Scared Out of the Sun for Fifty Years

It seems the American Academy of Dermatology has released a new position statement for vitamin D.  Here is the PDF. An amazing statement in the opening paragraph is a ‘true grabber’.  “Vitamin D should not be obtained from unprotected exposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation.”

Our ancient relationship with the sun has changed forever – to paraphrase a statement made by Dr. Edward Gorham, Ph.D. from UCSD about sunscreen.  It is amazing to me that the AAD would attempt to continue its fifty year position on the sun with all of the new science.

Here is the Vitamin D Councils comment via news release:  It seems that Dr. Cannell believes that the AAD is fearful of litigation and lost revenues for their members.  He may be correct.

In 2007, after I knew that my healing from vitamin D was real, I pursued the possibility of litigation for 25 years of physical suffering, lost income, and mental trauma.  I contacted four different law firms and could not find a single one that was interested.  The general comment that I got was that it would take at least ten years to litigate.  Also, I was not interested in naming my  local doctors because they had been miss-directed.  I confirm that AAD is fearful of litigation.  If I could have found a firm, they definitely would have been named as well as others that medically misdirected me.  It is time for litigation, but we need someone with really deep pockets that is willing to take it on.

This battle will only be enjoined when the attorneys finally realize how much money there is to be made.  I suspect that ultimately the Supreme Court will make the final decision.  If the all of the population could be healed of one fourth or more of all chronic disease, just think how many jobs would be lost in the medical institutions?  Economy versus Health! – A battle for the next two decades.  Congress will have to act to finally resolve the issues.  Battling for your health – Pandemic Survivor


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