Vitamin D3 Deficiency Causes Autism

This is very exciting news!  Mechanisms have been discovered that shows how vitamin D deficiency causes Autism.  The authors’ state at the end of the abstract – Supplementation with vitamin D and tryptophan is a practical and affordable solution to help prevent autism and possibly ameliorate some symptoms of the disorder.

What happens next will be very interesting.  A government health department that was concerned for its citizenry would make a national response.  A special would be presented by the Surgeon General or/and the Secretary of Health and Human Services.  They would go on all the Sunday morning talk shows with this valuable information.  News organizations would pick this up to alert all expectant mothers of this new information.  Families that are now suffering the trauma of an Autistic child would have significant hope.  There would then be a follow up on Sixty Minutes.

Here is a digestible version of the news at Science Daily – Science Daily – Ames’ Study: Vitamin D causal link Autism

Yet, what we have are a few organizations striving to help people understand our connection to the sun and the value of vitamin D3.  Autism is just one of the many diseases that may be moderated by vitamin D3.  I am sure that the Vitamin D Council, Grass Roots Health, VitaminDWiki, and others will publicize this great information to the best of their ability.  But where is our government on this?  We will just have to wait and see. In the meantime, you are on your own in figuring out how to supplement.  All of the above mentioned organizations have information on how to do it. If you have an Autistic child, you may want to contact Dr. John Cannell, Vitamin D Council, on how to proceed with treatment.  Here is an interesting comment by one board certified pediatrician that wrote to him.  – Pandemic Survivor


2 thoughts on “Vitamin D3 Deficiency Causes Autism

  1. After a dicussion with my daughter in law who is expecting (currently on a prenatal vitamin with D3 in it), she had her D levels checked. Her D level came back at 27 and the alternative doc who checked it put her on 5000 units a day, way more than the prenatal vitamin offered. B12 levels were also low. Facts are facts! How do we get the message out to health professionals?

    • Getting the word out to health professionals when you don’t control the licensing requirements will not happen. Until government accepts that the individual is more important than the medical economy, there will be no action. I have wrestled with this issue for more than eight years. The largest sector of the economy needs lots of unhealthy customers. If vitamin D were a prescription drug where lots of money would be made it would still not be promoted. When a person gets enough vitamin D, wellness results and there is no longer a customer for the medical industry. A change in government policy is necessary.

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