Nutrition Beats Down Cholesterol

D3 Beats Fat

Have you been to your doctor lately and he tells you that he thinks you should be taking a statin drug or a drug to reduce cholesterol. Who the hell is Ancil Keys anyway?  I was at my doctors just a few weeks ago and he begin to drone on about how the requirements for statins had been changed. If you are over sixty and your cholesterol is at 200 then you should be on a statin. Now why he was telling me this is beyond my comprehension. He even wrote down in his notes my explanation to him.

“You would have to hold a gun to my head to get me to take statin drugs.” He then repeated this to a med student that was shadowing him. They had a good chuckle. He was obviously telling me this just to get me excited. I am sure he remembered my “guessed hypothesis” (I’m sure the German’s have a word for this). That is the skin and liver pump out cholesterol yelling at your body to go into the sun to make vitamin D. When you make enough vitamin D or supplement, your hormonal feedback loop stops the production of cholesterol. My present cholesterol test was at 180. He then had me stay an extra thirty minutes to describe my positive changes in health through nutrition to his “shadow.” I was honored.

I had terrible lipids in the past before vitamin D3. I have had triglycerides as high as 800 or a walking heart attack from the viscous fatty blood. By the way, this is the real issue with fat and heart attacks. My cholesterol has come in as high as almost 250. The stabilization of my lipid profile has to do with the vitamin and minerals that I take. I don’t know the mechanism and really don’t care. All I know is that I feel extremely well. The idea that our institutions are trying to get everyone to take more cholesterol reducing drugs in this already tens of billions dollar drug makes me sick to my stomach. I’m sure they have a drug for sick-to-my-stomach caused by their idiopathic delusions of health and wealth.

About a year ago, a young relative about thirty years old told me his doctor was considering putting him on statin drugs because his cholesterol and triglycerides were so high. It runs in the family he said because his father and grandfather had lipid issues as well. It is in the genes. I had the discussion with him about how most everybody has a perfectly good gene map. It is the environment and what we put into our body that causes the genes to express themselves. I suggested he start taking all the a, b, c, d, and e of vitamins and a good mineral supplement that included around 3 to 4 grams of MSM per day as well for sulfate.

He was recently tested and his cholesterol came in at 160 with high HDL or extremely excellent lipids. His triglycerides were very low at around 40. So was it because of inherited genes for making lots of cholesterol or is his father and grandfather deficient in minerals and vitamins as well?

You’ll have to decide which way to go on your next trip to the doctor. Support the medical economy by taking statin drugs for your slightly high cholesterol with all the bad side effects that statins cause. Or, figure out the vitamins and minerals you need to reduce your cholesterol and put your neighbor that sells statins out of work. Of course Obama, Pelosi, and Reid want you to take the statins to show you how well Obamacare works. – Pandemic Survivor


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