Vitamin D Yields Happy Mother’s Day

I am the proud grandfather of a baby boy.  My daughter gave birth to Lee Isaac yesterday afternoon.  Mother and baby are doing great.  What a great Mother’s day gift.

My daughter, a pharmacist at a local state university hospital, took vitamin D regularly during her pregnancy.  She took five thousand IU per day and typically took an additional five thousand IU every third day.  This averages out to about sixty five hundred IU per day.

She had irregular contractions throughout this past week.  She slept fine on Thursday night and woke up in labor about five thirty on Friday morning.  She was in the hospital by ten o’clock after a visit to her doctor’s office.  During the week, her blood pressure remained low.  Readings were typical of 110/65 with no danger of preeclampsia just as recent studies have shown.  There were no need for pain meds during labor and the baby was born at 2:15pm.

This is my daughter’s second child and she took vitamin D with her first child as well.  What are we to make of all this?  If you are pregnant and want to have a happy Mother’s Day, then you should also assure that you are getting enough vitamin D.  There is no guarantee that your pregnancy and birth process will go as well as my daughter’s, but why take the risk of being vitamin D deficiency?   – Pandemic Survivor


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