Memorial Day Irony at HHS

Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, Health and Human Services, has a difficult and daunting job.  Every day she must balance between your health and the health of the economy.  As with any other job she has to do what the boss tells her to do.  With HHS and its eleven divisions, that sometime contradict each other’s efforts, decisions must be precise.  HHS has done a reasonably good job since 1960 with life expectancy moving from 69.77 to 78.9 in 2009.   Also during this same time period the rate of death has moved from 950 per 100,000 in 1960  to 794 per 100,000 in 2010. The growth of the medical sector of the economy has done well also.  It has moved from five percent of GDP in 1960 to over 18 percent now.  So giving you ten more years of life expectancy and reducing the death rate by 150 per 100,000 has had significant impact on keeping Americans employed.

On this Memorial Day, we should all remember with great appreciation the effort of many fallen Americans to protect our country against foreign attack.  We also should remember the effort of many Americans that never picked up a gun or joined the military but died so that we may have a better life.

Women’s Choice: According to the CDC -50 million abortions since 1970
Failure by the HHS to treat nutrition with the same importance as drugs:  250,000 unnecessary deaths per year.

If you factor in the above additional deaths, it changes our death rate to about 1350 per 100,000 or where we were in 1910.

Remember the efforts of many brave Americans to protect our “way of life.”  – Pandemic Survivor


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