Eliminate Statin Drugs and Eat at McDonalds

The use of statin drugs to control cardiovascular disease is not even close to science and is really even bad “medicine” for the dark arts.  Arterial plaque is mostly calcium plaque and only a very small percentage of fatty material.  Your arteries plug up because you do not have enough vitamin D (and possibly vitamin K2) in your body to properly move calcium around. Also you are very low on the things that release gases that allow the artery walls to relax.  The gases include nitric oxide from l-arginine, niacin, etc. and sulfur dioxide from garlic, onions, egg yolks, etc.

You may remember that last year, my serum 25(OH)D level was 40 ng/ml which is outside of my goal range of 60 to 80.  Normal clinical laboratory range for 25(OH)D has always been or at least for the last thirty five years 20 to 100 ng/ml.  I had consistently taken the ten thousand IU’s of vitamin D3 but had switch to the Pharmassure brand from CVS.  Evidently the Pharmasure brand was not as effective in raising my storage level of vitamin D.  There have been reports of a similar happening with Nature Made brand.  I don’t think these companies intentionally tried to sell an inferior product, I think the issue is in the chemistry and which epi form of vitamin D3 is being measured.  I used Swanson brand as ten thousand IU capsules and my serum 25(OH)D was 92 during my last physical exam.

The thing I have noticed over the last six years I have been replete with vitamin D is that my lipid profiles (fats as cholesterol and triglycerides) have returned to excellent after many years of major concern.  Before vitamin D, I had total cholesterol that was over 240 and triglycerides as high as 700 – a walking heart attack, primarily because the triglycerides were so high.  I am sure there was so much fat in my serum that the fat was floating in the tube before centrifuge. Last year with my serum level of vitamin D at 40 ng/ml, my cholesterol was 210 and triglycerides were 195.  This year with my serum level of vitamin D of 92 ng/ml, my triglycerides were 145 and my cholesterol was 185.  I believe that once your vitamin D level gets high enough, feed back in your endocrine system tells you skin and liver to stop making cholesterol that you have enough.  When you vitamin D level is low your skin and liver are making large amounts of cholesterol screaming at you to go into the sun to make vitamin D.  The vitamin D level also affects the triglycerides to keep them normal as well.

This year from January, I had eaten as much junk food as I could tolerate.  Sausage biscuits at McDonald’s, when you could buy two for three dollars, are my favorite.  It was also my habit to have a sweet snack or desert before going to bed at night.  Oh yes, and the Angus burger meal is really tasty too.  Obviously I don’t recommend this as a regular diet and I am not suggesting that you can eat this diet if you are replete with vitamin D.  I was curious to see what would happen to my lipids.  We have basically been lied to over the years because of the desire to keep a thriving health economy as this was believed to be more important than our health.

Instead of measuring lipid profiles as a measure of cardiovascular health, it would make more sense to test the level of plaque in the arteries and measure vitamin D including vitamin D sulfates.  A simple measure would be the amount of plaque in your carotid arteries as determined through ultrasound as suggested by these folks from the University of Wisconsin.    I mean after all, who would know better an indicator of CV disease than the lovers of beer and brats. Ah, the fat and happy life. – Pandemic Survivor


2 thoughts on “Eliminate Statin Drugs and Eat at McDonalds

  1. Ultrasound is an OK prediction for men, but not very good women.
    The 2006 study concluded, that after ‘cherry picking’ the studies, there was only a 50% increased chance of a heart attack if ultrasound found plaque.
    Elsewhere it had been found that the association between plaque and heart attacks is not nearly as strong for women as for men.
    It appears that the vitamin D level in the blood is a far more associated with lowering the risk of heart attack. http://www.vitamindwiki.com/tiki-index.php?page_id=1422

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