Vitamin D Saves a Career

I was recently sought out by a person that had heard about my recovery and wanted to know what I had done to heal my back and have my energy return.  Bobbie,(details of this person have been changed to protect her identity, but the health benefits are what really happened) an air traffic controller at a local airport had told me that after two decades of this demanding job that she did not think she could continue.  She said that her trouble with fatigue was compromising the quality of her work; and the safety of persons that were in her responsible care.  At age fifty with two decades of work, air traffic controllers can retire and she had decided to take this option.

We talked on several different occasions about deficiencies of nutrients and she decided to supplement.  Her supplements were vitamin D, vitamin C, magnesium, boron, iodine, and a multiple vitamin.  She noted that the first thing was the amount of energy that she had.  She typically jogs a few miles every day and discovered that she was not tired at the end of her exercise.  She was able to double the mileage that she jogged and told me that she recovered much quicker.

After a few months of this new found energy, she decided that she would return to work as an instructor.  She did this for a month and has now decided to return to work.  She says with the new energy that she feels comfortable about making it to the mandatory retirement age of 56 and may even make it to the age 61 exemption.

She started by supplementing at 3000 IU of D3 per day.  After a month she had her serum level tested and found that her 25(OH)D was 35 ng/ml.  She has decided to supplement with more vitamin D to get her serum level up above 50 ng/ml or more in range with a person in a sunny country.  Bobbie loves her new found energy and is very grateful that she can return to work.

It is truly amazing that with some simple nutrients that this person was able to return to a career that she loves with the confidence that she was not compromising the quality of her work.  – Pandemic Survivor


1 thought on “Vitamin D Saves a Career

  1. Just like Bobbi, the first thing I noticed after starting on vitamin D3 @ 4000IU was more energy. I started in October 2009, just taking the D3 daily and not thinking about it. Then in Jan 2010, I wondered why I wasn’t feeling the post-prandial lassitude and sleepiness that had become a daily feature of my life for years. The only thing different about my nutrition and lifestyle was the D3. I knew that’s what was giving me the energy. A few months later I had my blood levels tested and I was at 50 ng/ml.

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