Pain Reduction

Pain crawls slowly over us as a wet blanket covered in fine grains of sand or slams us instantly into a knurled lump of screaming anxiety.  Looking for relief leads us down paths that would not be otherwise chosen.  Stumbling in excruciating pain leads to emotional anchors and then into a sad lightless black darkness.  And through this you decide whether you whether to chose misery or embrace an outlook of hope.  Love, joy, and peace seem to have left the station for other destinations, but always remember this is your goal.

I am no stranger to pain having suffered chronic pain for three decades.  And then, vitamin D!  It seems odd, something as simple as the sun gives us so much relief.  I was caught up in a world of misinformation after having a heat stroke from exposure to the sun when I was three.  The heat stroke almost killed me.  The remedy of staying out of the sun would have killed if not for having walked through the door of societal dilemmas. Art called science being driving down the road of motivated institutional immorality left me in a sad darkness.

Vitamin D is hugely significant in helping to deal with all kinds of pain, in particular chronic pain.  When you add to that the remedy of sulfur and magnesium, pain runs from your body like a scalded hound that was caught in the chicken house. Long have mud baths, mineral spring water, garlic, onions, and Epson salt soaks all have in common sulfur and magnesium and analgesic properties.  The vitamin D controls the action of these minerals throughout the body.  From the start of taking vitamin D, I was off of pain meds in about ten months.  That is serious meds as in the form of 400 mg of tramadol(Ultram) along with 1600 mg of gabapentin(Neurontin).  And now, seven years later with no meds there is only love, peace, and joy.

I like what Henry Lahore, Vitamindwiki, has to say about his understanding of vitamin D.

Note about pain and vitamin D from Henry Lahore

I emailed the following to a friend on our shared 66th birthday, March 2012
Ah, I am 66 years old now but feel like I am in my early 50’s (taking 12,000 IU vitamin D daily in the winter) Lots of vitamin D in the past 2 years

  • All aches and pains are gone.
  • My psoriasis on my knee is gone
  • My feet no longer develop cracked the skin
  • Essential tremor in my hands is gone
  • My neck is no longer sore
  • My back is no longer sore
  • My brain is back (able to think and remember much better)
  • The Raynaud’s pain in my fingers is gone
  • It is a great decade   As (not just my day)
  • My wife feels 10 years younger too (she is taking 10,000 IU daily)

Take some time and go to Vitamindwiki’s page on pain.   You will find way too much information there to consume.  I would suggest Vitamin D for chronic pain -2008.pdf about half way down the page: “Vitamin D – A Neglected ‘Analgesic’ for Musculoskeletal Pain”, Hollis, 

You may not be able to do anything about your pain, but you do get to decide if you want misery as well.  – Pandemic Survivor

The Value of Spending Time in the Sun

There are pundits out there claiming that making vitamin D in the sun is better than taking it orally because you will make more vitamin D3 sulfate which is very active in transforming health and not just in moving calcium around.  In particular are the statements of Dr. Mercola in making this claim.  He has made a leap in logic where there are no logical pathways.   My contention is if cholesterol can be turn into cholesterol sulfate by replacing an OH group with a SO4 group then the same can occur with vitamin D3 through normal biological processes.

Sulfation (adding a sulfate) occurs with many different molecules.  Some of the more common ones are the glycans that are responsible for giving you healthy joints.  Another is keratin sulfate that gives you healthy skin.  It seems that for some reason Dr. Mercola has reached the conclusion that the only way that you make vitamin D3 sulfate is from cholesterol sulfate in the skin with UVB incident light.  It is my belief that you have more vitamin D3 sulfate when you have an adequate intake of sulfate.  After all, the hypothesis of Stephanie Seneff was there are lower heart disease and other chronic diseases in countries with higher natural sulfur.

I believe the benefit from getting your vitamin D3 from sunning is more about forming water boundaries.  Dr. Gerald Pollack, University of Washington bioengineering professor, discovered that water forms structured boundaries when exposed to infrared light (benefit of exposing our bodies to the sun?).  There is a sixty minute you tube video where he presents his findings – “Water, Energy, and Life: Fresh Views from the Water’s Edge”.  I believe these boundaries form when hydrogen in the boundary region has different bond angles in the water molecule.  This higher energy level of water requires you to spend time in infrared light for the bond angles to form.  Also you may consider that one of the practices of chiropractors is to treat people in infrared light to improve health.  There are a number of infrared light therapy products on the market now for treating primarily pain.

I believe the benefit of getting vitamin D from the sun is no greater than taking it orally.  The benefit of going into the sun is to help make healthy membranes so that our biological processes work the best.  Of course I am referring to the separation of sodium/potassium which drives our whole neurological processes.  Also the action of calcium and magnesium may be controlled to a degree by the difference in boundary potentials.

I know that this may sound odd, but infrared light is just as important to health as ultraviolet light.  Be sure you are getting enough inorganic sulfates and spend time in the sun as it is very beneficial to you.  What could be better than soaking in an Epsom salts bath while in the sun?  – Pandemic Survivor

Inorganic Sulfate and the Nervous System

We had established earlier that inorganic sulfate has many roles for health in this post:  Human Health – Sulfur and the Vitamin D Connection

We also found that the sodium-sulfate co-transporters are controlled by vitamin D.  “Critical role of vitamin D in sulfate homeostasis: regulation of the sodium-sulfate cotransporter by 1,25-dihydroxyvitamin D3 ” Bolt, Journal of Endocrinology and Metabolism, May 27, 2004. 

I would now like to consider what effects sulfate has on the central nervous system.  In the article found on the USDA website, “Sulfate” (pdf),  there is a list of many compounds that are critical to health that are formed out of the energy cycle ATP-ADP in combination with inorganic sulfate.  One of the listed compounds is cerebroside sulfate.  A variation of this compound (galactose) makes up two percent of grey matter and twelve percent of white matter.  The glucose variation is found in many organ cells, neurons, and skin where it acts to maintain water permeability.

The galactose variation is the major component of the myelin sheath that protects your nerves throughout the body.  The health of this sheath also dictates the speed and proper response of nerve signal transmission by maintaining a local reservoir of sodium and potassium.  I think that this is the major pathway of vitamin D that reduces pain all over the body.  Galactoslycerimides are not found in plants.  I guess since there is not a nervous system there is no need.

I may have related a story to you earlier by a pharmacist that had difficulty in controlling a patient’s pain without having the patient pass out from the meds.  At the insistence of a relative of the patient for a change in meds, the pharmacist decided to try adding a significant amount of vitamin D.  With the addition of the vitamin D3, the patient was able to have the meds reduced by half and remained lucid.  To me this is an amazing story that says generalized pain can be significantly reduced just by the addition of vitamin D3.

In the morning, I notice a significant clearing of the brain after drinking a mineral water that has a significant amount of sulfate added as magnesium sulfate.  I go many times without any coffee because it is not needed with the mineral water.

There are two things that we do as a society that really bothers me.  First, we spend huge amounts of money to take the hardness out of the water.  The hardness is normally caused by calcium and magnesium sulfate and/or chloride.  This water is not harmful to human health, but beneficial to human health.  It has been promoted as theory that the reason the low death rate for heart disease in both Greece and Japan are because of the high sulfate in the water.  This hardness is not a problem for water systems as long as carbonate is not introduced.  If carbonate is introduced or occurs naturally, then the calcium carbonate precipitates out of solution fouling the water system.  Our water supply systems should remove the carbonate and leave the rest of the minerals.  Of course, we would not get many suds formation when washing.  This could actually be a good thing in washing.

Second, when you have a blood test only three of the four major anions in the blood are measured routinely.  Phosphate, chloride, and bicarbonate are routinely measured and the levels used as markers or indicators for various biological functions.  However, the fourth, sulfate, is not measured.  To me this is an extremely necessary part of health and standards should be developed for serum sulfate levels.  It most likely could be used as a marker for various disease states like heart disease or the ability to cope with pain.

In whatever way you decide through diet, supplementation, or soaking in an Epsom salts bath; be sure that you are getting enough sulfates.  – Pandemic Survivor

Pain in Shades of Ultra Violet – Appendicitis

Up in the March chilled morning and something is just not right.  There is this gnawing feeling that seems to float from one part of the body to the next.  It is difficult to realize the origin and yet it seems to be overtaking my senses in a ubiquitous fervor.  A hot coffee and a handful of aspirin and you are off to start the day.  As the morning goes on the coffee and the analgesics start to fade and the gnaw returns.  By eleven AM the ‘gnaw’ has turned into a full blown ache in the gut.  Gaseous rumbles dance around your insides like a hot summer afternoon rolling of thunder that comes in increasing alarm as you know the storm is on its way.  By two in the afternoon you are waiting patiently in the infirmary for someone, anyone to come and tell you what is going on.   Then the news you did not want to hear; we are sending you to the hospital as your white cell count is really high and we think you have appendicitis.

At the fortress of greater understanding where those who have spent their life trying to heal and allow wellness await in anticipation of what their next case is going to like.  A really cool patient who tries their best effort at diagnosis or just a whiner that would be better if they were sent somewhere else in the ‘whinbulance’ awaits their years of training.  “What was the ride over here like?  Were there any bumps in the road,” the surgeon, with years of experience, asks. The gnaw chews at your insides as you wonder what kind of question is that for a medical professional to ask. There was too much pain to consider whether there were any bumps or not.  This guy must be an idiot, but he has a beautiful assistant with dark lovely hair and you know there has to be something going on.  The assistant returns after a few minutes and says we think you just have the flu and we are going to send you home.  If the pain gets worse then you should come back to see us.  There were no bumps in the road so you must not have appendicitis.  Of course not having medical insurance even in 1971 and the need to keep dark lovely hair in beautiful fashion may have had something to do with not wanting to keep me around.

Racked with the constant numb of gnaw slows the entire world down to where everything is happening as if the movie speed has been turned down to extreme slow motion.  Even the sound of a fly is amplified to a fleet of B-52 bombers going overhead.  Was this what the surgeon was talking about?  What bumps in the road?  But that damn fly needs a good dose of antiaircraft fire.  The experience of pain is different for everyone and ranges through the full spectrum of bright red to the invisible ultra violet.

Decision was made that I was not going back to see the man with the lovely-dark-haired assistant.  A phone call to my parents at four in the morning less than eighteen hours from the start of anxiety was made hastily before I begin the long drive home of about an hour and half.  Dad said he would meet me at the emergency room of the hospital closest to my entrance into the city and find a surgeon.  About two thirds of the way to comfort, a stop was necessary to throw up an ugly yellow substance that was later described as bile.  The appendix had ruptured and waves of pain followed and preceded tsunamis’ of anxiety.   The new surgeon, Dr. Marks, said he thought I had appendicitis but did not think it had ruptured.  Besides, he had a busy schedule already planned for the day and he could not have a nineteen year old college student interrupt.  A shot of Demerol and two o’clock in the afternoon and the surgery finally began – ten hours after the rupture.  Two days later the scrub nurse comes into the room to inquire if I was still alive.  She was amazed as she said she had spent more than an hour mopping up the toxins in my chest cavity with Betadine.  I most likely would have died from the infection if not for her efforts.

A shot of antibiotic every hour for three days and the infection was prevented.  Nine days later I was to be discharged and a new surgeon shows up.  He is amazed that my cavity drain tubes have not been removed.  He said that the tubes were to be removed a few inches at a time over several days.  But if I didn’t mind he would like to just pull them out now and release me.  I was amazed as he removed the three tubes with the longest at eighteen inches.  No offer of pain meds until he saw me go whiter than the freshly starched sheet on the bed.  Five days later I was back at college playing tennis.  Ah, the resilience of youth.

Could this episode of “pain on steroids” have been averted with an adequate level of vitamin D?  I suspect so.  This is just one of many illnesses that have occurred in the spring when my level was the lowest.  It gives me shivers even now as I think this was just a four on my pain scale of zero to ten.  If I can overcome the fear, I may someday describe the pain episode that is a ten.  – Pandemic Survivor

You Don’t Have to Shrink with Age

As we age most of us start to shrink in height.  It is not unusual to shrink an inch or more by the time you have reached sixty years of age.  If you have not practiced good nutrition, this shrinkage could even be more severe.  This shrinkage will lead to nerves that are ‘crowded’ as they exit the spine causing an array of symptoms.  Aching and cramping muscles, numbness and tingling, and yes even physical appearance of rashes and dermal reactions.  If not treated with exercise and good nutrition, it could ultimately lead to failure severe compression of the spinal nerves and serious disease states.

A normal part of the experience of living means that during the day a six foot person could shrink as much as three quarters of an inch just from dehydration.  As we sleep at night and take the pressure off of the vertebral discs and hydrate the cartilage between the discs expands.  Then when you get up, most of the soreness of muscles has gone and some stretches makes you feel like a new person.

It has generally been accepted in the practice of medicine that shrinking with age just happens and there is nothing that you can do about.  Of course if you are a regular reader you know that I have overcome this shrinkage.  There is nothing in the medical science about how to heal the cartilage to keep it healthy.  This is largely due to the fact that most trial studies work only one nutritional factor at a time.  However, you can find what nutrients allow for cellular differentiation of chondracytes, cartilage stems cells and the building blocks of cartilage and joint lubricant.  It is a combination of vitamin D, vitamin A, sulfur, magnesium, vitamin C, and iodine.

Determining the exact amounts to use is an art that most be tailored to each individual depending on what they eat.  Of course there is not really much research on is sulfur.  However, the alternative medicine folks have promoted glucosamine sulfate, chondroitin sulfate, and MSM for joint pain.  I believe the body is used to getting its sulfur from sulfate that is found in water as calcium sulfate and magnesium sulfate.  However, with the complaints of the hardness of water affecting the way it cleans and the taste, a huge effort has been made to get the minerals out of water and has led to a significant deficiency.  I suspect the many diseases associated with vitamin D deficiency also have cofactors of the above named nutrients.

If you want to help stabilize your discs, then an adequate amount of these nutrients is an absolute.  You may start using the triple strength products that include chondroitin, glucosamine, and MSM.  Follow the directions on the box at two per day with most brands.  To assure that you are getting enough sulfur, you may want to eat eggs every day and a healthy amount of garlic and onions when appropriate.

The vitamin D along with vitamin A drives the cellular differentiation of the cartilage cells.  It is wise to get your serum level of vitamin D above 60 ng/ml, 25(OH)D.  After about three months at this level, your liver will start to clear of vitamin A.  It is then wise to take about 4000 IU of vitamin A from fish liver oil or eat a piece of liver about the size of your hand once per month.  By following this formula, I got back the inch that I had shrunk and then grew an additional two inches as my genes fully expressed themselves. This happened over a ten month period and was amazing as my eye line changed and my view of the world changed.

Exercise, exercise, exercise, and yoga and inverted decompression are best.  There is no blood flow to your cartilage and the accordion like action gets the nutrients into your joints.  To your healthy discs – Pandemic Survivor


Managing Pain with Nutrients

Pain management for the central nervous system, CNS, (also generalized musculoskeletal pain) has implications that are much further reaching than just making you feel better.  Of course making you fell better and getting you to relax is really all that most care about when their day is so consumed with excruciating pain.  Pain that reaches right through the center line of your body, grabs your heart in its hands, and squeezes until your eye balls pop out.  Too descriptive for you, then maybe you should realize there are pain levels beyond what you are currently suffering.  When pain becomes too great, your body just starts to shut down in what is commonly known as shock.  The action of an upset in the CNS can cause many types of issues as the general signaling for body functions are interrupted.  The long term effects of chronic severe pain can cause the brain to shrink.  The rate of shrinkage has been estimated for one year of chronic severe pain to be equivalent to fifteen to twenty years of aging.  An upset in the CNS can do great harm to you, so the course of action is to slow the immediate pain response and then address the cause.  You body’s natural response to slow pain to keep you from doing damage to yourself is shock, which has its own implications.

What gives me the right to discuss pain as an expert?  I have suffered pain since 1978 or before many of you were born.  After realizing that my doctor was just trying to patronize me because he thought that I was a whiner, I begin to research the causes and results of pain.  Know that on my pain scale of zero to ten, that the debilitating pain of a ruptured appendix is a four.  My spinal cord being seventy-five percent compressed in the lumbar area is now a ten.  My research and the use of many different types of pain amelioraters has lead me to come to the conclusion that pain meds can be worse for your body than the pain when used long term.  When used short term to stop your body from ‘seizing’ then they are a blessing.  Notice that I used the word seizure because that’s what happens when the action potential along the CNS becomes out of control.

As an aside, in a discussion with a retired pharmaceutical researcher, he said that the way that they caused rats to seize so that they could test seizure meds was to withhold vitamin D.

I will forgo the long discussion of prescription pain meds and otc pain meds to talk about natural pain nutrients that were designed by nature to affect the way you respond to pain.  Know that there are certain things in your body that become deplete that cause the pain response to be worse.  When I say pain response, I am talking about not only the initiating pain, but also the ‘electrical disturbance’ that occurs along your nerve pathways after the fact.  Imagine a series of electrical circuits that lost their insulation or the controls have failed and exactly the same thing happens in your CNS.  Prescription meds either slow the response of release of neurotransmitters at the nerve junction to interrupt communication or cause a different type of neurotransmitter to be released to create euphoria like the endorphin mimics, opioids.  A word of caution should be given here about pain meds that are used for reducing the action of voltage gated calcium channels.  This includes calcium channel blockers that are used to treat high blood pressure as well as heart disease.  The side effects of these drugs can be very damaging and for that reason you should only used these drugs short term until you determine which nutrient deficiency is making you ill.  This includes the seizure meds gabalin and pregabalin, that are now being used for pain control.  They are nothing more than amino acids that affect the voltage calcium gate.

All of these calcium channel blockers are really just mimics of the vital amino acid, l-arginine.  L-arginine works by releasing nitric oxide which allows the blood vessels to relax and reduce blood pressure and give you a healthy heart.  High blood pressure and heart disease; be sure you are getting enough l-arginine.

In a previous post, we discussed action potential or how signals travel along neural cells that compose the nervous system. The last action in the action potential is the opening of the calcium channel to cause the neurotransmitter to be released at the junction of the synapse. The calcium channel is in essence the key to cellular biological functions.  I remember reading this in Scientific American in the late seventies and thought the author had lost his mind.  He was in fact saying that calcium acts more like a hormone for cellular action than it does a mineral to maintain electrical stability. A natural calcium channel blocker is magnesium.  I believe this works by how the energy is supplied to operate the protein that comprises the calcium gate through ATP.  So my question to you; why are you taking a calcium channel blocker when most likely all you have is a huge magnesium deficiency.  There is no clinical test to determine if your cells are replete in the vital nutrient.  It takes six months to a year to become replete with magnesium when your intake is 3.5 to 4.5 milligrams per pound of body weight per day.  This is about three times what we find in our normal diet.  Magnesium works on the calcium channel of cells that make sure there is enough stored calcium in the cell.   In pain, high blood pressure, or heart disease, take adequate amounts of magnesium per day.

As you need energy, there is a need to be sure the ‘engines’ that generate energy requirements of the cells are healthy.  Mitochondrial bodies are these engines that carry on the ATP/ADP cycle for energy transfer.  This is the energy that operates all of the ion gates in cells and along neural cell axons for the sodium/potassium gates.  Magnesium and vitamin D3 are the things that keep the mitochondrial functions adequate.  There is also the need for elimination of waste as in any process there is intake/action/product and waste removal.  Sulfur is the body’s natural compound for removing waste.  Organic compounds that need to be removed from cells forms an ester with sulfur.  This is water soluble so the waste moves out of the cell and out of your body. In pain, itching, low energy, and have general malaise, then be sure you are getting an adequate amount of vitamin D3, magnesium, potassium, and sulfur.

I will relate this story by my daughter a pharmacist at a local university hospital.  She had a patient that required so much pain medicine to control the pain that the patient was not lucid. After giving the patient significant amounts of vitamin D, she was able to reduce the patient’s pain meds to less than half.  The patient was then able to function normally. Here is a great review of vitamin D3 and pain for the clinician.  Vitamin D for Pain   CAUTION USE D3 ONLY!  NO D2!

Drugs are nothing more than mimics of natural substances or replacements for nutritional deficiencies.  Natural substances can be used much more safely because there are fewer side effects.  But the root cause of pain, disease, and death is nutritional and spiritual deficiency.  – Pandemic Survivor