Preventing, Treating, and Curing Disease

Bill Sardi, a lifelong medical writer, has just written an article for Lew Rockwell about medical mischief by two Senators: “Senators Intervene To Halt Wellness Ambassadors Who Recommend Dietary Supplements Instead of Drugs at Rite-Aid Stores”   This article discusses how the US government is intimately involved in healthcare to maintain that industry’s profits under the guise of protecting your health.  The government does not protect your health.  It protects the profits of the companies that fund their re-election campaigns.

To maintain a health care system that cost twice as much per capita as the next closest industrial country is not an easy task.  The Government was on your side until just after WWII.  During the height of the war, the government went after a large number of companies that were up to no good in manipulating vitamin D.  These companies are ones that you can still recognize today:  Charles Bowman for General Mills Corporation, E. I. du Pont de Nemours, Quaker Oats, Standard Brands, Gelatin Products Corp., Borden Co., Carnation Co., Nestle Milk Products, Inc., Vitamins Inc., Abbott Laboratories, Meade Johnson & Co., William S. Merrill Co., Parke-Davis Co., R. Squibb & Sons, Winthrop Chemical Co.  “General Mills Corp. was named as a co-conspirator, but will not be a defendant in the action.”  This is from my article on vitamin D for profits.  

It seems that the government has crossed over and is now manipulating your health for profits.  Bill Sardi explicitly shows, vitamins are a much safer route to health than drugs.  All chronic disease is primarily nutritional deficiency.  It is amazing to me how our institutions have conspired to keep you in these deficiencies for profit.  The really bad actor is the medical insurance industry conspiring with US Congress for political contributions.  The reason our health care cost is so much higher than the rest of the world.  – Pandemic Survivor


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