Iodine Mimics Ousted

Fluorine and bromine are starting to be taken seriously as toxins in the body. Coca Cola recently announced that it would no longer use BVO, bromated vegetable oil, in its soft drink products. Now, the city council of Dallas is considering the end of fluoridation to the city’s water supply. Dr. Mercola recently reported that over 135 communities have stopped the use of fluoridation since 2010.

Fluorine has been shown to be a neurotoxin and bromine has been shown to be a class 2B cancer agent. We have both high rates of cancer and neurological disorders in the US. However, you still get writers for the press slamming people trying to have a conversation about science and medicine. Consider how Ms Jacquielynn Floyd, The Dallas Morning News, characterizes the opposition from people concerned about toxins forced into our water supplies – “Anti-fluoridation quacks should know there is no debate.” Wow! She goes on to say, “I don’t want to give deliberate offense, but the truth is, these are not issues of “perspective” or “debate.” They’re about the danger posed by abandoning our faith in science and our confidence in reputable institutions.” This kind of statement is not about debate, it is about trying to ‘shut up’ people with a different view point. Ms Floyd would have been entrenched in the group aligned with the mainstream of the fifteenth century that denied the earth rotates around the sun. We should not have FAITH in science or confidence in institutions that do not have empathy for the individuals they serve. Science is not a religion or should not be and institutions can be evil when acting without empathy. I suspect Ms Floyd gets paid well to maintain the pleasure of the advertisers for the Dallas Morning News. The dangers that are posed to society are the people that don’t understand the process of science and institutions. Anytime debate is stopped, then both science and institutions have failed.

Shut up all you mothers of children with autism, ADD, ADHD, and riddled with cancer! You are just stupid and don’t understand science and have no faith. This is so typical of how people with the bully pulpit try to prevent conversation about things that need to be changed. But then again, there are jobs to protect and advertisers that need to be pleased. Not a conspiracy, but follow the money. – Pandemic Survivor


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