Mineral Healing for the Eyes and Heart

I had a friend recently that was having issues with his heart.  It seems that he has had a life-long problem with heart arrhythmias.  He recently had an episode with his heart and had a device implanted (pace maker).  I had heard that he was about to have a cardioversion, where the heart is electrically ‘shocked’ back into rhythm. He is in his late seventies or about eighty years old.

I asked him about the minerals from his diet and of course he had not given it any consideration.

“It is just one of those things with getting older,” he said.  This is of course is the attitude of people about any disease when it comes to nutrition because of the structure of our government and the medical profession.  If it treats a disease, by definition as declared by Congress, it is then a drug and can only be dispensed by a medical professional.

I suggested to him that perhaps he was magnesium and potassium deficient and suggested that he may take some supplements.  He decided to take a magnesium glycinate supplement and drink low sodium V-8 juice to improve his available potassium.  He started the Sunday before his cardioversion that was on Wednesday.

I happened to be at the hospital when he checked in and met him at the check-in desk.  He pulled me aside and described the most amazing thing that had happened to him.  It seems that about four months back he had developed a blind spot in his vision.  He assumed that it was just from old age and perhaps the meds he was taking for his heart.  He got up to read the paper on Monday morning and to his surprise there was no blind spot.  We can speculate as to why, but the mineral pathways are both electrical and biological enzymatic.

There was just one bump during the cardioversion necessary to get his heart back into rhythm.  I can just imagine that during the thirty years that he has suffered if all that time it was a mineral deficiency issue.  Our medical profession needs to ‘wake up’ to the requirements of nutrition and stop acting just in the cause of profit.  My friend, well, he is one happy guy – Pandemic Survivor


3 thoughts on “Mineral Healing for the Eyes and Heart

  1. Rich,
    Taking magnesium is not preventative care. There are millions of people with heart issues that could be corrected by taking magnesium. If a doctor tells a patient that magnesium will change the heart rhythm, it then becomes a drug by law. Instead they prescribe a pace maker or prescription drugs. When a change in nutrition is the correct recommended course of action the doctor should not prescribe a drug or procedure first – First do no harm!
    Yes you are right, people do need to take responsibility for their health and nutrition, but how do you get the government to make sound policy and to give the correct advice when money is dictating your health?

    • Mark, I think we are saying the same thing but in a different way. You are lamenting that the medical industry needs a paradigm shift because the current is far more effective at extracting money from your insurance company than it is in curing disease. Of course, I totally agree that such an overhaul is necessary, but I go on to say that until until the medical profession can get its act together, it is incumbent on each individual to do your homework, talk to people, learn what you need to learn, and proactively be your own medical advocate.

      Many people I know already do this but we all know the majority is not of that mindset. Those people would benefit greatly if the government could actually make sound public health policy but there’s no telling when or if that can happen, hence the need for self-education. I withdraw the comment about not agreeing on this point. I think we are in full agreement.

  2. Mark, I have to comment on this sentence you wrote: “Our medical profession needs to ‘wake up’ to the requirements of nutrition and stop acting just in the cause of profit.” As you are well aware, I agree with about 99% of what you write in this blog, but this falls into the 1%. It’s not up to your doctor to provide a level of health that prevents the need for medical treatment. That responsibility falls upon each patient. It’s all about personal responsibility.

    However, I would agree it’s wise to seek professional help in the pursuit of vibrant health. That help can come from excellent blogs like this one along with NaturalNews.com, Mercola,com, and many others. It can come from clinical nutritionists, naturopaths, chiropractors, and knowledgeable clerks who can be found in most health food stores. Even watching Dr. Oz on television is a small step in the right direction.

    Anyone depending on a mainstream physician for advice on preventive care is most likely going to hear the advice they already know: lose weight, lay off the junk food, stay hydrated, get some exercise, learn to manage stress, get a good night’s sleep without pills, and try to avoid contact with harmful chemicals.

    THERE: I just saved your readers a visit to the doctor. Doctors are trained to diagnose and treat. In their defense, some doctors take prevention seriously but on the whole, I’m not waiting for the medical profession to undergo a major paradigm shift. Here’s my advice: PATIENT, HEAL THYSELF.

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