LEDs-an Eye Destroyer

Recently, I had a floater in my eye and was seeing flashes of light. My ophthalmologist said it was just old age.  I asked when it would heal, and he said that it would not. Then I discovered this by Dr. Alexander Wunsch, renown photo-biologist and ophthalmologist. “I call these LEDs – I like to call them Trojan horses because they appear so practical to us. They appear to have so many advantages. They save energy; they are solid state, very robust, for example. So, we invited them into our homes. But we are not aware that they have hidden properties, which are harmful to our (health), harmful to our mental health, harmful to our retinal health, and harmful to our hormonal health or endocrine health.”trojan

I just don’t understand how government reviews major changes to our environment without first reading the science.  It seems the only time environmental dangers are reviewed is when it is an economic benefit to government.  Alarms have gone off about how LEDs can damage health for several decades.  We understand both the benefits and dangers of various wavelengths of light.  LEDs are great for reduction of electricity as they use about 90% less than incandescent bulbs.  In the long term, the blue light that comes from LEDs can damage the retina and other functions of the eye blindness.  With chronic exposure to blue light from LEDS, researchers are predicting an epidemic of eye disease, especially from the large population of baby boomers.  Put me in the category. 

I highly recommended that you watch the thirty-minute interview of Dr. Wunsch by Dr. Mercola.  I had to watch this interview three times before I took in all the information.  There is also a transcript for download on the page if that is easier.  The damage from blue light in combination with age will cause a significant increase in eye disease.  We are exposed to blue light from LEDs on our computers, cell phones, TVs, and now have brought it into our homes through government mandate to reduce our carbon footprint.  I doubt that the government can stop environmental change, but you can count on our eyes being damaged.

I was alarmed after the doctor told me that my left eye would not heal.  The diagnosis is posterior vitreous detachment.  “That floater you see is where the shadow of the damage is projecting onto your retina,” he said.  I questioned the doctor at length about healing and he was adamant that it would not and that it may get worse. He said I should come back in four weeks and that appointment is now ten days away. 

I spend a lot of time on my computer, watching TV, and using my cell phone. I was more than happy to change out my incandescent bulbs for LEDs.  The local power company was very helpful as they sent six free light bulbs to help the effort.  This was two years prior.  When I found the article about LEDS, it began to come home what had happened. The three lights in my home where I read are all on my left side.  I had not only had the exposure to blue light from the multiple electronic sources, now it is from my reading light and general home lighting as well.

The good news is we are not doomed. There is hope for healing and it is very simple.  I now wonder if doctors ever read any new research after they get out of medical school.  I found the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) guidelines for a vitreous detachment and my ophthalmologist had followed them exactly.  This is including how he examined my eye as well as the time for another visit.  What a guy!  I thought that he was very efficient and seemed to really know his stuff. He failed to tell me I was going blind from all the LED exposure and that there is a simple solution—stop using LEDs. That ain’t going to happen.

It turns out, as Dr. Wunsch described the various light effects, that near infrared is very healing.  This occurs by two processes. First there is the stimulation of energy through the deeply penetrating near infrared light of 700 to 1,400 nm. It penetrates as much as 5 cm (2 inches) or more into our body.  This radiant energy accounts for a large portion of our ATP production or our cellular energy molecule. This additional energy promotes healing and gives vigor to biological processes. Second, there is an exclusion zone formed at the boundaries of cell membranes as well as on internal boundaries to bodies inside of the cells from infrared energy absorption. The exclusion zone is significant in charge boundaries and how it helps discrimination of what goes through the cell membrane.  Here is a ten-minute video by Dr. Gerald Pollack of this new understanding–Water, Cells, and Life.

I was amazed at how many stories and advice there are about healing eyes with infrared light. This goes all the way back to the Romans and Greeks.  Here is a recent history from Michael Hamblin of Harvard University on the mechanisms of low level light therapy.  Dr. William Horatio Bates, M.D. (1860-1931) suggested to close the eyes and turn the face directly into the sun for five minutes several times per day.  This was very controversial then and now. It seems safe enough with the eyes closed.  What did I have to lose. The doctor has told me my disease is from old age and it will not heal.

Astonishment filled me as in the first few days the floater had reduced in size by fifty percent.  My visual acuity had significantly improved.  Now, two weeks later, the black floater has reduced by seventy five percent and has turned into a translucent jell-like blob.  I had to change my reading glasses from 2.0 to 1.5 magnification as my eyes have improved. I not only did the sun exposure thing, I also found an infrared heat lamp and used it for about thirty minutes each day for my whole body.  It is unbelievable about how much better I feel. The next visit to my ophthalmologist should be interesting–not that I would challenge a doctor. . .

The other things I did were change all my LED lights that I use for reading back to incandescent. At the advice of Dr. Mercola, I purchased a pair of blue-blocker reading glasses ($15 Amazon) in my reading power and they work great. I use them for watching TV as well as when I am using my computer.  When will they ever learn. . . What about the children?

Back to sunlight, firelight, and candles. –Pandemic Survivor 


8 thoughts on “LEDs-an Eye Destroyer

  1. I accidentally turned on a led torch when i went to pick it up in a department store and the small number of led lights shown directly into my right eye causing what they call floaters and my sight has not recovered and seems to be getting slightly worst over time.A period of approximately eight months.I had perfect eyesight before this happened and i am now really pissed off,I will give the infrared treatment a go as i have nothing to lose. Thanks Mark. .

    • Diane,
      LED lights are digital devices. That is they are continuously off/on. This is know as the amount of flckr. I do not suggest that you ever use LEDs for near infrared exposure. Standard incandescent heat lamps at 250 watts are typically mostly near infrared. You can find them at your local hardware. Also, a 250 watt lamp designed for this purpose is the Ruby Lux that you can buy from Amazon.

      One advantage that I may have is that I use Metadichol spray over my closed eye once per day. Try the Metadichol category on my blog.


  2. Jemal, I agree with you that mistreating your workers goes against the Qu&8;r217#an, but I don’t think it’s useful to speak in such a hateful way about all Arabs. Many people in the region do treat their workers well, and many are trying to help them.

  3. If LEDS or the color of light were a source off floaters and retinal detachments. then one would expect to find an increase in them. I am unaware of any such increase. Also none notice in a quick Google search.

    • My Dear Henry, I really appreciate your challenge. Ask yourself this question: Do you want to wait until you stop breathing before you leave the mine when the canary is already dead?
      The most vulnerable in our population will experience the problem first. That is the elderly, you and me, and children. Try your google search on dry eye epidemic children. Typically dry eye is the first symptom of any eye disease. That was my case. Also consider that many cities have reduced the intensity of street lighting to reduce disruption of melatonin. It is just the start of the problem.
      Think about the fact that we are only two to three years in changing out our home LED bulbs. What will our eyes be like after several decades.

      The more recent article that you find when you search will have better info.

      Thanks for commenting and Regards,

      • I don’t know if you are the one who posted the article, but I just started having flashes of light and floaters…I will be making a phone call for an appointment on Monday. I’m wondering how you are doing now. I also have LED lights in my home…I’m off grid so I wanted something very energy efficient. But I’m wondering how the far infared light is working for you and how you are doing now. Thanks

      • Hi Diane, The infrared light is working. If I stop exposing my eyes to the infrared the floater tends to come back. Also it tends to come back depending on my level of hydration. Also I am not consistent in using blue blocking glasses when using the computer or watching TV, so the exposure to blue light is significant. Thanks for reading Mark

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