All Chronic Disease is from Poor Nutrition

I was given several tape cassettes on this subject some years ago by a friend.  The fact that it was a cassette should tell you that it was in the eighties.  I listened to the speaker as I drove to displace the boredom.  He was all about the fact that all chronic disease was created by poor nutrition.  At the time I thought that he was just trying to sell supplements and he was. Now after several decades of dealing with the philosophy of medicine, it has become apparent that our medical industry is more interested in selling their product than they are with your healing.  Supplement seller or medical industry – who has your wellness in mind?

Last week my work took me into seven pharmaceutical plants.  Some of the plants made prescription meds, some made over the counter meds, and others made supplements.  The purpose of meds versus supplements was stark when considering chronic disease.  I have no problem with the meds made to heal infections, pain, or other quick onset diseases.  However, when treating chronic disease, supplements are far superior for resolving the illness.

One of the most disquieting statistics that I have come across in my research is the number of prescription meds used by people on Medicare and Medicaid.  People over sixty-five on the government plans average over seventeen prescription meds.  The thought of the side effects that are generated is frightening.  Several of the meds are to treat symptoms of chronic disease, but the rest of the meds are to treat the side effects caused by the meds.

The use of supplements to make up for poor nutritional value in our food is a necessity.  Processed and genetically modified foods are most of what we consume.  With the new approach to creating large agricultural yields and drugs that are genetic switches, I suspect we don’t have a clue to what we are doing to our health.  But, you say that our life expectancy has increased and that is true.

It is my belief that the thought of making money instead of wellness, otherwise known as having a strong medical economy by our government, has moved from snake oil salesmen into the medical industry.  Science is available to show proper nutrition is far superior to using drugs for treating chronic disease.  However, no one is willing to pay for the studies that are necessary to overcome the laws created to sustain the FDA and other agencies of Health and Human Services.  This is the responsibility of HHS, but that does not get politicians elected.

If you are suffering from chronic disease, it is time for you to do your own research.  There are a few excellent practitioners out there with your wellness in mind and know how to treat, cure, heal, and diagnose disease by being sure that you are getting proper nutrition.  How do you determine if that person has your wellness in mind?   – Pandemic Survivor

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