Disability – A System Issue

There are multiple things in our present society that are causing a rise in disability rates.  In a recent article for NPR “Unfit for Work: The Starling Rise of Disability in America” Chana Joffe-Walt writes: “The federal government spends more money each year on cash payments for disabled former workers than it spends on food stamps and welfare combined.”   Where have we gone wrong?

Personal Responsibility

Our leaders have failed us as it has happened in the past history of the US.  When settlers first came over on the Mayflower, it was thought that everyone should share equally whatever the community provided.  This system failed miserably because of human nature.  That is if someone is willing to give you something and you don’t have to work; you take it.  Work is the thing that gives added value and increase.  The leaders saw what the issues were and changed it so that everyone was on their own.  If you didn’t work you didn’t eat.  At some point, hopefully not too late, our current leaders will see the error of their ways and change.  There is no something for nothing.

Food Causing Illness

There has been a false science permeating the US solely for the purpose of creating markets.   This has been particularly dangerous in the food industry.   Under the guise of generating large yields to stave off world hunger, our grains and other foods have been genetically modified.  This would not be an issue if the foods had been properly tested for health consequences.  Since the early 1980’s, I have not been able to eat wheat without getting indigestion.  Also, my joints ache; I lose focus, and in general feel miserable.  The wheat you eat today is not your grandfather’s wheat.  Dr. William Davis in his book, “Wheat Belly” believes that the change in wheat is the cause of the obesity problem in the US and many other types of disease.

We can consider the five major things that have created problems in the food industry and it always seems to be about creating markets instead of the best benefit of mankind.  GMO (genetically modified organism) wheat, GMO corn, processed and GMO soy, concentrated juices and the consumption of two much sugar, and trans-fat as in margarine have all lead to serious generalized pain and illness.  Avoid these things and you will not believe how much better you will feel.  You may even feel like you want to go back to work.

Corn seems to be another issue that will ultimately cause severe damage to the population.  In a recent study released from Australia, hogs that were feed GMO corn had severely inflamed guts.  Also rat studies have shown huge tumors being formed in GMO fed animals. I have a friend that lives in central Piedmont North Carolina.  He has always raised corn for both animal feed and for his own food supply.  He remarked to me recently that years ago he had to constantly scare the crows away from his sweet corn.  Now with GMO corn, the crows will not even bother to eat it.  If the crows want eat it why should we?  After all the EPA has given corn a number as a registered pesticide. This has been a major help in the shelf life of the corn by inserting a gene that creates a pesticide, but the next morning you are having that bowl of corn flakes, think pesticide.


And then there are nutrients: Vitamin D, Iodine, magnesium, and sulfate are recent deficiencies that have been made worse in the last fifty years.  Over seventy percent of healthcare spending is for chronic disease.  I believe science has been manipulated for the purpose of having a large population with chronic disease to support a large health economy.  After all, when your Secretary of Health and Human Services writes the nine principles of government intervention into healthcare with four being “markets before mandates” and number nine “to value life”, then what would you expect.

So Many Wrongs – Where to Start

After two failed back surgeries, severe sleep apnea, and many years of chronic severe pain, my doctor offered to write a letter for disability.  He suggested seventy percent disability because of my apparent mental and physical impairment.  However, I was reared to understand that we are responsible for our own provisions.  I did not have my legs shot off in the war or was born with severe disability.  My problems have been because of a government system of creating markets over the health of the population.  We have simply become nothing more than cows for the profits of the medical insurance industry.  Regardless of recent commercials that have been run by that industry saying they are not the bad guys, I ask you this – would you buy insurance so that you could have regular oil changes.  This is exactly what you are doing when you pay an insurance company for preventative care.

Start by repelling the affordable healthcare act.  We passed it to see what was in it.  IT is now time to send it away.  Take away the monopoly of the insurance companies by state and make your insurance national.  Allow all health insurance companies to compete in all markets. Take away groups and force insurance companies to put everyone in the same group with the exception of a high risk group like car insurance.  Health insurance for preventative care should not be allowed or at least closely controlled.

Restructure the Health and Human Service agencies so that there is real science and not science pointed to a healthy economy, but pointed toward health of individuals.

Allow doctors to practice their art and not be simply technicians that do the biding of HHS and large pharmaceutical companies.  Remove all forms of pharmaceutical advertizing and leave that to the professionals.

Clean up our food sources.  Train the population in nutrition.

That should about do it.  Have a good day!  – Pandemic Survivor


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