Iodine – A Necessity for Life

As I was researching iodine, I was amazed at the similar path of deficiency to vitamin D that I found.  Here is an absolutely necessary mineral for a healthy life that has not been given enough emphasis.  One of the really interesting things was the DRI that is specified by our health organizations.   The amount of 100 to 150 micrograms per day (depending on sex and age) defies the mass balance of iodine output in the urine as defined by the World Health Organization.

WHO defines deficiency as less than 100 micrograms of iodine per liter of urine.  It does not take a rocket scientist to figure out that with one to two liters of urine output per day that this value is too low.  It is no wonder that women in particular have such a large problem with healthy thyroids.  Iodine is easily depleted during pregnancy as the fetus uses large amounts for cellular differentiation of developing cells. One common disease is cretinism when the fetus does not get enough iodine.  Iodine deficiency as stated by WHO is the leading cause of preventable brain damage.  For more information on this here are the specifics from Oregon State University.

Iodine is responsible not only for cellular differentiation but also for cellular death and is very important for people who have cancer to help reduce tumor growth.  Tumors are immature cells that continue to grow because the mechanism for cellular death has failed.  Iodine and vitamin D in combination assist or provide the mechanism for this action to occur.

The thyroid uses iodine to make very powerful neural transmitters and hormones that drive the energy cycle of the body.  For more on this read what Dr. William Davis that writes the Heart Scan Blog has to say about iodine.

Depression, brain damage, heart disease, obesity, cancer, and many other diseases are related to iodine deficiency.  We are awash in a world of toxic halogens that displace the important actions of iodine.  Whether fluorine that is put into our water or bromine that is placed in our bread, these toxins displace the iodine needed for health.  Before immediately going on a course of very powerful substitutes for thyroid hormones, be sure that you are replete in iodine and vitamin D.

My heart breaks at the seriousness of these diseases and the modern treatment procedures that typically ignore the basics of nutrition.  My prayers are for you – Pandemic Survivor


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