Vitamin D Safety in Pregnancy

The act of allowing a fetus to develop in the womb is wonderful and a blessing to and by humanity.  To the give the baby the best start in the world I suspect love is the most important ingredient.  However, giving the baby enough of the correct nutrients is also critical.  I have several friends that are pregnant and are concerned about whether the mother is getting enough of the correct nutrients.  So let’s look at the several things that modern medicine is ignoring that could have significant impact on a developing fetus and the mother and the safety.

It seems that modern medicine struggles with the two most important nutrients – vitamin D and iodine.  Vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin D, and iodine work in a synergistic manager to allow the total expression of the genetic map.  The World Health Organization says that iodine deficiency is now accepted as the most common cause of preventable brain damage in the world.  I suspect most cases of postpartum depression are iodine deficiency because the baby took all that the mother had.  It is not just this nutrient or that nutrient; it is the combination of all nutrients working together.  Some day medicine will discover that using analysis of the variants is flawed and allows for too much misadventure.  The change to analysis of the means will give a much better picture of the influence of a substance and more importantly the interactions.

My daughter took an average of 7500 IU of D3 per day and had a wonderful experience as I described in this post: Pregnancy and Lactating Mothers.  The only misfortunate thing that happened was she had to change doctors because of incompetence of the doctor.

The best start to this exploration is to listen to Carole Baggerly of Grassroots Health interview Dr. Carol Wagner.  They discuss a recent study on the safety of vitamin D and pregnancy.  The study used 4000 IU per day of vitamin D3 as this is an amount that the IOM says is safe to use for supplementation without discussing it with your doctor.  D*Facts Pregnancy is really interesting as the women are giddy with the results showing reduction in complications.  I share their excitement.  Here is the video –D*Facts Pregnancy.

An act of love results as a blessing – pandemic survivor.


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