Imagine Freedom

Life, liberty, and the pursuit of dreams
Brings images of delight for life
As we follow our happiness
Not like a sea lion trapped in a desolate barren

Endless stretches of sun bleached sand
Getting stuck in every crevice available
Make you itch for the life that you are destined
As you long to be with ones of like mind

And you think of the lives given
So that the sand becomes endless
Delightful forest of refreshing green
All there for you to enjoy at this sacrifice

Now it is ours to maintain for a community
That believes freedom is a Divine gift
For our own decisions of what is happiness
Are we willing to make this same sacrifice?

Held up like a snake on a stick or a cross
We know that this gift has been given
For our enjoyment of life today and forever
And we pause in celebration of this joy

Original verse for the 4th, 2009 by M. Pegram – Please share if you desire

-Pandemic Survivor