Reinhold Vieth Response to IoM

Professor Reinhold Vieth, a University of Toronto scientist that has been studying vitamin D since 1974, had this to say:  “I get a ton of email from the vitamin D community where people are flipping. But it’s no surprise. I’ve kind of thrown in the towel years ago. I’m watching it more bemused than anything else,” says Vieth.  Here is the full article from the Winnipeg Free Press by Shamona Harnett, Confusing With a Capital D

I plead with you Professor Vieth.  It was your works that help to lead me to the understanding of the safety of vitamin D.  It was this understanding that allowed me take enough to heal my diseased body.  You are a Champion of the Vitamin D Revolution.  We all hope you continue the good fight for the health of millions and as those you have helped to heal.  We applaud you as a man of good character and moral fiber.   Coach Jim Valvano, NC State University, died with bone cancer without the vitamin D understanding said these words, “Don’t give up…Don’t ever give up!”  Sometimes when I get discouraged, I go watch his ESPY Awards speech ; delivered with the knowledge that death from cancer was soon.  We continue to need your expertise.  – Pandemic Survivor


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