Bisphosphonate and Vitamin D Interpretation makes me LAUGH

The article in the LA Times from June 6, 2011:  “Vitamin D levels should be higher in people taking certain osteoporosis drugs, experts say.” 

Experts really have a way sometimes of justifying just being.  I AM AN EXPERT they shout at the top of their lungs when in reality they are no better than the average Joe.  The only thing that makes them an expert is the amount of time that they have spent on a particular subject.  This does not however improve their ability for logic.  This ‘blinders on’ focus can sometimes yield results that they want rather than what is observed.

The logic behind the statement that vitamin D levels need to be higher to allow the drug to work is absurd.  It is not that the drug is working better; it is that vitamin D without the drug is giving you stronger bones at a higher density.  Take our drug with vitamin D they say when all you need is an adequate amount of vitamin D.  Now you know why the IOM FNB on vitamin D and calcium reported such low requirements for vitamin D.  It was about being able to give you drugs.

Last October I reported on the warning about bisphosphonate drugs and how dangerous they are per the FDA warning.  “Bone Fractures Suspected with Anti-osteoporosis Drug”  In that report I show where Veronica Mocanu reported an average of 28 percent increase in bone density when women took 5,000 IU of D3 per day for a year.  Typical of a bisphophonate drug is less than 3 percent increase in bone density per year.  Now which component of the combination is increasing bone density.  It is obviously the vitamin D.  The bisphophonates will just cause you health problems.  I would like to confirm that finding of twenty five plus percent yearly increase in bone density as I have had two different women report to me that is exactly what happened to them.  The good part of this is that their doctor stopped hassling them about taking bisphophonates.

I am always in for a good laugh!  – Pandemic Survivor


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