberts recent ruling this is very doable.  You can bet the “BIG BOY INSURANCE” food and medical industrial complex are discussing it.  After all, Health and Human Resources has the principles that ‘markets are before mandates’ and ‘to value life’ is last on their agenda.  The economy is more important than your health for the survival of the financial, insurance, medial, food industrial complex.  President Dwight Eisenhower left us with these words as he was leaving office in January 1961: “In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the militaryindustrial complex. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist.”  We have not heeded his message with the military industrial complex and now the “Robber Barons Snake Oil Salesmen” have, since 1960, confounded our food and medicine to meet their desires.  It is time for a food and medicine evolution.  We cannot make it a revolution which the “Barons” depend on because of fear of our lives.  The sudden shift in financial centers for food versus medicine would cause chaos.

Have the ‘big boys’ already started – NY Times, Opinion by Michael Pollen, 2009  Michael has it almost right, but is just enough wrong to get you to participate in the greater scheme of deciding what you should eat for profit.  As long as the government can force you to participate in both industries, food and medicine, you are fodder for the mill.  The more sick people there are the larger the insurancemedicalfoodindustrial complex will become along with more misplaced power.  Michael says the insurance companies would be trying to help fix the food system because it would reduce the number of sick people and medical cost.  It is just the opposite.   More sales grow the economy and insurance profits.  Everybody is happy except for the citizens to whom no empathy is being shown.

How do you evolve and kick the ‘big boy’ bullies in the knee?  Get well!  Michael Pollen restates the fact that seventy five percent of health care is from chronic disease.  The chronic disease state comes from being overfeed while starving to death from poor nutrition along with being scared out of the sun for the last fifty years.  The medical system is being manipulated to maintain snake oil for health as drugs.  Real health, healing, preventing, curing, and treating disease come from good nutrition.  Be sure to get enough of the things that are making you hungry and are missing from your diet.  In what are we deficient:  Vitamin D3, vitamin C, vitamin A (it’s a lie that carotene turns into all the A complexes we need), saturated fat, potassium, magnesium, raw vegetables that have not had the enzymes processed out, iodine, and sulfur.  Eliminate from your diet the things that have been added to make you sick: genetically modified food (in particular wheat, corn, and soy beans), fluorine in the water and toothpaste (vitamin D will give you teeth that are strong enough to crunch ice without breaking), bromine (the US is the only country in the world to allow bromine in food because it is a carcinogen), artificial sweeteners, and sugar.  Maintain an optimistic attitude and forgive the people in our systems for what has happened to us as our main goal is love not violence.  America is a great nation and let’s keep it that way.  Your efforts will first be noted in the reduction of flu and colds, and then, in the reduction in the number of cancer deaths.  If everyone participated, we could see a fifty percent reduction in chronic disease or about a thirty five percent reduction in the requirement for health care cost.  You can bet the ‘big boys’ will not stand still and let this happen.  Do not allow yourself to be treated as herd animals.

Do you value medicine more than food as a means of security?  Your dollars say that this is a fact and the managers of the economy depend on you to remain in fear.  I suspect if you had the freedom to choose, you would give up medicine before nutrition.  Too much time on my hands? I am sure there are other explanations, but where is the truth?  Your life, wellness, and joy depend on you knowing the truth.  – Pandemic Survivor