Climate Change Deniers vs Nutrition Deniers

jailedMedicine has denied the science of nutrition since the earlier 1900s.  This because there is not a lot of money to be made from non-patentable nutrients.  Science has shown that nutrition or getting enough vitamins and minerals will treat and prevent chronic disease.  Doctors are trained in medical school to ignore this science.  This has allowed the “great invisible hand” of economics to create the largest segment of our gross domestic product (GDP) as the healthcare sector (about 18% of GDP or almost one in five people in the US derive their income from healthcare).  The government has continued to allow this growth in the medical economy because wealth creating manufacturing jobs have been moved out of the country and healthcare has been adopted as a poor substitute.  

There is not settled science on manmade global warming. The climate change appears to be more coordinated with the intensity of the sun than with what humans are doing. There does appear to be a move afoot to go after people that do not agree about the science.  Senator Sheldon Whitehouse has said, in comparing how the tobacco industry treated science, “Under President Clinton, the Department of Justice brought and won a civil RICO action against the tobacco industry for its fraud. Under President Obama, the Department of Justice has done nothing so far about the climate denial scheme.”  Attorney General Loretta Lynch has responded, “This matter has been discussed. We have received information about it and have referred it to the FBI to consider whether it meets the criteria for which we could take action on.”  If there is so much upset over science that is not settled, how can we deny the science of nutrition without acting?  Shouldn’t all people responsible be held accountable.  If we are allowing over 1,000 deaths per day from just vitamin D deficiency per Dr. William Grant, then shouldn’t the Secretary of Health and Human Services be charged? What about all the doctors, scientist, and medical insurance people?  Shouldn’t they be charged for fraud and criminally negligent manslaughter?

Criminally Negligent Manslaughter : It seems that responsible parties could be charged with criminally negligent manslaughter because of the “taking of an unreasonable and high degree of risk.”  The risk (denial of the science of nutrition) is being taken, to prevent a perceived failure of the economy if there was a sudden rush of health with proper nutrition.  What an interesting and destructive conundrum.  What a great opportunity to take away much misery and pain in the population.  Proper nutrition for general wellness and treatment of chronic disease with nutrition could resolve opiate abuse and spur a surge in every day effectiveness.  When I think of the suffering, pain, and death it breaks my heart.  We have all been victims of power brokers.

The lack of agreement on the science of medicine is being allowed with the understanding that medicine is not science but art.  At least that is the weak excuse that is being used.  The population is being played like ping pong balls for the benefit of the medical/medical insurance industry.  The propaganda about nutrition that happens in medical school is then relayed to the general population by doctors.  Our smartest and best educated are being used like puppets.  Power centers pull the doctors strings and the marionette plays for the general population.  If you do not agree with your doctor, then you must be an idiot.  It was such stage craft when Obama was trying to get Obamacare approved. He dressed a bunch of people in lab coats and put them on the White House lawn.  How can I be wrong, look at all these people in lab coats—you’ve got be kidding me!  And the politicians wonder why the population is so upset.

Doctors mostly are victims also.  Duped into believing that patented medicine is the only way, they eventually just become a part of the system.  Like a kidnapped victim begins to become assimilated to a kidnapper after a significant amount of time in captivity.  We, as the medical consuming public, fall into lock step and believe that there is no other way than what the doctor tells us. 

This is a very complicated problem with many power centers and with a century of misdirection.  It will take strong leadership to break us free of this downward spiral.  A large healthcare sector of GDP means that we are headed for a significant downfall.  To keep and maintain a large market for a large healthcare sector means that there must be a lot of illness, suffering, and pain.  I was a victim of the suffering for three decades of my life.  As an engineer, I read research papers and determined the vitamins and minerals needed to heal from chronic disease. There should be no problem with doctors doing the same if it were not for the forced assimilation. Only when the government reaches consensus of how nutrition should be delivered in food and medicine will we begin to heal and our economy improve.  Perhaps the better solution would be for government to just get out of the way.  The government that is to protect us from criminals has become the criminal actor.  I am more than willing to forgive all the manipulation and propaganda if our leaders will make policies that gives us health.  –Pandemic Survivor 


4 thoughts on “Climate Change Deniers vs Nutrition Deniers

  1. Thanks for the cereal killer article…didn’t know about the movie either. This sentence in the article: “The myth that dietary fat increases your potential for obesity and causes heart disease has been perpetuated for years and has likely ruined the health of millions of people.” My family is one of them

    My father died of a MI in the living room March 1976. My brothers and I were in our early to mid teens. About a year or 2 before he died; I was bored and read a booklet about lipids given to him by his MD. On the cover was a drawing of a stock of wheat and on the back it was published by U.S. department of Agriculture.
    At thirteen or so years old I remember thinking “why is the department of Agriculture advising my Dad and also his doctor about a health condition.” Seemed odd to me then, but now I know why.
    Probably around 1973 or so our family switched to skim milk, margarine, vegetable oils etc. on MD advice. And as the low-fat, low cholesterol and high grain scheme intensified in the 1980s my brothers and I were great followers of the diet due to what happened to our family. It was even taught in college nutrition and marketed heavily. My older brother became a profusionist working on heart surgeries daily and I in exercise/fitness and the Physical Therapist. Remember of course no internet then for information or other point of view ever heard.
    In our early 30s I and both my brothers health suffered. Just no extra energy, sleep screwed up, pains, mental focus weird. etc. Started with my older brother first, then two years later to me at same age then my younger brother. We were functional but just not healthy. Like you it took two or so decades to learn about nutrition and fell better.
    In brief, the vitamin D council in about 2007 taught me about vit D and co-factors of mag and zinc. Learned about other minerals, Vitamin c etc. From Weston Price foundation learned about traditional diets. From Wheat Belly books stopped eating wheat Feb 2015 and immediately my sleep was near normal after 20 years. Recently learned about leaky gut( which I didn’t think was real) and how wheat is a cause and the endotoxemia from leaky gut causes inflammatory and immune responses. Also Probiotics and pre-biotics. And many other articles and blog like yours have helped when nothing else did and I am still learning. Basically I eat literally the complete opposite I had for most my life.

    You may be familiar with these but are interesting for anyone:
    The Oiling of America lecture gives a good example how these power centers manipulate:

    This is a little know nutritional consequence of modern diets….low lysine and high arginine.

    One additional observation:
    In watching the Woodstock movie again, I could not find anyone even with a belly in the 1969 movie except a singer and a bass player. Other than that all thin and this was before the low-fat diets or any kind of exercise craze like jogging or Jane Fonda aerobics, or body building and even before equal sports in school for women. It was also before wheat was significantly changed genetically in 1979 and later to Frankenwheat. In my town in 1969 there was no fast food, no pizza shop, soda pop was for special occasions and families cooked and ate at home going to a restaurant was a very rare thing for many. It is not the lack of exercise making people sick, exercise has been marketed for money as well, its the non-human modern diet.
    Seems our country has gone from living off the land, to manufacturing and industry to living off each other as an economic stimulus. Kinda Soylent Green like.

  2. Thank you for this post. I work in health care and the lack of attention to and knowledge of nutrition in patient care is well…. criminal. Also, the groups responsible for the development and perpetuation of the low – cholesterol, low-fat, high whole grain diet that was not based on good science caused the worse health epidemics that are man made epidemics! One not by a vector of disease. It is as you write power centers and misdirection for profit.

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