Managing Pain with Nutrients

Pain management for the central nervous system, CNS, (also generalized musculoskeletal pain) has implications that are much further reaching than just making you feel better.  Of course making you fell better and getting you to relax is really all that most care about when their day is so consumed with excruciating pain.  Pain that reaches right through the center line of your body, grabs your heart in its hands, and squeezes until your eye balls pop out.  Too descriptive for you, then maybe you should realize there are pain levels beyond what you are currently suffering.  When pain becomes too great, your body just starts to shut down in what is commonly known as shock.  The action of an upset in the CNS can cause many types of issues as the general signaling for body functions are interrupted.  The long term effects of chronic severe pain can cause the brain to shrink.  The rate of shrinkage has been estimated for one year of chronic severe pain to be equivalent to fifteen to twenty years of aging.  An upset in the CNS can do great harm to you, so the course of action is to slow the immediate pain response and then address the cause.  You body’s natural response to slow pain to keep you from doing damage to yourself is shock, which has its own implications.

What gives me the right to discuss pain as an expert?  I have suffered pain since 1978 or before many of you were born.  After realizing that my doctor was just trying to patronize me because he thought that I was a whiner, I begin to research the causes and results of pain.  Know that on my pain scale of zero to ten, that the debilitating pain of a ruptured appendix is a four.  My spinal cord being seventy-five percent compressed in the lumbar area is now a ten.  My research and the use of many different types of pain amelioraters has lead me to come to the conclusion that pain meds can be worse for your body than the pain when used long term.  When used short term to stop your body from ‘seizing’ then they are a blessing.  Notice that I used the word seizure because that’s what happens when the action potential along the CNS becomes out of control.

As an aside, in a discussion with a retired pharmaceutical researcher, he said that the way that they caused rats to seize so that they could test seizure meds was to withhold vitamin D.

I will forgo the long discussion of prescription pain meds and otc pain meds to talk about natural pain nutrients that were designed by nature to affect the way you respond to pain.  Know that there are certain things in your body that become deplete that cause the pain response to be worse.  When I say pain response, I am talking about not only the initiating pain, but also the ‘electrical disturbance’ that occurs along your nerve pathways after the fact.  Imagine a series of electrical circuits that lost their insulation or the controls have failed and exactly the same thing happens in your CNS.  Prescription meds either slow the response of release of neurotransmitters at the nerve junction to interrupt communication or cause a different type of neurotransmitter to be released to create euphoria like the endorphin mimics, opioids.  A word of caution should be given here about pain meds that are used for reducing the action of voltage gated calcium channels.  This includes calcium channel blockers that are used to treat high blood pressure as well as heart disease.  The side effects of these drugs can be very damaging and for that reason you should only used these drugs short term until you determine which nutrient deficiency is making you ill.  This includes the seizure meds gabalin and pregabalin, that are now being used for pain control.  They are nothing more than amino acids that affect the voltage calcium gate.

All of these calcium channel blockers are really just mimics of the vital amino acid, l-arginine.  L-arginine works by releasing nitric oxide which allows the blood vessels to relax and reduce blood pressure and give you a healthy heart.  High blood pressure and heart disease; be sure you are getting enough l-arginine.

In a previous post, we discussed action potential or how signals travel along neural cells that compose the nervous system. The last action in the action potential is the opening of the calcium channel to cause the neurotransmitter to be released at the junction of the synapse. The calcium channel is in essence the key to cellular biological functions.  I remember reading this in Scientific American in the late seventies and thought the author had lost his mind.  He was in fact saying that calcium acts more like a hormone for cellular action than it does a mineral to maintain electrical stability. A natural calcium channel blocker is magnesium.  I believe this works by how the energy is supplied to operate the protein that comprises the calcium gate through ATP.  So my question to you; why are you taking a calcium channel blocker when most likely all you have is a huge magnesium deficiency.  There is no clinical test to determine if your cells are replete in the vital nutrient.  It takes six months to a year to become replete with magnesium when your intake is 3.5 to 4.5 milligrams per pound of body weight per day.  This is about three times what we find in our normal diet.  Magnesium works on the calcium channel of cells that make sure there is enough stored calcium in the cell.   In pain, high blood pressure, or heart disease, take adequate amounts of magnesium per day.

As you need energy, there is a need to be sure the ‘engines’ that generate energy requirements of the cells are healthy.  Mitochondrial bodies are these engines that carry on the ATP/ADP cycle for energy transfer.  This is the energy that operates all of the ion gates in cells and along neural cell axons for the sodium/potassium gates.  Magnesium and vitamin D3 are the things that keep the mitochondrial functions adequate.  There is also the need for elimination of waste as in any process there is intake/action/product and waste removal.  Sulfur is the body’s natural compound for removing waste.  Organic compounds that need to be removed from cells forms an ester with sulfur.  This is water soluble so the waste moves out of the cell and out of your body. In pain, itching, low energy, and have general malaise, then be sure you are getting an adequate amount of vitamin D3, magnesium, potassium, and sulfur.

I will relate this story by my daughter a pharmacist at a local university hospital.  She had a patient that required so much pain medicine to control the pain that the patient was not lucid. After giving the patient significant amounts of vitamin D, she was able to reduce the patient’s pain meds to less than half.  The patient was then able to function normally. Here is a great review of vitamin D3 and pain for the clinician.  Vitamin D for Pain   CAUTION USE D3 ONLY!  NO D2!

Drugs are nothing more than mimics of natural substances or replacements for nutritional deficiencies.  Natural substances can be used much more safely because there are fewer side effects.  But the root cause of pain, disease, and death is nutritional and spiritual deficiency.  – Pandemic Survivor


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