Worshiping at the Vitamin Church

An Open Letter to Margaret Wente; from her profile: “Margaret Wente is one of Canada’s leading columnists. As a writer for The Globe and Mail, she provokes heated debate with her views on health care, education, and social issues. She is winner of the National Newspaper Award for column-writing.”

Re: Why I’m Leaving the Vitamin Church – Globe and Mail, Canada 

Dearest Margaret,

I am extremely sorry for your demise.  I assume you’re writing from the grave.  Anyone taking 1000 mg of vitamin D (forty million IU per day for years?) for as long as you suggest would certainly be dead.  At your autopsy, your death was stated to be idiopathic.  In plain English that means the idiots did not know the cause.

The study from the Lancet that you refer to suggested that vitamin D does not improve bone density.  If you had read the abstract closely, you would have noted that they did not use more than 800 IU of vitamin D.  Simple logic would suggest that the study was devised to keep researchers employed as everyone knows that two minutes of mid day summer sun, the equivalent of 800 IU of vitamin D, would not improve bone density.

What are worse than flawed science research papers are extremely flawed opinion articles by renowned authors.  You used the weight of your public face to express an opinion that really means nothing even though it is beautifully written.  At some point the realization that process and content are both important must infuse your vitamin deprived soul.  The cutback in advertising for your publication must have got the technical editor.  Or worse, maybe your publication was given more advertising for the writing of this article by the pharmaceutical/medical insurance industry.

A simple interview with anyone that has recovered from serious disease by the use of nutrition would have rendered your heart so that out of love you would not have written such an error riddle article.  Without knowing it, you may have caused the deaths of thousands of people.  You should heed the words of the nutrition evangelist, Dr. Randy Jirtle, renowned genomic researcher and Time Magazine Person of the Year 2007; “Food is Medicine”.

Judging from your photo showing your ashy white pallor, I suspect you are already starting to get your first cold of the season.  Given the half life of vitamin D is only three weeks, you should expect to get your second cold or the flu about Christmas since you have stopped taking vitamin D.  If you had truly been keeping up with the vitamin D science, you would know that it is not how much you take, but how high your serum level of 25(OH)D.

Worshiping at any church other than a church of God is nothing more than idolatry.  I really am glad that you have decided to give up the vitamin church and free yourself of this evil. Perhaps you should help others in this effort.

To your good health,
Pandemic Survivor


1 thought on “Worshiping at the Vitamin Church

  1. I have been tracking the titles of articles generated by that Lancet study at
    It ignored how much vitamin D was given – most of the studies used 800 IU of vitamin D3 with Calcium
    6 studies actually found a benefit
    but these benefits were cancelled out after averaging with the D2, no Calcium and low D3 studies

    Here are the titles
    Bad news for osteoporosis sufferers: Vitamin D supplements ‘do not help bone health’
    Healthy adults may not need vitamin D to prevent osteoporosis (UPI)
    Latest word on vitamin D supplements is “No” (American Council for Science and Health) far beyond bone mineral density
    Meta-analysis indicates widespread use of vitamin D supplements to prevent osteoporosis in healthy adults unjustified
    More Evidence Against Vitamin D To Build Bones In Middle Age (NPR)
    Most people can ditch vitamin D supplements – research far beyond bone mineral density
    New Study: Vitamin D Pills Don’t Strengthen Healthy Bones (AARP)
    No bone boost from Vitamin D: Study finds supplements are waste of time for women trying to prevent osteoporosis
    No sign that vitamin D pills help aging bones, researchers say
    No Sign That Vitamin D Supplements Help Aging Bones: Study
    Osteoporosis Prevention: Vitamin D Supplements ‘Do Not Strengthen Bones’ (Huffpost)
    Questionable Benefits Of Vitamin D far beyond bone mineral density
    Questions raised over vit D supplements far beyond bone mineral density
    Review questions need for vitamin D supplements far beyond bone mineral density
    Research takes shine off vitamin D far beyond bone mineral density
    Researchers write off benefits of vitamin D far beyond bone mineral density
    Review questions use of vitamin D in osteoporosis
    Supplements Of Vitamin D Won’t Help Prevent Osteoporosis
    Study Finds Vitamin D Supplements Do Little To Improve Bone Health
    Study Reports Vitamin D Ineffective for Bone Health
    Study: Vitamin D Supplements Don’t Protect Against Fractures
    Use of Vitamin D to Treat Osteoporosis Unnecessary for Healthy Adults
    Vit D fails to boost bone density: study
    Vitamin D doesn’t aid the prevention of osteoporosis
    Vitamin D for Bone Mineral Density? Little Evidence of Benefit
    Vitamin D for bones a waste of time?
    Vitamin D Ineffective for Preventing Osteoporosis NYT
    Vitamin D ‘no effect’ on the healthy far beyond bone mineral density
    Vitamin D supplements “no help” to healthy far beyond bone mineral density
    Vitamin D not necessary to tackle osteoporosis – study
    Vitamin D Not So Great for Building Bones in Middle Aged Adults After All
    Vitamin D pills doesnt improve bone mineral density in adults
    Vitamin D pills doesn’t improve bone mineral density in adults
    Vitamin D pills don’t prevent fractures, research suggests (Consumer Reports)
    Vitamin D pills’ effect on healthy bones queried
    Vitamin D pills ‘unnecessary’ for healthy older people far beyond bone mineral density
    Vitamin D supplementation to prevent osteoporosis is not warranted, study concludes (BMJ)
    Vitamin D supplements at any dose don’t appear to offer much benefit in keeping bones strong Unlikely to have read even the abstract
    Vitamin D supplements do not prevent osteoporosis
    Vitamin D supplements–improves bone health or a waste of money?
    Vitamin D Supplements Ineffective in Osteoporosis Protection
    Vitamin D supplements may be waste of money (YouTube video) far beyond bone mineral density
    Vitamin D supplements may not strengthen bones
    Vitamin D supplements may not increase bone density (Reuters, NYT, The Doctor’s Channel)
    Vitamin D Supplements Not Beneficial on Healthy Adults, A Study Finds far beyond bone mineral density
    Vitamin D supplements “no help” to healthy far beyond bone mineral density
    Vitamin D supplements not needed by healthy adults far beyond bone mineral density
    Vitamin D Supplements Not Needed, Doctors Say far beyond bone mineral density
    Vitamin D supplements not recommended for healthy adults far beyond bone mineral density
    Vitamin D Supplements Not Staving Off Osteoporosis
    Vitamin D Supplements Provide Very Low Bone Benefits
    Vitamin D supplements won’t help bones in healthy adults, review concludes (CBS News)
    Vitamin D Supplements: Bone Health or Bogus?
    Vitamin D’s aid for bones doubted
    When It Comes to Bone, Vitamin D Supplementation Falls Short NEJM Journal watch
    Why I’m leaving the vitamin church (said she was taking 1000 milligrams (not micrograms) daily

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