Is IoM’s Food and Nutrition Board Wrong?

As doctors scruple over the amount of vitamin D that we need as humans, the best approach is common sense.  I started to write this blog because my back healed after 25 years of pain.  It turns out that by following the standards that were just set by the IoM; my spine failed.  I had two surgeries and was looking at the possibility of many more.  I started to take 5,000 IU of vitamin D3 in the summer and 10,000 IU in the winter.  This kept my serum level of 25(OH)D at 50 to 80 ng/ml.  It turns out that people who live between the latitude of +/- 30 degrees have this value of vitamin D as normal as long as they do not intentionally avoid the sun (54 to 90 ng/ml reported by Dr’s Grant and Holick).  At this level of supplementation my spine healed.  I just had another MRI done after five years and the discs in my lumbar region are twice as thick now as they were five years ago.  Let me repeat that in case you missed it.  They are TWICE AS THICK now as they were five years ago.  Yes and I did grow three inches taller in my mid-fifties as my spine healed.  If I had followed the advice of the IoM’s recent report I would definitely be in a wheel chair or most likely dead either from a heart attack or sleep apnea.

I reasoned that the degenerative disc disease or arthritis of the spine was similar to rickets and should be treated with vitamin D.  How is it that doctors do not routinely treat patients with DDD in this manner?  Because of institutions like the IoM that are nothing but puppets ‘working for the man.’  No reasonable scientist could read the large body of literature on vitamin D and come to the conclusion that was achieved except for intent to manipulate the population to maintain the HHS’s ‘markets before mandates’.  What I found in the literature is that at the higher levels of vitamin D3, 24,25 di-hydroxyvitaminD3 one of the many metabolites and not the 1,25, moves the cartilage stem cells to maturity.   MY SPINE HEALED!  Yes, there it was in the literature for the scientist to read.  Thank God that I read it!

How could this board say that they considered bone health only and yet we are a country that has an epidemic of osteoporosis?  If the present population has an adequate amount of vitamin D how could this be?  Take another look at my post on osteoporosis.  Bone Fractures Suspected with Osteoporosis Drug Would you rather take a safe supplement that causes your bone density to improve by more than 20 percent in one year or a pharmaceutical, that gives you  cancer, causes your bones to become brittle, and necrosis of the jaw while only increasing your bone density about 3 percent per year.  On yeah this normal substance that we get from the sun, vitamin D3, also prevents cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and most chronic disease.  And yes it will keep you from getting infectious disease like colds, the flu, and tuberculosis.

My heart aches for the masses as I am living easy in the sun!  You doctors with a moral conscience that have been given the responsibility for patient health, take heed – ‘the man does not have your back.’   A. Catherine Ross, I am sorry for the many nights of restless sleep that you will have over these decisions – how much vitamin D do you get each day?  You really looked ashen during the video presentation.  Have back pain?   Get some sun!  – Pandemic Survivor


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