Osteoporosis and the Battle Begins

Paradigm change means that someone will ultimately be damaged economically.  It does not matter if you are the manufacturer of the slide rule when calculators were invented or if you are the manufacturer of an osteoporosis drug when it was found that regular amounts of vitamin D would eliminate this problem.

To combat this issue, the best course of action is misinformation.  So determine a way to say that vitamin D does not work.  Here is the latest attempt.

LA Times Blog: Annual Mega-dose of Vitamin D doesn’t reduce fractures, study fines

USA Today:  Women fall more, not less, after a large dose of Vitamin D

Here is the actual journal paper from JAMA: Annual High-Dose Oral Vitamin D and Falls and Fractures in Older Women

I have noticed of late that all the commercials for osteoporosis meds say to take vitamin D and calcium daily.  Is it the drug or the vitamin D that is helping the course of the disease?  I suspect that if you get your serum vitamin D above 50 ng/ml and keep it there that your osteoporosis problems will disappear.  You will also be blessed with improved health in many other areas.  An important part of maintaining healthy bones is to have an adequate amount of magnesium as well.  This turns out to be about 3.5 to 4.5 mg of magnesium per lb of body weight.  Check out what Krispin, a nutritionist, says about magnesium.

The body was designed to have regular, daily doses of vitamin D.  Spiking the serum vitamin D level may be effective in treating disease, in particular infectious disease, but should not be used as a means to affect bone health.

Please beware of the news headlines that tend to mislead the reader to the agenda of the media.  That is to maintain large medical industry advertizing accounts.  Please note that he intent of the study was to determine if a single dose could be used because compliance in the elderly for daily doses is difficult.

If you can, go into the sun everyday for at least 15 minutes  – Pandemic Survivor

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